Comedic Backlash For Uncle Joe

The Benny Show reports that comedians have come out of the woodwork to unleash on Joe Biden in a savage comedic backlash. Not only is the Saturday Night Live uber-liberal crowd having a great time making fun of Uncle Joe, but he’s also hearing it like never before from late-night hosts, such as Jimmy Fallon.

The Benny Show says there’s nothing original about the backlash. Even the late Robin Williams was way ahead of his time when he ridiculed Biden years ago. Here’s a hilarious compilation of the comedic assault, as we celebrate the lighter side of life.

Krazy Karen Kompilation

A slew of musical tunes exposing Karens sneaks into the lighter side of life this week. Enjoy gut-splitting parodies of Karen classics, including some golden oldies. Enjoy the Krazy Karen Kompilation, courtesy of Spacebusters.

Bill Gates Loves Pie

In this week’s journey into the lighter side of life, a vintage clip reveals the anti-Bill Gates sentiment was alive and well early in his career. Watch as Gates gets pummeled by several cream pies in the face as he arrives for a meeting with community leaders. Video courtesy of RenaudBe.

Trolling Biden

Ventriloquist Jeff Durham steps into the lighter side of life as he trolls President Biden in this comedy skit. True to the nature of our alleged 46th Commander in Chief, he’s all over the map in this gut-splitting, question-and-answer session with the electorate. Video courtesy of Resist the Mainstream.

I’ve Fallen And Can’t Get Up!

The Political War Room steps into the lighter side of life, featuring this priceless parody of the medical alert device for seniors commercial, starring Joe Biden and his propensity for clumsy falls, including his most recent and embarrassing tumble from his bicycle.