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The Awakening Psyop

There is an awakening psyop engulfing media and governments, who admit to being wrong about the shots that are killing millions of people worldwide.

Josh Sigurdson posits that they weren’t wrong, but instead purposely carrying out a depopulation agenda. He says that as people wake up in droves, the panicking media is attempting to misdirect the populace. Here’s more of his analysis.

Depopulation Agenda Exposed

A 1992 book, The Conspirators Hierarchy, the Committee of 300, written by ex-CIA agent John Coleman is gaining renewed attention, as its predictions about a post-industrial world controlled by globalist technocrats appear to be coming true.

Coleman claims that an international committee, led by the Bilderberg Group and Western intelligence agencies, would steer the world toward a dystopian future in which 4 billion “useless eaters” would be eliminated by 2050 through limited wars, organized epidemics and starvation. More from The People’s Voice.

Obama Pushing Race Riots

Gonzalo Lira warns America to prepare for a chaotic spring of massive race riots and says it’s all being pushed by the Obama faction.

Lira says it’s a concerted effort to get rid of Joe Biden by Obama, the progressives and the financiers in what he calls a “color revolution.” Lira says the classified-document scandal was their first move, which will be followed by huge Antifa-led race riots and charges of financial impropriety against Biden.

“They are allied in this particular issue of getting rid of Joe Biden,” Lira says. “Now Obama just wants to have a further grip on power. The progressives want to push their crazy woke ideology and the financiers just want chaos.” Here’s more.

DARPA’s Dark Agenda

Ryan Cristian, host of The Last American Vagabond, reflects on a 2020 article by Whitney Webb, revealing the Covid-19 pandemic was always a DARPA-NIH agenda.

“Whether capitalized or created or let out, however you want to look at it, it was very clearly fast-tracked and gave them the justification to push it in the direction of wherever they wanted this to go,” Cristian says. He explains their plan for a bio-economy, messing with artificial genetic material and engineering human beings. Here’s his startling report.

The Pelosis’ Blatant Cheating!

The Pelosis–Nancy and Paul–continue to turn a blind eye to stock-trading regulations, which stipulates it’s illegal to benefit from inside information.

Nevertheless, Matt Kohrs reports they continue to cheat with no regard for rules and regulations. Their latest caper came four weeks ago, when they sold $3 million in Google stock, avoiding a major hit to their portfolio. They conducted sales in $10,000 chunks following the report that the DOJ was filing a lawsuit against Google to break up its ad technology monopoly. Hmm, I wonder where the Pelosis got that piece of info in advance?

Kohrs says that despite the blatant and massive insider-trading abuses by the Pelosis and many others in Congress, the SEC just doesn’t care. Why? Because Congress writes their paychecks!. Here’s more from Kohrs.

Scary Kerry

Let’s listen in as scary John Kerry addresses the assembled globalists at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

A pox on you, Lizard Man. More from Jamie Dlux.

Biden Resignation Likely

H.A. Goodman reports that either Joe Biden’s resignation or indictment in the Senate classified-document scandal is imminent. This comes after the FBI found more classified documents that spanned his time in the Senate.

Goodman says Biden’s own party is turning on him. “They don’t want mashed potato brains going into 2024,” he says. “They want him to resign almost certainly. I think they don’t want a year, a year and one-half of impeachment proceedings to reveal all the corrupt, obvious graft and potential bribery schemes.” He explains further.

Government Tied To Plant Fires

Eco Health Alliance whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff suspects that a government-funded actor or globalist group are responsible for the more than 200 fires at food-processing plants around the globe–most of them in the United States–in the last year.

Restricted Republic’s Lisa Haven reports that Huff, who has access to government information pertaining to a food-supply chaos, said the government coordinated attacks in the U.S. He reported his findings to the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, but never received a response. Haven brings us the details.

European Airline Chaos

The real reason for the chaos at European airports traces back to pilots and vaccinations, and not staffing problems, according to German politician and Member of  the European Parliament Christine Anderson.

She says airport officials blamed the flight cancellations, delays and long lines on Covid-era employee losses. The truth is, pilots refusing to take the jab were fired en masse and replaced by those who were vaccinated. Consequently, those pilots were sidelined by the side effects of the vaccines. Here’s more. Video courtesy of thebigawakeningQ.

Covid Cover-Up Goes To The Top

In a bombshell revelation, Redacted’s Clayton Morris reports that newly-released FOIA documents reveal the Covd-19 pandemic was a Department of Defense operation dating back to the Obama Administration!

He says everything the public heard was was political theater, right down to the FDA vaccine-approval process. “That means that human beings were used as props, essentially,” Morris said. He adds that the Pentagon used a number of shady approval authorizations, still in use, that shielded Big Pharma’s medical participants and protected them from any liability from unregulated vaccines.

The FOIA documents were obtained by Sasha Latypova, executive of a pharmaceutical contract research organization, who joins Morris with more on the breaking story.

In another shocking disclosure, Kerry Cassidy says her sources confirmed that the concoction we call Covid is alien-derived. “It’s a Grey-alien AI recipe that has been downloaded to our scientists,” she says.

Cassidy explains further, including reports that AI expert Cyrus Parsa was physically attacked by ETs for his disclosures, the Reptilian hive in Ukraine’s Devil’s Mountain and the underground biolabs.  Video courtesy of the Diolindo Ruotolo channel. Please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.