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Tiny AI

Smart and decentralized. Here’s a review on automatons, artificial intelligence and what kind of limits face software.

There are two videos to watch, as the creator, Clif High, had to break to entertain a visitor. The second video is a little longer than the first, so watch one, and then decide if you want to see the whole nine yards! More from Clif High.

Secret Mission To Alien Planet

What if you were offered the opportunity to visit another planet?

You get to experience the culture of an alien race, explore a new world; see and use technology that’s 5,000 years ahead of ours. Would you do it?

Before you answer, there are a few catches. You’ll be gone for at least ten years. And when you return to Earth, all evidence of your existence will be erased. You have to start a new life, with a new identity; forbidden to tell anyone about what you experienced. Now would you do it? More on Project Serpo from The Why Files.

What Is Technocracy?

It seems everyone is talking about technocracy these days, but what is technocracy? You may think you know the answer to this question, but you probably don’t.

James Corbett answers this question once and for all in today’s edition of Questions For Corbett. Along the way, you’ll discover that being able to answer this question is imperative if we want to be able to identify the technocratic enemy and, ultimately, derail their plans. More from The Corbett Report.

Truth About Weather Warfare

The scientists and politicians pushing the Green New Deal are simply trying to force you to transfer your wealth to them. They are not honestly attempting to improve the weather. The fact is, the chemicals they unleash in the atmosphere are ruining green energy options, including solar, wind and hydro power.

So what we are seeing is a climate scam more than an honest set of energy policies.  Here to explain what’s afoot in clear, layman’s terms is Dane Wiginton from Geoengineering Watch. He delves into the truth about weather warfare with Mel K.

Alien Life Will Be Darwinian Life

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins says if life is discovered beyond Earth, it will be Darwinian life.

Appearing on London Real, Dawkins says the theory of Darwinism is all about replicating entity and information, such as DNA. He added that life elsewhere in the universe will be strong evidence there is a replicator equivalent to DNA. Here’s more.

Manipulating Biotechnology

Riss Flex reports that Joe Biden’s most recent executive order on advancing biotechnology and biomanufacturing innovation is not what it seems.

She welcomes investigative journalist Jason Bermas to the podcast, who says, “What they’re telling you is, we need biomedical, techno fascism. That’s what that is and we need to reduce the obstacles letting the government and corporations take control  of your literal biology.” Here’s explains further.


NASA Disney Moon Launch

Today, NASA sends a rocket named Artemis to circle the moon. Some 50 years have passed since the supposed moon landing. Why send a rocket out now that isn’t even scheduled to land on the moon, but just orbit around it — like the cow jumping over the moon? Makes you wonder if this is going to be a bunch of CGI or the real deal. More from Hugo Talks.

Agents Of Universe!

Energy! It’s all there is.

Green energy sources — solar, wind energy and electrical vehicles — are mostly polluting options pushed by the World Economic Forum. Here, in episode one of a new series, Clif High delves into the plethora of less wasteful options available to us.