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The Shame Campaign

The shaming campaign against the Covid-19 unvaccinated has been relentless, to say the least. The Deep State, anchored by the corrupt mainstream media, orchestrated lie after lie to crucify those who did not bow to the jab.

From blaming the unvaccinated for the spread of the coronavirus to proposing they be fired from their jobs and isolated from society, their unwavering assault appeared endless. Until the truth surfaced. Government data revealed that the vaccine was not the cure all and the overwhelming majority of those contracting Covid were the vaccinated.

In the following video, Matt Orfalea exposes the weaponized propaganda of the globalists, from their carefully choreographed news coverage to their flagrant fear mongering. Here’s more.

Winsome Sears Brings Truth

Winsome Sears advises Bill Maher to read more. The occasion: The Virginia lieutenant governor is appearing on a panel organized by Maher to discuss the Tennessee transgender who shot and killed six people, three of them children, at The Covenant School.

Sears echoes all of us listening to the liberal media’s insane coverage of the Nashville shooting. The long and short of it: You murder children, you can hang your identity. More from Dan Bongino.

The Return Of WhatsHerFace

Whatsherface returns from a long sabbatical with an emotional and detailed explanation of what she calls “probably the most difficult year in her life.”  The episode is titled “The Whole Story.”

Feminism Makes Women Crazy

Author Dr. B Real bluntly states that there’s no place to hide on this planet from the fourth wave of feminism’s political movement.

In his two-volume book with a similar title: Surviving 4th Wave Feminism, Dr. B compiles the 10-worst points of the movement, including how these radicals have subverted the armed forces, their plan for single motherhood and their attempt to sidestep the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. Sandman MGTOW explains in the following feature.

Change The Constitution?

During this time of year, we celebrate America’s independence and the documents that made America different, like the Constitution. But is our Constitution good enough today? The people who wrote it made it possible to amend it.

John Stossel asked people, some with legal and political expertise, whether there were things in the Constitution they would change? Surprisingly, some of the best responses came from strangers on the street. 

Was Michael Jackson Cloned?

Yash Qaraah, host of Stranger Than Fiction, takes us on a wild ride into the world of human cloning. “So, you think you have seen it all? Think again. It was in front of us the whole time,” he says.

He digs deeply into the mysteries behind Michael Jackson, whom he says, is still alive. He says the appearances Jackson made following his alleged facial surgery were not the real Michael, but a clone. The Saddam Hussein who was hanged in public following his capture was a clone.  And he tells us what really happened to Bernie Mac, 2Pac, Mike Tyson and Ol’ Dirty Bastard, plus more. As always, judge the material for yourself.

It’s The Culture, Not Guns

There are a lot of new ways–and old ways–to kill people other than guns. There are cars, trucks, explosives, knives and the list goes on. In light of the recent flurry of mass shootings, The Podcast of the Lots Eaters says it’s high-time we dealt with the real problem: addressing the culture, not the guns. Here’s their report.

Hunter’s Saga Really About Joe

Almost every week, new incriminating evidence is mined from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. And the proof is mounting that Joe Biden is lying about his knowledge of the family’s crooked deal-making.

Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck dives right back into the Biden Crime Family saga and explains why Hunter’s problems are really about Joe. He combs through some laptop emails to drive his point home.

Worse Than The Depression?

Economist Neil McCoy-Ward warns that the central banks are lying, inflation is not transitory and a major recession–if not a full-fledged depression–is looming. “The period that we are in right now and going into, could be worse than some of the things that happened during the Great Depression,” he says.

McCoy-Ward says the current Ukraine-Russia conflict is not to blame, as many pundits would have you believe, because most of the inflation, energy and supply issues were here before the war. Here’s his report and, as always, use your own discernment to judge the material.

The Future Is Orange

ThebigawakeningQ channel presents an inspirational montage of the Kennedy vision, dating back to President John F. Kennedy, which strikingly reveals that “The Future is Orange.” Please use your own discernment when watching the video.