George Webb: Bioweapons

Investigative journalist George Webb joins Coffee Talks, with host Dr. Paul Cottrell, to discuss the truth behind the bioweapons developed during the alleged Covid-19 pandemic that shut down the planet for two and one-half years and led to the creation of the deadly vaccine programs.

“It was a perfect weapons system, because it was respiratory,” Cottrell says. He digs deep into the bioweapon-development process and explains further.

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2 thoughts on “George Webb: Bioweapons

  1. A “bioweapon” with a 99.975% recovery rate that’s never been isolated. Meanwhile, flu rates have dropped to nearly zero. The only virus is the media.

    1. Call Me Stormy – United States – Come Rain, Hail, Sleet or Snow: Stormy’s on the case, casting sunlight when it’s needed. Or thunderbolts where they are required. The Stormster and guests will tackle all manner of topics — politics, arts and culture, social mores, science and fads, to name a few. We hope to both educate and entertain you with a mix of quips, essays, observations and occasional clarion calls to action.
      Call Me Stormy says:

      You hit the nail squarely on its head! The globalists and their complicit mainstream media cronies attempted to pull a fast one on the public, but we shoved it right back in their faces! Next stop for these crooks: the jailhouse!

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