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Now, A Cooking-Oil Shortage

As if there wasn’t enough chaos in the food supply chain, there now appears to be a global cooking-oil shortage.

Adapt2030 reports that with areas of the western United States and Canada experiencing frost conditions over newly emerging plants, global shortages now include sunflower oil, palm oil, olive oil and canola oil, which will drive already record-high wheat prices even higher. Here’s his report.

The Starvation Cycle

Adapt2030 reports that energy prices are now running sky high across the planet and many events are playing out to explain away global food shortages from now through 2024.

We are seeing Draconian measures in Europe, such as Turkey imposing three days of energy shortages in the counry’s industrial zones. The events in Europe are just the beginning, he says. He adds that our world entered a fertilizer and herbicide shortage that would have reduced global agricultural yield by 12% in 2022, coupled with losses from shifting jet streams from the Grand Solar Minimum. Have we reached a starvation cycle? Here’s more with Adapt 2030.

Agriculture Losses Intensify

With the totals from the U.S. Department of Agriculture as 3% of Spring Wheat planted vs 25% in the 30 year average, and corn at 5% vs 16% for the average and descriptions as “despicable” and a “snail’s pace” for planting along with cold damage and drought across the central U.S. states they have described it as the “most stress” a wheat crop can handle. Adapt2030 has included a full timeline for crop losses moving forward to 2025 and this week’s incredible lack of planting. If this video doesn’t not wake you up, nothing will.

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