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The Journey To 5D!

Trump has only been to DC 17 times! Weirdness at the Iowa State Fair! They are trying to usher in the AntiChrist! Self-Transformation! The False Self! The Journey to 5D! The killing of the ego! Democrat Derangement Syndrome! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Demons Populate Music Videos

Dome removed and 5D slides in while 3D is escorted out! Burning Man! Demons manifesting in music videos! A conversation with Christian 21! Potus rally notes! Rosie! More from McAllister TV.

There’s Nothing Left But Minions

C-Twentyone new video! Actors in Skin Suits! Crown! Cabal! Deep State!

All that’s left is minions who are breaking the law! Charities, taxes, Pharma, electricity…all scams! Why do they put electrical sockets so close to the ground where kids can get shocked!?!

They have been screwing us six ways to Sunday and here’s a few of the things that will change in 5D! Trump speech hi-lights! Channel updates! Short rant! Disclosure! More from McAllister TV.


5D cities run on positive energy! Reptilian reverse technology! World of clones! Celebrity clone breakdowns! Donald Marshall! Mssive hologram fails! Can you see it now! More from McAllister TV.

Crime: Organized By Reptilians!

New Christian 21 remix! Disk matrix explained! Full-blood Reptilians can enter your body through your pores! Demons turn to dust inside the Dome! Outside the Dome, demons can mimic hideous, horrible things!

More details on The Flash Event! Life in 5D! New bodies for everyone!

All organized crime is Reptilian! More from McAllister TV.

Updated Execution List!

Trump rally notes! Christian 21 Intel!

New update execution list! The list names 260 individuals, many of whom are said to have been executed. Others are awaiting trial while a few have received lifelong prison terms. European royalty, Hollywood stars and American political figures dominate the identified suspects.

Trump time travel! The Domes! Titanic! 5th Dimension! Mutants! More from McAllister TV.

Mass Executions For Black Hats

Daryl James, from the Super Solider program, says mass executions await the Black Hats. They are being shown evidence of their criminal deeds. They have a choice: Plead guilty and agree to death by lethal injection or face execution by firing squad. No reloads!

This game is being played in 5D! Old Reptilians get slaughtered after a certain age! Telepathy is possible in 3D! The name of Jesus Christ is prohibited in underground facilities controlled by the Reptilians!

Some off-planet Germans were raised by reptiles! There are no portals left for them to escape through! White Hats control the Moon! Learn more about these villains, including the former Air Force pedophile creep Michael Aquino! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Flash: What’s Going To Happen?

Christian 21 returns with a military breakdown of the Solar Flash Event! 3-Day Blackout followed by 10 days of darkness! 3D Martial Law! 3D Matrix vs. 5D Enhanced Perceptions! Perfect Bodies!

New Gateways! Galactic protection! People who died from the vaxx are bypassing the Shift! They are waiting for the others to arrive! Positives will help with transports! We’ve already done this before! We’re not on a schedule…We are waiting for them to wake up!

Big questions get big answers! 9-11 was entertainment! Trump stopped child trafficking with covid-tainted adrenochrome! Bush funeral! Over 2.7 million executions already a year ago! Secret “elite” meeting place blown to smithereens! Kissinger executed first…And more from McAllister TV.

Reptilians Report To Orion!

Christian 21! Bogdanoffs have an unreal castle with an even more unbelievable underground! All castles are Reptilian! All are connected through underground tunnels! The Reptilians must kill children ritually because the energy has to be used beneath the castles!

Negativity can be detected in light forms and removed! Omicrons! Alice in Wonderland done in 30! WWG1WGA! More from McAllister TV.

The Illuminati: All Reptilians!

Christian 21 resurfaces on the new McAllister TV video. Some highlights: We inhabit a Lizard Planet! The Illuminati are Reptilians, hence, their plan for world destruction!

Also: The Bogdanoff Twins! What will happen during the 5D Shift? What will we see? What will it feel like? Synopsis of the moments before and after the flash! White Light Tech will heal us! Done in 30 seconds!