More Turmoil In Hollywood

Riss Flex reports that more scandalous behavior in Hollywood has surfaced, including one celebrity with a direct tie to the Armand Hammer family.

Flex says Kristin Chenoweth, who recently revealed she narrowly escaped being one of the victims in the Oklahoma Girl Scout murders in 1977, was closely connected to actor Seth Green, who was outed by the late Isaac Kappy for his involvement in child sex trafficking. Flex says Chenoweth also had a close relationship with the Bush family, who along with the Carter and Reagan administrations were implicated in the in the Call-Boy Ring scandal of the 1970s and 1980s.

Meanwhile, actor Armie Hammer and his iconic family are now the subjects of a true crime movie special, involving five generations of scandal, including cannibalism and rape. Armie was the grandson of oil tycoon Armand Hammer, known for his close ties to the Communist Soviet Union. The family also founded the Communist Party of New York. Says Flex, “Unfortunately, they’re making it like a Hollywood spectacular, where people can associate this stuff as scandals of the past. But everyone associated with this are still walking free.” Here’s her report.

The Masters Of The Universe

This week I share a video made by the old Mud Flood Channel on the topic of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Finally I touch on Old World India, Vimanas, and a “How to Make Pet Food Bonus”. I hope you enjoy! More from Jon Levi.

The Truth In Plain Sight

In a 1981 episode of the popular sitcom, “Barney Miller,” a concerned citizen (Jeffrey Tambor) corners Miller ((Hal Linden) to warn him about the exploits of the Trilateral Commission, an organization run by David Rockefeller, which he says is out to create a new world government. The clip was featured on the Killuminati13420 channel, who says, “This TV show put the truth out there in plain sight.” Here’s the clip.

How China Stole Hollywood

Chris Fenton, a Hollywood executive responsible for successfully pairing up the USA and China’s movie industries, tells all about how it happened with films like Iron Man 3 and Looper. Fenton believes it all went too far, and a necessary rebalance is needed. More from laowhy86.

Satan Runs The Show

RichieFromBoston pulls back the curtain on the shocking truth behind the real Hollywood, with megastars forsaking their morals and values for fame, while others admit their outright worship of Satan. Does the Prince of Darkness run the show? Here’s the report.

Arrest Kimmel

Marjorie Taylor Greene reports Jimmy Kimmel to the Capitol Police over threat of violence. More from The Salty Cracker.

Female Targets

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt explores the world of female targets. We’re talking Sue Lyon, Lolita, Hollywood, the occult!

The Slow Crash Of Cape Films

“Superhero Fatigue is a Myth!” -Very stupid… very overpaid journalists (but I repeat myself). More from RazorFist.

It’s Pure Mind Control

The Grammy Awards used to be a music show. Now, it’s a platform for Satanist propaganda, badmouthing white people and pushing the LGBTQ party line. Mark Dice explains.

Satanists’ BS Show At Oscars

By now, you’ve probably seen scores of columns interpreting the Will Smith/Chris Rock dustup at the Oscars. But you probably haven’t seen this Biblical analysis that appears to hit the hammer right on the head of the snake.

The Oscars are the annual roast of the Satanist crew, so amply illustrated by Lady Gaga. But Chris Rock and Will Smith are also quite symbolic figures, as explained here.  Try Not to laugh at HOW Obvious it is ALL Becoming. More from Jonathan Kleck.