The Central Bankers and their World Economic Forum allies — the Mother Weffers — have fallen victim to dread. They unleashed inflation thinking they could rip off the normies one more time, but instead, confidence in the dollar has begun to erode.

Sometime in 2023, the inflation will give way to deflation, and it will be raging “at a serious level from June onward.” The result? We’re likely to see many banks struggling to survive. Some will undoubtedly go belly up, whipped and ravaged by the economic currents.

Here, Clif High makes several predictions involving exposure of corruption, particularly in academic circles. He also forecasts a downward real estate market, and says that commercial real estate will be hardest hit.

The Changing Crypto Landscape

Guy Gotslack of My Digital Money stops by to discuss the state of crypto in XRP, Ethereum, Luna and more, with a looming CBDC in several nation’s on the horizon… More from RedPill78.

Ten Times Worse Than 2008

Brace yourself. We are headed toward a massive worldwide economic Depression — 10 times worse than 2008.  That’s the prognosis of Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity. Here he explains what’s afoot, saying there’s really no easy way out of this mess. Time to stock up on lentil soup!

Bear Market Biden!

American stocks crumble as investors react to Joe Biden’s BS horrible economic policies. He has wrecked the energy companies, ravaged the home-buying market and spurred inflation to levels we haven’t seen in more than 40 years.

In other words, it doesn’t matter whether a stock’s on the Dow Jones or NASDAQ, it’s likely tanking under this knuckle-headed president. He had sapped almost all potential for growth, not only stirring rough tides for investors, but also destroying the retirement funds of the average American. It’s high time to boot out the Democrats and their wackadoodle leftism. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Skyrocketing Inflation Ahead

The bond market is in a free-fall at the same time as we’re seeing a currency crash and stock market dive. In other words, all hell is breaking loose upon investors of every stripe and persuasion.

Here, financial analyst Gregory Mannarino weighs the damage and predicts we’re going to see skyrocketing inflation — much higher than anything we’ve experienced in our lifetimes!

The Truth About Paypal

Here’s why cash should never disappear. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

The Dollar Is Doomed!

World Alternative Media’s Jason Sigurdson reports that the dollars is being devastated in light of yet another interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve.

Sigurdson says the 0.75 percent hike pushes the rate to its highest level since 2008 in what he calls the controlled collapse  of the global economy, the world reserve currency and the move into a new world reserve currency. Here’s his report.

Economic Nightmare Coming

Glenn Beck says that not only do troubling signs continue to plague America’s economy, but they also point toward another collapse, such as in 2008.

In the following episode, Beck explains the similarities between what occurred in September 2008 and what’s happening now, plus he details Europe’s bleak energy outlook and why he believes they’re heading for economic hell.

Making America Poorer

Trish Regan surmises that any way you slice it, the Biden Administration is making America poorer. The government intervention that was supposed to cure our problems has failed. “It never works, never does,” Regan says. “And the more they interfere, the more treacherous it becomes for every single American.” Here’s her analysis.

Are Major Retailers Conspiring?

99percent reports that major retailers are flashing a huge red flag, many cutting back on billions of dollars in inventory orders, seemingly all at the same time. Do they know something the public doesn’t? Does this portend a looming recession?

Meanwhile, employees at delivery service industry giants, FedEx and UPS, are experiencing protests and massive strikes in advance of the holidays. 99Percent says the CEO of FedEx was even quoted as saying he fears a major recession. Are retailers conspiring to inflate prices, or are they protecting their bottom line? Here’s more with 99Percent.