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Only A Couple Of Moves Left

The [Deep State] plan has failed. They are playing out the rest of their moves. This is necessary to wake the people up and allow them to make a logically decision as the 2024 election approaches.

Trump is already signaling that this will be a globalist defeat. Trump will have the people behind him and it will be the biggest red wave the world has ever seen. Here’s more from the X22 Report.

Judge’s Wife: Trump Fantasies?

Trump slammed Judge Arthur Engoron’s wife immediately after the New York Court of Appeals reimposed the lower Court’s gag order. Pointing to @LauraLoomer’s reporting, Trump Truthed screenshots of Engoron’s wife’s alleged social media posts, exposing what looks like her Trump imprisonment fantasy for all to see. The Court denies the posts belong to Mrs. Engoron, but at this point, does anyone believe them?

Trump’s defense team published correspondence with Jack Smith’s office showing the government’s repeated rejections of defense requests for discovery. Prosecutors Thomas Windom and Molly Gaston, both with a documented a history of anti-Trump bias prior to this indictment, respond to the defense denying access to key evidence necessary for Trump’s trial preparation.

Details about a “military-grade” censorship operation were revealed during a Congressional hearing featuring journalists Michael Shellenberger (@shellenberger) and Matt Taibbi (@mtaibbi). During testimony, we learned about the inner workings of an organization called CTIL, the “Cyber Threat Intelligence League,” and how they operated to infiltrate aspects of the United States Government with the purpose of censoring Americans. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.


Deep State To Be Obliterated

The Deep State is now in the crosshairs. Will it be obliterated?

Leaders within Black Lives Matter are now openly supporting the re-election of President Donald Trump. Elon Musk raises the stakes and begins to expose Pizzagate to the masses. What’s with all the craziness in Ireland? Fasten your seatbelts and pray! Here’s more from And We Know.

The [Deep State] is digging their hole and it’s getting deeper and deeper. Everything they do to Trump will be used against them in the end. Trump will be able to take the gloves off and nobody will be able to complain.

Pandora’s box has been opened. Trump is ready to show the people who was involved in the election. He will show that there was foreign interference.

Think of the 2024 election.  What happens when there is foreign interference? What can be done to protect the elections? Here’s more from the X22 Report.

Letitia James’ Case Destroyed

Trump’s defense attorneys released Jack Smith’s Search Warrant that ordered Twitter to hand over all data related to people who “liked” or “retweeted” Trump’s Twitter posts. The massively over broad Search Warrant was signed by Judge Beryl Howell, who recently left the D.C. Court and now focuses on slamming Trump in the media.

Leticia James’ civil fraud trial is on the rocks after Trump’s defense introduced witnesses from banks to testify about their role in the Trump Organization loans. According to multiple reports, witnesses testified that Trump’s loans were not unusual and the banks were not harmed by the terms of the allegedly fraudulent loans.

A federal judge ordered the FBI to release an index of files related to the Seth Rich investigation and laptop. Seth Rich, who some have alleged was involved in 2016 Democratic National Committee email leaks, was found dead in the streets of Washington D.C. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Military To Go After Crooks

The [Deep State] is pushing everything they have to take Trump out, but this will backfire. The indictments are going to allow Trump to legally introduce evidence and the people will see who rigged the election and who was responsible for January 6th.

The [Deep State] is panicking that Trump might use a legacy law that allows him to use the military on US soil to go after the treasonous criminals. Here’s more from the X22 Report.

Trump Team Challenges Justice

Redpill78 discusses former President Donald Trump’s brilliant legal move, challenging prosecutor Jack Smith and the Department of Justice. RedPill78 describes the move as a “checkmate.”

For those seeking more details, here’s a more detailed summary of the case from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers. Trump’s team submitted a 37-page motion to compel, asking Judge Tanya Chutkan to order Jack Smith’s office to disclose discoverable material to the defense. In the motion, Trump’s attorneys are seeking information related to January 6th, the 2020 election, election-related attacks and MUCH more.

Trump’s defense is seeking a clearer definition of who makes up Jack Smith’s prosecution team and the extent of involvement of other government agencies in the J6 investigation. In new filings, Trump attorneys argue they are entitled to discovery to investigate the true nature of the Special Counsel’s investigation, which may have broader implications.

Judge Chutkan denied Trump’s request for subpoenas for the missing January 6th records, finding that the records were never “missing” at all. In her order, Chutkan ruled the records weren’t transmitted, and thus are not subject to the request. She also said Trump’s defense could obtain the other information they need with reasonable due diligence, and conveniently, found no basis for granting subpoenas.

He’s Got His Hand In Cookie Jar

Former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney admits he’d rather vote Democratic than for either Donald Trump or Vivek Ramaswamy as U.S. President in 2024. The morale here: Life is tough when you’ve got your hand trapped in the Ukraine cookie jar! Here’s more from Sebastian Gorka.

Ever Played Nuclear Football?

Disclaimer – (There’s always a risk of investment and there’s no guarantee of any kind).

The [World Economic Forum]/[Central Bank] Green New Deal is falling apart. California can not hit their goals and if they did, it will crash the entire state.

The people around the world are rising up. Nationalism is on the rise. The economy is imploding on itself and the Biden admin is right on track, letting everyone know that they are liars. The people’s economy is warmed and prepped. Here’s more from X22 Report.

The Storm Is Coming

There’s massive and growing support for former President Donald Trump. Comedian Jim Breuer unleashed, lampooning the leftist, anti-Trump holdouts.

Hillary Clinton became violent. She was not supposed to lose.

We’re in a spiritual battle. It’s going to be Biblical. The Heavens are shaking.

Scorpions jamming mission. Pray! Here’s more from And We Know.

GOP Now Controls Another City

Remember how Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson flipped to the GOP. Now, Republicans have elected another new mayor in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. William Cogswell is the first Republican mayor in Charleston since the 1870s.

Are we seeing the growth of a new Red Wave? When will the leftist Democrats start frigging out? If they lose the cities, they’ve got nowhere left to hide. Here’s more from Steve Turley.