FBI’s Evil Transformation

Miranda Devine, columnist for The New York Post, describes how the FBI has turned into a den of traitors engaged in shocking deceit in an effort to block and arrest conservatives. This is no longer a legitimate law enforcement agency, but simply a thuggish extension of the leftist Democratic Party. Here, Devine shares revelations from one of the many FBI whistleblowers who’ve come forward in an effort to stop the chicanery. More from the Gateway Pundit.

What’s The WEF Up To Now?

Richard writes in with a creatively worded question about the World Economic Forum and its role as a possible distraction. James answers in his usual too-thorough style. If you like Questions For Corbett, you’ll love this edition of Questions For Corbett!

Twitter In Bed With CCP

Twitter is taking money from the Chinese Communist Party and it’s putting users of the social media company at risk. In this episode of China Uncensored, Chris Chappell sources an enraging report from Reuters, breaking down how China became big business for Twitter, even though it is banned in the country.

It Was A SCUD, Not A Plane!

Twenty-one years after the devastating 9/11 attack, a video confiscated by the FBI has resurfaced, proving incontrovertibly that the Pentagon was struck by a SCUD missile, not an airplane, as reported.

Raccoon Production reports the FBI confiscated the video on the day of the attack, silenced witnesses and were complicit in the lie that a plane crashed into the Pentagon and disintegrated. Here’s the bombshell video and please discern the material for yourself.

Go Green, Go Hungry!

While hardcore environmental activists continue to push for a chemical-free world, countries around the world are experiencing mass starvation.

John Stossel reports that many governments have embraced the idea that pure nature is best, such as in Sri Lanka, where chemical fertilizer was banned, resulting in less food production and an 80 percent rise in prices. The move resulted in riots throughout the country, as Sri Lanka slipped into extreme poverty. “It’s out of control,” says environmentalist Michael Shellenberger. He joins Stossel to explain the green dogma.

Deep State Naked And Running

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with hard-hitting journalist Alex Newman, founder of LibertySentinel.org and author of the recent book Deep State. The full title of this update: Deep State Naked Running Through The Streets.

Promis And The UFO File

On the heels of the revelations by Dr. Joseph Farrell and his cousin Marty who met with reporter Danny Casolaro who broke the Octopus/Inslaw case, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt looks closely at the UFO ties of Michael Riconosciuto. He’s the genius programmer at the heart of the PROMIS case.

Riconosciuto, who was put in prison after attempting to expose that he was instructed to install spying electronic back doors in the version of the software that the Justice Department stole from Inslaw, is deeply connected to the UFO file through the fact that his father was a partner in an advertising firm with Fred Krisman, a key figure in the classic Men In Black Maury Island UFO Case.

DJ also looks at the presence of corrupt spy and publisher Robert Maxwell, the father of Ghislaine Maxwell in the PROMIS scandal!

Ireland’s Pronoun Court Case

Hugo Talks delves into a pronoun court case in Ireland, and finds it involves a family of evangelical Christians who have appeared repeatedly in the fake news. What’s going on with this family? Are they real or simply being used as the fake news ramps up its war against Christianity.

Is America On Brink Of Crisis?

ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo joins host Jordan Sekulow to break down the current energy crisis Europe is facing and how America may be headed on the same path. 

Pompeo says Europe walked away from nuclear power, walked away from coal power and found they had no solution for affordable energy. Is America next? Here’s the story.

California’s Catastrophic Failure

California just showed America that “renewables” aren’t ready for primetime…Gavin Newsom, the Leftist governor of the state, drops the ball as the state’s power grid starts to sputter and fail. More from RedPill78.