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Mountain Dew Transhumanism?

The most recent Mountain Dew commercial, featuring humans transforming into Reptilians with a sip of the soda and proclaiming that “your soul needs dew” has set the internet abuzz!

Says the United Uprising channel, “They’re talking about your soul being contaminated, your soul being corrupted in a sense. This has a lot to do with avatars, this has a lot to do with transhumanism, it has a lot to do with demonic possession.”

Could the commercial be a direct connection to Pepsi, Mountain Dew’s parent company, which was found to contain aborted embryonic cells for the production of food chemicals in its products? Here’s more analysis, including the commercial in its entirety. Video courtesy of 99Percent.

Depopulation Agenda Surges

Mike Adams reports that the Deep State’s depopulation agenda appears to be accelerating to keep up with AI advancements to replace humans.

Adams says we’re looking at 3D space-robotic hardware that will replace labor jobs and automated AI workflow agents that will make white collar workers obsolete. “The human race is about to be replaced, or at least half or more of it,” he says. More from Natural News.

New Evidence Vindicates Trump

Dinesh D’Souza reports there is strong, new evidence that vindicates Donald J. Trump in his New York trial of unlawfully inflating the value of his properties.

D’Souza says the New York case is nothing more than a “show,” because the presiding judge is an extreme leftist who has already made up his mind that Trump is guilty. Meanwhile, an executive from Deutsche Bank, one of the key financial institutions who made loans to the Trump organization,  has stepped forward with evidence that not only did Trump have one of the strongest balance sheets they had ever seen, but also has never defaulted on a loan. D’Souza explains further.

Brian Stelter’s Big Fat Flop

Brian Stelter’s new book pillorying Fox News, Network of Lies, has proven to be a big fat flop. The book recorded embarrassing sales in its first week of release.

Only 4,o00 copies sold despite the fact that Stelter received splashy coverage across much of cable news. That includes CNN, the network that used to carry Stelter before firing the leftist shill.

Here’s more from Mark Dice, who can’t resist delivering his smarmy Brian Stelter impersonations.

Officials Hit Brakes On UFOs

The recent bipartisan effort to reveal what the government knows about UFOs  has all but disappeared.

Sara Carter reports that earlier this year, military whistleblowers even testified before Congress and delivered stunning testimony about what has been recovered from unknown aircraft. But now, there seems to be much less interest in bringing more information to the American people.

Why hit the brakes now? Why are officials worried about more facts getting out? And what kind of pressure is being applied to future whistleblowers not to speak out? Here’s Carter’s report.

An Attack On Free Will

Journalist Michael Shellenberger has unveiled a new trove of documents that he says dwarf the Twitter Files in scale and importance. The Cyber Threat Intelligence League (CTIL) Files, which were leaked by a whistleblower, detail “the birth of the anti-disinformation sector,” which includes government, U.S. and U.K. military contractors, and intelligence agencies, the media, and “sock puppet accounts.”

And it reveals what many have already assumed: Since the U.S. government can’t legally censor Americans’ free speech, it has used public-private partnerships to do so — and also to wage propaganda campaigns against people who disagree.

Glenn Beck reviews the shocking findings and explains what this means for you: “I think we have the Stasi, America.” This doesn’t just put freedom at risk, Glenn warns. “This is about the loss of your FREE WILL.”

Xi, The Grid Destroyer

Could Xi Jinping’s massive marijuana farms in Maine and the rest of the country eventually lead to the destruction of American infrastructure?

Sara Carter welcomes The Main Wire‘s Editor-in-chief Steve Robinson to the podcast to explain how transnational criminal organizations linked to the Chinese Communist Party are buying up huge amounts of land in rural Maine to conduct blatantly illegal marijuana grows. And no one at any level of government seems interested in doing anything about it?

Robinson discusses the money trail, who is officially buying this land, how they are buying it and why is one bank at the center of so many of these mortgages.

The Great Unraveling

As the Great Unraveling progresses, Eveything Inside Me (EIM) foresees says we will witness many negative developments, a lot of them unprecedented.

EIM posits that the media and governments of the world continue to spew misinformation, painting a rosy picture of the state of our planet, but the public is beginning to recognize that something is fundamentally wrong. He elaborates and explains the uncertain future we all face.

The Trans Agenda

Josh Sigurdson reports that the Trans Cult is getting absolutely ruthless with how far they will go to indoctrinate people.

Sigurdson says the sick truth about the trans agenda is that children are being indoctrinated from classroom to surgery by the state and social justice warrior teachers who seem to have a sick fascination with butchering the kids they’re supposed to teach.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis is proving once again that he is not a man of God, as he parties with a bunch of trans influencers and activists at The Vatican. Here are the details from World Alternative Media.

Hilarious Update!

The Chicago-based Deadspin, the sports blog, railed over the weekend about a young man at a Kansas City Chiefs football game who appeared in the stands wearing a headdress, his face painted in the colors of black and red. The Deadspin commentator Carron Phillips attacked the kid, saying “This is what happens when you ban books, stand against Critical Race Theory, and try to erase centuries of hate. You give future generations the ammunition they need to evolve and recreate racism better than before.”

But it turns out, there were glaring problems and deficiencies with Phillips’ screed. First of all, the young boy isn’t white. His grandfather, Raul Armenta, sits on the board of the Chumash Tribe in California. So Phillips was entirely off-base in assuming any kind of racism whatsoever.

Did Deadspin retract or apologize for Phillips’ error? Nope, not again. They chose to pointlessly smear a young man. They didn’t bother to check the accuracy of Phillips’ screed, just as he didn’t check his facts in the first place. Our conclusion: Phillips is not a journalist. He’s just a frigging leftist and a race charlatan! Here’s more from Mark Dice.