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Smile, You’re On Candid Camera

The hilarious antics of the Candid Camera crew straddle into the lighter side of life with a classic episode from the program’s second go-round on TV.

The following clip features the testing-fabric episode where all the participants are actors, with the exception of one unsuspecting person, who is the fabric tester. Another participant appears to have finished his session of testing and moves on to evaluating swimwear, much to the surprise of the other tester. Watch what happens! Video courtesy of Candid Camera Classics.


Borat On Politics

British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Borat, drops into the lighter side of life with an elaborate prank on the Pima County Republican Party in Arizona.

Borat, introduced by the chairwoman as someone who wants to learn the American political system, has the group scratching their heads and rolling their eyes after meandering off topic, including calling for a 10-minute moment of silence for something they know nothing about! Video courtesy of Great Jarl of Nafplio.

Kramer’s First Name Revealed!

In one of the longest anticipated reveals in sitcom history, George reveals Kramer’s first name in the following Season 6 clip from the iconic “Seinfeld” sitcom.

The reveal comes when George accompanies Kramer on a visit to his mother, who he hasn’t seen in five years. When he greet her, she turns and blurts, “Cosmo?” Here the clip, courtesy of the Seinfeld channel.



Wanna see some real craziness, with a twist of comedy? RenaudBe features the following compilation that’s beyond slapstick and stand-up in this journey into the lighter side of life.

One Line Is All It Takes!

Comedian Stewart Francis, who is rapidly gaining recognition as the King of One Liners, dazzles an engaged crowd during a performance on the Live At The Apollo Series.

Francis’ secret: Puns and more puns, such as: “I love Scrabble so much, I just can’t put it into words!” Or, “All these jokes are in my autobiography and I haven’t been able to sell one copy of my autobiography. Story of my life.” Here’s more, courtesy of Live At The Apollo.