Eisenhower’s UFO Treaty

Did President Dwight David Eisenhower do a treaty with the Grey Biological E.T.s? Albuquerque-based UFO researcher Linda Moulton Howe cites the evidence that this actually occurred. As a youngster, she met Eisenhower. She says he had good reasons to side with the greys.

An alien insect race known as the Trantaloids has also occupied our earthly domain. The Trantaloids, she says, are hostile. They not only have abducted and cannibalized humans as well as animal species. They also have the ability to manipulate timelines. They have access to technologies that are 1000s of years more advanced than what we have.

Here, Howe draws upon her own sources, as well as reviewing tidbits from individuals including Philip J. Corso, author of The Day After Roswell. She argues for full disclosure and an end to the secrecy surrounding intelligent life across the universe.

Nikola Tesla: Vortex Math

369 Law of Attraction
What you think is what you will manifest
What you put out is what you will get from THE UNIVERSE
Give Love and that is what you will get in return
Give FEAR that is what you will get in return
Give Hate that is what you will get in return. More from Bluewater.

Has China Made Alien Contact?

Chris Chappell reports that China’s Sky Eye satellite, the largest in the world, may have found several cases of technological traces and extraterrestrial civilizations outside of Earth.

A prominent Chinese cosmologist cautioned that the signal may have resulted from some kind of radio interference and needs to be confirmed and ruled out. Here’s more on the story from Chappell, plus a look into how the Biden Administration fundamentally doesn’t understand China.

Nephilim Looked Like Clowns

Looking into Grinning Man and its connections to the Nephilim, Giants and Clowns. The Grinning Man was said to be human in appearance, but frequently associated with UFO activity, so some believe it was of alien origin. In addition, there were hints of cannibalism.

This report also covers Steeplechase Face, once the historic mascot of Coney Island, as well as more recent, but related phenomena, like Indrid Cold and Mothman. More from Conspiracy-R-Us.

Sheep Prepped For World War 3

The sheep are being prepped for World War 3! We are on the cusp of a world-changing event — solar flares that will cause a flash around the globe. But this will not be the launch of a world war, but rather the signal of an old world dying.

This is the world where reptilian beasts control our planet — beasts that can rapidly shapeshift, turning from humans into towering, rampaging beasts. These beasts form the Illuminati bloodlines. They control many of the world’s royal families, as well as popes, and political leadership. The Black Pope…the Gray Pope…the British Queen, all are Royal Dracos.

Here, Arizona Wilder describes how they look when they transform and names some of the culprits — from Henry Kissinger to Tony Blair. She has been to their secret gatherings, as she was conscripted as a slave to one of the most powerful of these creatures — Josef Mengele, the German Angel of Death. Learn more as McAllister TV preps us for the earth-shattering days ahead.

Ryushin Malone: NASA A Farce

Ryushin Malone, host of The Orion Lines, says NASA’s statement that it was going to begin researching UFOs later this year is BS! “NASA was created to deceive the public, to divert attention away from UFOs,” he says.

Malone says not only are UFOs real and visits from alien civilizations happening, there also has been a U.S. Space Force all along, harnessing anti-gravity technology since the 1950s. “To think that nothing has been built for 70 years is ridiculous,” he says. Here’s his report, which includes some shocking alien revelatons.

Snarky: The Day After Roswell

Deep dive into the harvesting of souls by the Greys! They don’t look real because they are not an actual life form! They are organic robots! Two layers of skinm abd night visiobm made to travel through space and time! Greys are part of the actual space ship! They use human DNA to create the Greys! More from McAllister TV.

UFO Emergency Danger!

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell back to the show for a special deep dive on the Continuity of Government (COG) NORTHCOM activation for the CIA Department of Homeland Security UFO Threat! Farrell says we may already be under COG.

Noah’s Ark And Atlantis

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep into the Mystery School Secret of the Mystical Atlantean DNA strain in the Noah’s Ark story that was described in the Edgar Cayce readings, Anthroposophy and Fourth Way Teachings and its sacred key for 21st Century Survival.

Zecharia Sitchin And Reptilians

In this final episode of the Odyssey Series, Jordan Maxwell reveals previously undisclosed information about Zecharia Sitchin’s contact with the Reptilians.