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Death By A Million Cuts

Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers and Clay Clark, the emcee of the General Flynn Reawaken America Tour, join the X22 Report Spotlight to report on election fraud and the steps needed to return fully fair and legitimate elections to America. The conservation begins by talking about the election and how the 2020 elections were fraudulent. The pattern is now being seen in many states. Decertifying the elections will create a constitutional roadmap for the future.

Democrats Cheated In 2020

The [Deep State] is panicking. They are losing the narrative and people are either resigning, getting fired or not seeking re-election. The people are awake and thinking logically. The election fraud is now spreading from state to state and the people are demanding forensic audits. Five people were charged with election fraud in Wisconsin. Mike Lindell files a SCOTUS complaint and is waiting for Attorneys General to sign on. Trump says that Space Force is very important. Trump and the U.S. military caught them all. More from the X22 Report.

RedPill78 has more on the election fraud. In a historic move, the first charges for felony election fraud from the 2020 election have been delivered! The charges were referred in Wisconsin, with charges filed against five members of the Wisconsin Election Commission. Here we go!

SCOTUS-Election Showdown

Mike Lindell says attorneys general in multiple state are prepared to challenge the fraudulent 2020 Presidential election results. He says meeting with the AGs proved beneficial and their case will drop before the Supreme Court on Nov. 23 at 9 a.m., two days before Thanksgiving.

“I promised everybody that we would get this to the Supreme Court, with all the evidence they didn’t have last year when they denied even looking at anything,” Lindell says. “I believe they’ll take it 9-0, because they’re there to save our country from a foreign intrusion.” Lindell gives us the entire scoop on Infowars, with host Alex Jones.