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Juan O. Savin: Dodging Bullets

Juan O. Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that the country has dodged many bullets and bought a lot of time, thwarting the Deep State’s 20-year plan to complete the deal in America to completely imprison and encompass us.

Savin says the bad  guys, beginning with 9/11, originally planned to have America under control monetarily, in lockdown and with elections never ever being free again. “They wanted to have that deal by 2021,” he says. He elaborates, discusses Hillary Clinton’s association with the Wing Coven of witches and brings more intel.

Pharaoh Used Adrenochrome

During the time of Moses, Pharaoh used adrenochrome to cure his wounds caused by the plague. The chemical drug compound is produced from adrenalized human blood, specifically from infants.

In  this feature, courtesy of the Jim Crenshaw channel and TikTok, the narrator says that today, adrenochrome is the secret drug of Satanic cults that can only be found on the black market. One of the only ways to produce the drug is through Satanic ritual abuse (SRA), which pagans who worshiped Moloch did for thousands of years.

The video host says the shocking connection between Pharaoh and adrenochrome traces back to the ancient Book of Jasher, an apocryphal text not found in the canon we have today, although it is referenced throughout scripture. He explains further.

Adrenochrome! It’s Passing…

Where have all the adrenochrome users gone? Long time passing.

Michael Jaco recites Peter, Paul & Mary to expose the vile adrenochrome trade.  This is the ugly trade where children are raped, tortured and murdered to extract their adrenochrome-enriched blood.

Rich elitists — especially in places like Hollywood or the entertainment alleys of New York City — have become adrenochrome addicts. We’re talking trash like Madonna, Tom Hanks or the former daytime TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. Jaco talks about them as well as Oprah Winfrey and John of God from Brazil, along with other derelicts.

Who supplied adrenochrome to these washed-up, haggard bums? What role did the CIA, FBI and other agencies in the District of Criminals play in this trafficking?


Project Blue Beam Rollout

Kerry Cassidy tells Patriot Underground that there’s reason to believe the Deep State will soon proceed with the rollout of Project Blue Beam, the long-planned fake alien invasion, as a last-ditch effort in their New World Order agenda.

Says Cassidy, “How do you have a fake alien invasion, when the real ones are here as well. What are they going to do in that case.” She elaborates, plus discusses President Trump and Space Force’s connection to the disclosure of non-terrestrials.

Michael Jackson Is Not Dead

Britney Spears’ dad, Jamie Spears, is a High Satanic! The real Michael Jackson is not dead! Christian 21 updates! Coming attractions! Viewer questions! Media manipulations!

Rosemary’s baby! Marilyn Monroe! And more from McAllister TV.

Prince Working With White Hats

New Christian 21! JFK Sr. kept his promise but couldn’t do it “alive”! Reptilians will not eat adults! Tom Cruise and Beyonce related to Windsors! Potus is the king!

Restaurants serve you underneath if you have the Golden Card! Vril Lizards! Star Wars Chewbacca! It’s easy for them to kill another species!

JFK Sr. is Q! Positive families are thousands of years old and seek justice! Prince working with White Hats!? More from McAllister TV/


It Happened At Standard Hotel?

Bichute is censoring again with their algorithms! Not a “free speech” platform at all! I’ll have to start writing articles about the bald turkeys and their pedo-loving friends if they keep it up and send them all across the Internet. Shamey, shamey!

Otherwise, in this episode: People’s revolt against Macron in France! Bogdanoff Brothers deep dive! Castles all over the world! Akhenaton Kuru clones? Omicron reptilians!

Standard Hotel deep dive! What happened at that hotel? Obama and Wendy! Adreno smoking gun! More from McAllister TV.

Flash: What’s Going To Happen?

Christian 21 returns with a military breakdown of the Solar Flash Event! 3-Day Blackout followed by 10 days of darkness! 3D Martial Law! 3D Matrix vs. 5D Enhanced Perceptions! Perfect Bodies!

New Gateways! Galactic protection! People who died from the vaxx are bypassing the Shift! They are waiting for the others to arrive! Positives will help with transports! We’ve already done this before! We’re not on a schedule…We are waiting for them to wake up!

Big questions get big answers! 9-11 was entertainment! Trump stopped child trafficking with covid-tainted adrenochrome! Bush funeral! Over 2.7 million executions already a year ago! Secret “elite” meeting place blown to smithereens! Kissinger executed first…And more from McAllister TV.

Sex Magic! Soul-Sucking Rituals!

Christian 21 returns on McAllister TV! He describes Reptilian soul-sucking rituals! White Hat “chemtrails” are making it so Reptilians can’t breathe! After the ‘sex magic’ ritual, they’re dead!

How do Greys escort demons through portals! Demons manifest as Black Dust! Dinosaurs were created for food! The list of shockers for the 78 percent is endless! Arizona Wilder! Here’s more on McAllister TV.

Prepare For Live Executions!

Christian 21 upintel! Thousands of kidnapped kids recovering! Parents think they are all dead! Kids being reunited with their families! The 20 percent have been waking up since before 2016! Gary Glitter on house arrest! House arrests will be executed live! New map updates! Tribunals and executions live worldwide! More from McAllister TV.