DOD Complicit In Plandemic

Intelligence analyst Sasha Latypova tells The Jane Ruby Show there is indisputable evidence to prove that the entire Covid-19 plandemic is a DOD operation, planned, owned, funded and controlled across hundreds of pharmaceutical companies.

She says Pfizer, Moderna and others were paid handsomely to produce chemical bioweapons in collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party. Here are the details, courtesy of FalconsCafe.

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2 thoughts on “DOD Complicit In Plandemic

  1. Deborah Tavares ( has been saying this for years. We don’t have a government; we are corporate slaves now targeted for culling.

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      Call Me Stormy on said:

      We are witnessing trying times, indeed. The corruption of officials at the highest level of government is not only shocking, but also unacceptable. Thank you for your comment.

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