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Pine Gap UFO File

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt discloses UFO File secrets revealed through his research into Pine Gap. The satellite surveillance base, in Australia, is operated by that nation along with the United States.

Liszt gets into the mysterious case surrounding Australian pilot Frederick Valentich, who reported being pursued by an unidentified flying object on Oct. 21, 1978 before vanishing altogether. At the time, Valentich was flying over Bass Strait south of Melbourne, Australia. No traces of his Cessna light aircraft were ever found. Also discussed: The Melbourne UFO sighting by Kelly Cahill in 1993.

Also, Liszt discusses Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his decision to run independently for President in 2024. Kennedy had been attempting to launch a bid through the Democratic Party, but the Democratic National Committee began manipulating party rules to give Kennedy’s support in Iowa and New Hampshire to the corrupt Joe Biden.

As a consequence, Kennedy now plans to announce an independent run, reportedly Oct. 9 in Pennsylvania. It’s not clear yet which party Kennedy will run alongside. The Dark Journalist believes Kennedy will announce as the Libertarian hopeful.

Liberal Hivemind confirms Robert F. Kennedy Jr. met with the Libertarian Party’s chair Angela McArdle in a July visit to Memphis, Tennessee. If Kennedy enters the race, he plans to vigorously attack the Democratic National Committee for its lopsided election rules.

Liberal Hivemind says liberals who are dissatisfied with the Democrats will respond to such a campaign, but he doubts many Republicans will do so. The net result: Looming defeat for Joe Biden. Go back to your basement, you sinister skunk!

Who’s Who Among ETs

Ella Lebain, Biblical scholar and longtime UFO/alien researcher, joins Project Camelot host Kerry Cassidy to discuss who’s who in the extraterrestrial and spiritual realms.

Lebain reveals her experiences with alien races, including a quasi-Reptilian with a blue glow and the Nordics, who are similar to humans. She says the Reptilian-Draconian kingdom actually exists in Inner Earth, on the moon, Mars and other planets.

She elaborates, plus also discusses her friendship with renowned author  Zecharia Sitchin and his concept of  human creation via the Anunnaki race from the planet–or brown dwarf–beyond Neptune called Nibiru. Please use discernment when watching the video.

The Point Of No Return

David Icke joins the Inspired podcast and host Jean Nolan to reinforce his long-held belief that humanity is indeed living in a simulation.

But it doesn’t end there. Icke writes in his new book, Dream, that when we leave our physical bodies, the simulation doesn’t stop. We are actually entering the realm where the simulation originated. Beyond that, he writes, we eventually exit the simulation into what we call the real thing. Here’s more with Icke and Nolan.

Missing Jet Details Don’t Add Up

Missing flight F-35 has been found. The pilot safely ejected after a “mishap” mid-flight, but the $100 million plane’s disappearance was initially a mystery.

Was it hacked by another country? Did A.I. take over the jet? Were the contents somehow important? Outside of speculation about this particular plane, many other missing planes have encountered strange scenarios over the years. Ever heard about the pilot who somehow experienced a time slip, teleporting to another time period, then coming back with a few lost hours?

If your mind goes to “aliens” with any of these stories, you’ll be interested in the latest updates about the alien bodies presented to the Mexican Congress—and what a CT scan of their anatomies turned up. Join Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts on this Edge of Wonder.

“We have almost no official answers from the Pentagon after $140 million dollar F-35 went missing. Was the aircraft hacked? Was it a planned false flag event? Even after the purported crash site was identified we can’t seem to get answers to basic questions. Here’s more from Clayton Morris on Redacted.

ETs In Mexico: Truth Or Hoax?

Does the trending revelation of the discovery of extraterrestrials in Mexico really hold water? Minimal Effort’s Sam Paganini says the discovery fits right in with the recent flurry of UFO sightings and whistleblower testimony in the United States.

He says the latest ET episode comes from Mexico City, where two alleged alien corpses were shown to members of  Mexican Congress. Self-proclaimed ufologist Jaime Maussan hauled two small caskets into the proceeding and revealed the bodies. Says Paganini, “I feel like this can be an elaborate scam, or prank or something.” He dissects the evidence and explains further. Please use discernment when viewing the video.

Time Travelers And Clones

Kim Osbol says a recent 1800s photograph that appears to be a likeness of Greta Thunberg was unearthed in a library recently, which was authentic and there’s no mistaking the resemblance. In another stunner, a vintage video surfaced revealing a person speaking on a cellphone before it existed!

Are we really living in the year 2023, or is something going on with multiple timelines? Or are we witnessing time-traveling clones stuck in a Matrix glitch or the Mandella Effect? In this episode, Osbol turns to the Bible to learn about what’s really going on. Here’s more, and please use discernment when watching the video.

Total UFO Disclosure Coming?

Earlier this summer, Congress heard testimony of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UFOs, where witnesses not only discussed inexplicable technology, but also claimed our government was in possession of these advanced vehicles,  some of which contained biological evidence of non-human pilots.

So what comes next? Sara Carter says we are closer to the truth than ever. She says multiple reports on the phenomenon are expected to surface in the near future, one required by the Defense Authorization Act and another from NASA. Carter welcomes renowned UFO expert Nick Pope to the podcast for an update.

Edgar Cayce Saves 21st Century

Please join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for this Special X-Series Episode as he goes deep on the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce and his psychic vision of a major spiritual transformation in the 21st Century. The transformation comes along with massive Earth Changes and a Pole Shift.

DJ brings forward obscure Cayce readings dealing with the lost advanced civilization of Atlantis and their TUAOI Stone Power Station.

Mug Shots & Moon Landings

A mug shot used as a campaign photo? India landing on the moon? Strange photos of quantumly entangled particles? It wouldn’t be Friday Night Live without some laughs.

President Trump’s photo has become the latest viral meme, but this time from both the left and the right. Stargazers praise India’s space-faring efforts while some also express their doubts about its future. Did they really land?

In tech news, scientists made a 3D model from two correlated photons, which has some interesting implications for quantum technology and data acquisition. In otherworldly news, a black ring of smoke in the sky that was filmed in the ‘60s appeared to turn into a UFO and then back into a cloud. What was it?

Join Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts from Edge of Wonder for a weekly Mandela Effect, a Metaphysical Minute, and of course, Rise.TV-exclusive segments: a live Q&A and the Top 10 Weirder News of the Week. Ever heard of microchips in cheese, buffering UFOs, or theft that goes beyond a regular porch pirate? Tune in tonight to hear it all.

The Glitch In The Matrix

Is there any truth to the hype that we’re living in a simulation and that maybe somewhere in time, we’ve shifted to an alternate universe?

CANST digs into the mysterious and unexplained phenomenon that has gripped the planet and takes a closer look at the Mandella Effect and simulation theory, and the possibility that reality has been glitching all over. Here’s more and please use discernment when watching the video.