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Will Carlson Interview Putin?

Will Tucker Carlson interview Vladimir Putin live on X? What was inside the envelopes delivered to Presidential families at the George H. W. Bush funeral? Will silver prices skyrocket in September? What’s happening with crypto currencies like bitcoin and XRP? These are among the many questions addressed as Clif High joins Jsnip4 in a free-form conversation, “The Wacky Woo,” moderated by Jean-Claude from Beyond Mystic.


Something Strange Arriving

Look for something strange to happen Sep. 23. A panel of guests assembled by Doe Nut get into a lively discussion of timelines, chromatics, leylines and prophecies.

Can we expect a total eclipse of the sun? How about the arrival of a green comet?

Everything from blue flags to red-haired heroes including David and Solomon figure into this discussion. We also hear about mythological figures like Osiris and the Anti-Christ. Doe Nut’s panelists include Guy Tal, Ani Osaru, Jacob Israel and Tommy Truthful.

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The Statues Of Ba’al Everywhere

The ancient statues of Ba’al are everywhere. Look around. You will start to see them.

It’s not a coincidence that the spiritual warfare we read about in the Bible is still at work. Says Jim Crenshaw, “We are governed by Satan’s evil minions. The proof of this is everywhere. Look at what is going on in your schools. Look at what is going on in Maui. It is not hard to see.” Here’s more, and please use discernment when watching the video.


Logan Paul  gets into a shouting match over his fiancee Nina Agdal, the high-fashion model, and a woman who boasts a higher body count than Stalin. Here’s more from Paul Joseph Watson.

Did Orbs Strike Down Flight?

One of the biggest mysteries we’ve seen this century is the missing MH370 flight from 2014. The Malaysian Airlines plane disappeared without a trace, sparking wild theories on what could have possibly happened to the 239 passengers in a huge hunk of metal hurtling through the sky. Recently, though, new satellite footage emerged with what looks like unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) or orbs circling a plane before that plane disappeared. Could this footage be real? Is this what happened to the MH370 plane?

Also big this week, more info is coming out about the Maui fires, with the head of the fire department saying he stands by his decision to not sound the alarms about the fires. Islanders are sharing their incredible stories as the situation grows only stranger.

In other news, a former White House lawyer Kathryn Ruemmler has ties to Jeffrey Epstein that even the mainstream media is talking about. What are these connections, and could there be something deeper? Join Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts from Edge of Wonder as they cover all of this and more.

Never Shared January 6th Tape

The U.S. Capitol Police are now reportedly trying to stop the public from ever seeing thousands of hours of footage from the January 6 Capitol riot. Investigative journalist Steve Baker, who’s one of only 5 known journalists with access to the full 41,000 hours of footage, joins Glenn Beck to explain why he believes “the Capitol Police themselves do not want people to have access to this video.”

He also breaks down three Jan. 6 riot facts about that have been kept from the American people, including testimony from former Capitol Police Assistant Director of Intelligence Julie Farnam, that make it all sound “like a setup.”

Sign Of The Woke Times

Fake sign language interpreter Derlyn Roberts pulled a fast one on the Tampa Police Department, who were not amused by her antics.

Roberts was hired by the department as the sign language interpreter for a news conference on a high-profile serial-murder case. Turns out, she was signing total gibberish. One sign language expert said, “She waved her arms around like she was singing ‘Jingle Bells’.” Reaction from the Tampa police: “We didn’t ask enough questions.”

Here’s more, courtesy of Jim Crenshaw, who said, “Another example of woke, diversity bullshit biting someone in the ass. They fell for her act hook, line and sinker. A diversity hire if I ever saw one.”