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2000 Mules Coming Early May

2000 Mules, Dinesh D’Souza’s explosive documentary about election fraud in the 2020 Presidential contest, will be coming out in early May. D’Douza pledges it will offer definitive proof that the Democrats rigged and stole the election.

Here, D’Souza is interviewed on the One America News network’s program Tipping Point. He says the film “goes from possibilities and probabilities and anomalies to certainties” that a wholesale theft of the election occurred.

The Joke Is On The Left

Hollywood’s recent release of Don’t Look Up! is a left-leaning production about a runaway, civilization-ending comet headed for Earth. The plot features a  group of liberals warning a Republican administration of the danger to no avail.

Natural News’ Mike Adams says the plot goes through all the left’s shenanigans of how insane society is, despite the threat of extinction. The movie is actually labeled a comedy/disaster, but the real message of the film is deadly serious. “What fascinates me about this film, leftists think this film is a metaphor for climate change and the threat it poses to human civilization in their minds.” He says it’s a twisted look into the left’s psyche, but finds it funny and actually gives it a thumbs up! Here’s his review.

The Banker

Charlie Ward shares the following 10-year-old poetic film, which he says has never been more relevant than it is today and is a “must watch.” In the brief piece, titled The Banker, actor Mike Daviot portrays Montague Williams III, who airs his views on the rights of the elite and elaborates on what’s really going on in our lives.

In one eerie and cryptic passage, salient to today’s chaos, he notes, “Get ready for wars in the name of the free. Vaccinations for illness that will never be. The assault on your children’s impressionable minds, and a microchipped world. You’ll put up no fight.” Here’s the film, courtesy of Charlie Ward.

Baldwin Shooting Was Recorded

An eyewitness on the set of the film Rust, when Alec Baldwin accidently shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, told The Sun that the tragedy was recorded on camera as the cast and crew did a take rehearsing the scene. 

The insider claimed, “The camera was facing Alec, who was shooting in the camera’s general direction during a rehearsal scene that was being recorded. The cameras captured Alec shooting, but Halyna and Joel (Souza, director) were behind the camera, so I don’t think the cameras captured them being shot.” He said cameras, lights and props were damaged from the gunfire, with broken glass everywhere, so it is unclear if the footage would be salvable.

Contrary to the insider’s comments, H.A. Goodman is reporting the footage was saved on the Cloud. Goodman says the fact that the camera was destroyed is irrelevant in this day and age, since everything recorded is instantaneously sent to the Cloud or some other internet service. “The more you look into this, nothing makes sense,” Goodman says. “It’s either absolute incompetence or some kind of deliberate act, or something very bizarre.” Here’s more.

Forgotten Silent Film

Here is a newly rediscovered silent film from 1905 that’s been cleaned, colorized and remastered by Eyefilm in the Netherlands. The original work was from France, and known as Le Dejeuner De Minet, or The Pussycat’s Breakfast. Much has been learned about the comedy, but we still do not know who directed the picture or the name of the young girl who has a starring role, alongside a cat.


Back To Future’s Deep Meaning

The following video montage from the iconic Back to the Future movie demonstrated a stunningly deeper meaning of time travel, which up to this point was missed in the feature film.

Other channels have discovered different anomalies in the flick, such as the “blind 11” connection on 9/11, when a blind man stranded on the 78th floor of the World Trade Center’s 78th floor was guided to safety by his dog. And now, the movie can be linked to the sacrifice that was required to lower the veil to the spirit world. The narrator explains in this fascinating video, courtesy of Exposing Corruption. Please use your discretion.

Force Phantom

Hey kids (of all ages), it’s Saturday Morning Cartoon time again!

Last week, we wandered into the realm of Hanna-Barbera’s SUPER FRIENDS. The various series in that franchise were a bit of a departure for HB, featuring characters owned by DC Comics. The studio’s closest competition in TV cartoons, Filmation, was more into licensed properties. In fact, they had pretty much made their start doing DC superheroes themselves.

Filmation’s 1960s DC superhero cartoons featured the JUSTICE LEAGUE, TEEN TITANS, with all their members, villains, and associated characters. They were produced in association with DC editorial, so they closely resembled the comic books. This would ultimately be the downfall of the shows, as the rock ’em, sock ’em action was decried by killjoy busybodies who were already wrecking TV in the late ’60s. (This is why the ’70s Super Friends series are so laughably neutered that actual super-villains weren’t even included in the first few iterations.)

As one might expect, Filmation’s DC superhero ‘toons started at the top, with SUPERMAN himself. Here seen in his first made-for-TV short from 1966. More from the OldHorseman.


The Matrix Scam Unravels

Thomas Althouse rejoins Sarah Westall to discuss the latest in the Matrix Corruption Scandal. For those of you who do not know the background, Thomas Althouse is the real creator and writer of the Matrix Trilogy. It was originally called The Immortals and he has all the proof.

This is a story of one of the largest film franchises is US history and how it was stolen; it’s a fraud. Truth is often stranger than fiction but we all know that by now. This story has intrigue and corruption at the highest levels of Hollywood including companies such as Warner Brothers and Disney and big names such as Michael Eisner, Steven Spielberg, the Wachowskis, Joel Silver and Keanu Reeves. They are all involved in this scam.

This is a two-part program. We present both videos here.

Joe Draws Nancy, Titanic Style

Nancy Pelosi gets comfortable on a coach, sucking down some Smirnoff Vodka as Joe Biden draws her, Titanic Style! For those of you who haven’t seen the blockbuster movie, that means she’s in the buff! But have no fear: Her ta-tas are blotted out, so this video is marginally safe for work. More from The United Spot.

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The Exterminator

Hey kids (of all ages), it’s Saturday Morning Cartoon time again!

SCOOBY-DOO, WHERE ARE YOU? (Basically ersatz DOBIE GILLIS characters crossed with the old I LOVE A MYSTERY radio show plus a semi-anthropomorphic dog thrown-in for good measure.) was a big hit for the studio in 1969. Not only did it get a second production season, which was kinda’ rare for Saturday Morning Cartoons, but is spawned a slew of follow-up series, one-shot video features, and even big-budget live-action movie adaptations.

Scooby and the gang also became the go-to template for many of HB’s ‘toons through the ’70s, as YOGI BEAR had been for the ’60s. Just rename the Meddling Kids, and swap-out the dog for a semi-anthropomorphic car, phantom, cat, shark, or even a goofier-looking dog, and there’s your new show. Heck, even the Justice League got a pair of Meddling Kids and their dog when HB took over the superheroes’ license with SUPERFRIENDS.

Scooby’s second program, the NEW SCOOBY-DOO MOVIES, had the mystery adventures extended to an hour-long, and featured guest stars. And what a mixed-bad that lot was! Sometimes real people, like Cass Elliot, Davy Jones, or Jerry Reed, voiced by their real-world selves. Sometimes fictional characters, like Batman, the Addams Family, or the cast of other HB Scooby-esque cartoons. Sometimes a splitting of the difference, with the onscreen personas of real people voiced by impersonators, as with the THREE STOOGES and LAUREL AND HARDY due to the originals being retired or dead.

This October 1973 episode features Don Adams voicing himself in the style of his GET SMART character. For some reason, even though the kids recognize him as a TV star, he’s working as an exterminator trying to get rid of the termites in a haunted house so the bank can sell it. C’mon! His post Agent 86 career wasn’t THAT bad! More from the OldHorseman.