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5th Annual Fake News Awards

FROM 2022: In this flashback episode, James Corbett reminds you of last year’s Fake News Awards so you’re in the spirit for this year’s awards, which is coming soon! Join your host Bent Krockman for a whirlwind tour of fake photos, fake fact checks, fake politicians and. of course. the fake story of the year. Also, stay tuned for a musical performance by the new pop hit supergroup, KABAAL . . . and a word from our corporate sponsor! More from The Corbett Report.

Climate Grifter

Is there a bigger, lying scumbag on the planet than climate grifter Al Gore? Only the braindead Democrats put any stock in this charlatan. Listen as he chortles at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, spinning an old wives’ tale about the oceans turning into frothing, boiling ovens. Fitting he should present this claptrap at the annual gathering of the Lizard People! More from The Salty Cracker.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson had some fun spoofing the World Economic Forum (WEF). Here, he lampoons these Mother Weffers, representatives of the Lizard Overlords in Davos, Switzerland. More from the ThebigawakeningQ.

Nightmare In The Skies

Travis Lamance, CEO of Haven Aero, joins me to discuss the nightmares impacting the airlines and travelers. We discuss the latest problems plaguing the airline industry and the mounting problems passengers are continuing to face. What is going on with staff shortages, cancelled routes and software meltdowns.

We also discuss the investment, tax and business benefits that can be had when you purchase your own plane. Lastly, we discuss the real benefits to society when owners donate their planes for emergency medical or other charitable uses.

You can learn more about Travis and his airline at  Use code “Sarah” to receive free catering on your first chartered plane. More from Sarah Westall at Business Game Changers.

Bill On His Farmland Ownership

Bill Gates ventures forth to a liberal forum, REDDIT, as a safe haven to explain himself. The top question asked why he is buying up so much farmland and whether his ownership of so much land poses a problem. More from Really Graceful.

We’re Happier Than Liberals

Numerous studies show conservatives are far happier than their liberal cohorts. Here, Steve Turley gives us a look at some of the more recent findings, all bolstering this time-honored tradition.

Coke Whistleblower Tells All

Calley Means, co-founder of TrueMed, once spent time in the same room as Coca Cola’s top executives and lobbyists. It was there, he tells Glenn Beck, he discovered Americans’ health was being ‘rigged.’

Now, this whistleblower is exposing exactly how Coke — and other corporations like it — fool the world by hiding its immense health risks. The shocking, three-pronged approach, Means tells Glenn, involves bribery, phony studies and promises made to top organizations. And because of it, Americans — and especially our kids — are suffering.

Pete In A Pile Of Doo-Doo

The corruption of a single database file caused the cancellation or delay of more than 10,000 American flights. At first, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg had no clear idea what went wrong. But he eventually confessed his own agency hadn’t paid much attention to the problem.

Look for Buttigieg to go invisible for the next month or two as the Democrats try to cover up their cavalier and callous administration. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Feds Want To Ban Gas Stoves

Thanks to a new ‘study,’ the Biden Administration now is considering a gas stove ban throughout America. Why?

Because your gas stove — or really, any gas connection in your house — apparently causes pollution inside your home which, allegedly, has been ‘linked’ to asthma in ‘some’ children. But if you think this possible gas stove ban is really about the health and safety of our children, think again.

In this clip, Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere discuss what they believe are the TRUE reasons behind such a move, which will only further our energy crisis even more.

Who’s behind the Democrats’ new push to ban gasoline stoves? Would you believe: A Boulder, Colorado-based institution, the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), that’s a partner of the World Economic Forum? Yes, the Mother Weffers are shaking their rancid tail feathers once again.

The RMI isn’t some non-partial group, but states in its mission statement that it’s pushing “for the conversion of (natural) gas to electric.” More from Jordan Sather.