Simon Parkes: Seeking Truth

There’s no doubt the White Hats are slowly dismantling the Deep State, says Simon Parkes, but the public continues to be kept in the dark as to why something is happening and the history behind it.

Take the resignations of 50-odd members of the British government, which reports say was because of their discord with Boris Johnson. Not true, says Parkes. He says they resigned because they were charged or arrested in probes that are ongoing, perhaps in the child-trafficking or money laundering cases.

Surprisingly, the public was aware of the Georgia Guidestones demolition, although the hit was portrayed as a lighting strike or some other natural phenomenon. Parkes says it was a precise space-weapon strike by the White Hats. He says the Deep State has been weakened to the point that it couldn’t prevent the attack, nor rebuild the Guidestones. Here’s his report.

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