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Tik Tok Full Of Predators

Sara Carter welcomes Libs of Tik Tok founder, Chaya Raichick, to discuss how she turned her revulsion at radical activists trying to confuse kids about gender and sexuality into one of the most influential profiles on Twitter.

They also discuss how China is using Tik Tok to divide and distract Americans and how the social media platform has very different algorithms for users in China than it does here. Raichick believes the gender madness is coming from a small slice of far leftists who make a lot more noise than the rest of us. She explains further, plus Carter also shares more unique insights into the Biden Administration’s classified documents scandal and how Seattle is reaping the consequences of defunding the police.

Intentional Media Lies

USA Today reported that the Monterey Park, Calif., shooting “revived the fears and trauma of anti-Asian hate for the Los Angeles Asian community,” again stoking the emotional strings of racism.

Thing is, there are two glaring problems with this statement: First, the shooter was Vietnamese, and secondly, USA Today knew his identity well before writing this nonsense. The “Right Angle” crew of Steve Green, Scott Ott and Alfonzo Rachel discuss the hypocrisy of USA Today and wonder when the intentional lies will end.

Project Veritas Shames NY Times

Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe exposes The New York Times and its national security reporter, Adam Goldman, for their despicable collusion with the FBI.

O’Keefe, who collared Goldman on the streets of New York in an animated interview, says the reporter is anti-First Amendment and does the bidding of the FBI to suppress journalists. Here’s their confrontation.

Cabal Dumping Kamala!

Blessed To Teach host Rick Rene reports on Julie Green’s prophetic word that reveals the Cabal is about to abandon Vice-President Kamala Harris.

Not only is the Cabal letting go of Joe Biden, in light of his scandal-ridden administration, they are letting Harris fall, too. She is not their choice. Rene explains further, plus welcomes Kyle Elliott’s economic update and a truth bombshell from Mar-a-Lago.

More False-Flag Blackouts

Josh Sigurdson reports that the false-flag blackouts have intensified as the World Economic Forum 2023 comes to an end.

He says Pakistan has seen significant grid failure and the United Kingdom, much of Europe and many parts of the United States have recently witnessed what many of us have been warning about for years: Blackouts! Here’s his report.

Martin Brodel: Stay The Course

There’s no doubt the Great Awakening has dragged on and on, and is beginning to take its toll on patriots. Martin Brodel affirms the waiting game is boring and tedious, but he warns this is the wrong time to stop paying attention.

He says the day the Alliance and military step in, it’s going to be like what happened to Soleimani, only 1,000 times worse! He explains further, plus discusses how millions of chickens are being poisoned as part of the globalist food-crisis plot and discusses how the two-faced shenanigans of Sen. Mitch McConnell, Gen. Mark Milley and Sen. Lindsey Graham are being dealt with.

Glenn Beck: Evil Is Everywhere

During his Christmas address last December, Pope Francis warned Cardinals to be vigilant of an “elegant demon” lurking in the Vatican. Additionally, Pope Benedict XVI’s personal secretary announced plans to release a tell-all book that his publisher says will describe certain “dark maneuvers.”

Glenn Beck’s personal experiences in Vatican City led him to believe there could be sinister forces attempting to gain a foothold in the holy city. In the following clip, Beck describes the last time he visited the Vatican and the spooky meeting he had there. Beck says his story proves that evil isn’t just spreading in America, but across the world.

China’s Population Vanishing

China’s population is vanishing at a rapid rate, which could bring down the Chinese Communist Party and the global economy.

Chris Chappell reports that for the first time in 60 years, more people are dying than being born in China, according to official statistics, which means it’s probably way worse than we know. In this episode of China Uncensored, Chappelle explains what’s going on, how it will affect the economy and what the government is doing to prevent more of a decline.

The International Fake Station

The International Space Station, just like everything else brought to us by NASA, is a fake Freemasonic hoax, a complete fabrication done with special effects, models, pools, zero G planes and various camera tricks.

The following video, courtesy of the Jim Crenshaw channel, exposes key points of evidence for the hoax and breaks down exactly how the illusion is created and maintained. Please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

Big Trouble For Big Tech

Four of the largest Big Tech firms have announced job layoffs totaling more than 50,000 this month. The carnage to date: 12,000 jobs at Google, 10,000 at Microsoft, 11,000 at Facebook and 18,000 at Amazon.

It’s not exactly clear which positions will be abolished and where. For instance, will Google trim its subsidiary YouTube, or other elements within its larger corporate sphere?

Also, why did all of the executives from these companies throw overwhelming support to Joe Biden, when Biden’s policies have obviously served as an albatross for these Silicon Valley firms? Here’s more from Tim Pool.