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Antarctica’s Ancient Civilization

Step pyramids, the favorite architectural form of ancient builders, dot the planet with their magnificent and mind-boggling architecture and technology that didn’t seem possible back then.

But what civilization could beat us by hundreds, or even thousands, of years? Could it be the builders of a giant pyramid on Antarctica’s surface? Scientists now believe this could be the remnants of the Antarctic metropolis of an ancient advanced civilization, possibly of an non-terrestrial nature. Here’s more from Xandrewx.

The “Woo” Redpill Video

Sarge from Icons shares a powerful video that strongly suggests we are being visited by extraterrestrial beings. Either that or the U.S. Air Force has some new spacey creations that they have yet to divulge to the public.

Super Soldier Describes Aliens

Linda Paris on McAllister TV interviews Super Soldier Daryl James. He describes his alien encounters while in the service, giving us insights on the different species and their traits.

Among the topics discussed: Solar Warden! Michael Aquino is not human! Military bases and Greys! Greys are called drones! Humans perform for Reptilian royalty! Reptilians and Nazis! Intergalactic United Nations! ETs love trade!

Prepare For Big Sky Event!

Christian 21 joins McAllister TV to discuss the pending Big Sky event. Actually, this is Linda Paris from McAllister TV doing a recap of her earlier interview with Christian 21. Among the highlights:

A dome surrounding the Earth will be dismantled using energy weapons! Ice cylinders 800 miles long will be removed before our eyes! The truth we will learn will shock the world. Q discussed this Sky Event. Also covered here: What happens to the nine million children who go missing every year around the world.

What’s Under Antarctic Ice?

Why was Hitler and the world elite so fascinated with Antarctica? And why, to this day, is it one of the most heavily-protected and restricted regions in the world, protected by dozens of nations?

In the following three-hour video, Dan Bidondi and Brian Reece launch an in-depth look into what the elite could be hiding beneath and beyond the ice. Reece reports that one of the revelations was the discovery of a frozen ancient civilization in a cavern with domed-off rooms. There they found several pre-Adamite characters (humans who lived before Biblical character Adam) on concrete slabs in what appeared to be a reanimated system, who appeared to be in stasis. He explains further, plus discusses the discovery of what appears to be a triangular vessel, and more..

Are Reptilian Humanoids Real?

Are the rumors and reports of Reptilian humanoids valid? Is it possible that these shape-shifting aliens are actually assimilated into our society?

In the following video, courtesy of 99Percent, take a close look at the interviewees and the unusual pulsating motion in their necks, including a clip on NBC Nightly News, with Lester Holt. Please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

ET Liaison: Stargates, Black Ops

Super Soldier Talk host James Rink conducts a rare interview with “Skully,” an extraterrestrial liaison and general of the Secret Space Program, who discusses her extensive interaction with ETs, dating back to age 7, and her recruitment by the Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) to work at Area 51.

Skully, who conceals her identity throughout the interview, says that after joining the U.S. Army Secret Space Program black ops division, she became an ET liaison and served in the Avatar program, in another body, while stationed on the Saturn moon, Titan, as well as on the Orion Prime Draco home world.

Later, she traveled in underground tunnels (DUMBs) from At Taos, N.M., to the Dulce base in western New Mexico alongside Elon Musk, where they created a game interacting with a time gate. She helped reverse engineer the Neuralink technology from alien cadavers and allowed Musk to reveal the results to the public. She brings us the stunning details and more. Please do your own research and use discernment when watching the interview.

Byrd’s Nephew Talks ETs

Meet Harley Byrd, the late Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s nephew. During his career in the U.S military, Harley held “ULTRA 3” clearance, which gave him access to highly classified UFO/ET projects. In this archived interview from Ted Loman’s UFOAZ Talk Series, Harley shares his knowledge about his uncle’s mission to “inner earth”, before disclosing classified projects he was assigned to.

Harley Byrd is interviewed by Linda Moulton Howe, who has spent her life hunting the truth about ET activity and government cover-ups. In this brand new, highly popular series Truth Hunter, she brings to light details you may have never heard about prominent UFO cases and extraterrestrial contacts. Here, Harley and Linda touch upon Dulce, as well as Reptilians, Greys and assorted UFO projects. More from Zohar StarGate TV.

The Orion Connection

Ryushin Malone expands on his 2018 discovery of the alien phenomena, where elites are trading humans for technology to ETs from the Orion star system.

Appearing on the M.P. Pellicer podcast, Malone discusses the Nazca Lines, which he believes are a star map for the Orion Group, also known as the Black Sun, allegedly a Satanic group who takes over star systems, and details his frightening interactions with the aliens. More with Malone and Pellicer. As always, do your own research and use discernment.

Earth: The Reptilian Construct!

The earth is neither spherical nor flat, but shaped more like a disc or an egg with a flat top and a rounded bottom. That’s among the startling points raised by British psychic Christian 21 in a new communication with McAllister TV.

This video was originally supposed to air Christmas Eve, but had to be withheld and heavily edited owing to major glitches and blackouts impacting the imagery as well as the aural qualities. Here, you can see the garbled transmission and how it’s practically impossible to decipher anything Christian 21 says, owing to his heavy accents as well as the many technical glitches.

But McAllister TV host Linda Paris has transcribed and interpreted his remarks, and she gives us a different portrait of our planet and solar system than we are used to seeing. There are artificial gateways through which aliens have traveled to seize control, not only of the Earth, but other planets within our solar system and galaxy. Gateway 10 is the keystone to these portals.

Those making the journey include many extraterrestrials, or varying species and planets of origin. The Greys are the foot soldiers for the Reptilians, who are much more sinister and carnivorous. They control our planet, ruling from lairs deep within Inner Earth. Orion is within the mix, and so is its Black Sun.

Earth, for all intents and purposes, is a prison planet. We’ve been told repeated lies about this world, and its ET rulers. When did they come here? Why did they come? What they did? Where they did it? This is lesson 1A. Much of it is lost, garbled or gritty. But it is a starting point from which we can begin to unravel the many lies and half-truths we’ve always been told.