Globalists Are Satanists!

The globalists are Satanist. The Hunters have become the Hunted! Red October begins! Buckle up for a wild ride! And be sure to pray! More from And We Know.

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2 thoughts on “Globalists Are Satanists!

  1. I think I might be a globalist, and I’m not even close to a Satanist. I wonder what FFF[dot]org as to say about globalists? Smartest Texan ever (IMO) founded the place; guy named Jacob Hornberger. His Kennedy analysis is spot on

    I hear globalists are supposed to be rich, and maybe Jewish. I make about $30k/year, and I eat pork- so I’m not very good at being a Jew.. Does that disqualify me for being a globalist? I’m an atheist leaning agnostic, like Einstein and Orwell, and also like them in that I typically champion libertarian socialist ideas- though I’m not a zealot like Orwell was about it. Were Orwell and Einstein globalists? Neither made much money in their lives, but the were dramatically international people by necessity. Both guys hated overbearing governments; Einstein warned about them in his 1949 essay, _Why socialism_?”.

    Einstein was the Public Enemy #1 of Nazi Germany by 1933. (src: time [dot] com [slash] Einstein-England) He was barely tolerated here; deep state was crawlin up his butt all the time.

    Orwell volunteered to join the Marxist anarchists in Spain to defend the Republicans from Franco’s Fascists there. Took a bullet in the throat for his trouble.

    Both *hated* Nationalism, and thought superstitious / gullible / religious people were easily made the tools of Fascists. [Its hard to argue with that. Nazi Germany was 97.5% Christian, after all. (src: wikipedia[dot]org [slash] wiki [slash] Religion_in_Nazi_Germany )

    1. Call Me Stormy – United States – Come Rain, Hail, Sleet or Snow: Stormy’s on the case, casting sunlight when it’s needed. Or thunderbolts where they are required. The Stormster and guests will tackle all manner of topics — politics, arts and culture, social mores, science and fads, to name a few. We hope to both educate and entertain you with a mix of quips, essays, observations and occasional clarion calls to action.
      Call Me Stormy says:

      Are all globalists Satanists? Undoubtedly, not. But are Satanists mostly globalists as opposed to nationalists? Undoubtedly, yes.

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