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Exposed: Agents for Mossad

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial has been cloaked in mystery as much as the woman herself. We are now learning who she really worked for and how she and Jeffrey Epstein were able to continue their pedo-pimp service for as long as they did. Their power: Agents for Mossad.  Here’s more from Narativ TV with Zev Shalev.

Jury Awards Carroll Millions

On Tuesday’s “American Agenda,” Donald Trump has been found liable by a jury in the E. Jean Carroll civil trial in a Manhattan court pending a possible appeal. Alan Dershowitz, Ameer Benno, Thane Rosenbaum and Sid Rosenberg react. More from Newsmax TV.

(Our take: Trump will win on appeal. This rape charge has never been proven, and would not have resulted in damages except in a shithole like New York, under the sway of leftist lunatics.)

The jury renders a verdict in the Trump Trial, and Donald Trump is found NOT liable for the biggest claim brought by E. Jean Carroll. The jury finds Trump liable on other charges and enters $5 million in total damages.

Donald Trump has been gagged by New York State Judge Juan Merchan as the prosecution brought forward by Alvin Bragg continues. Meanwhile, hearings are scheduled in Federal Court in Trump’s removal case.

New evidence is coming to expose Hunter Biden and the Biden crime family, according the Ron Johnson and James Comer. Hunter might be trying to fast-track charges before the truth comes out, and Biden bans the New York Post from press events. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.


The Risk Of Chasing Trump

Alan Dershowitz tells London Real that it’s not worth destroying the longest Constitutional legacy just to bring down Donald J. Trump.

Though Dershowitz, Mr. Lolita Epstein Express himself, gets his digs in on President Trump, he rationally explains how the uber-radical younger generation is driving the madness in the country, which does not bode well for our future leaders. Here’s more.

Equal Justice: The Only Way

The [Deep State] has nothing with Trump. The indictment is for show and to make his base angry. This will not work.

The criminal syndicate infiltrated almost every part of our country. The only way forward is to allow the [Deep State] to continue to commit the crimes.

The patriots always knew we needed to go out of the system if we were going to bring down the [Deep State]. The set-up is almost complete. Everything they are doing to Trump will be done to them. Nothing can stop this. More from the X22 Report.


There’s No Coming Back Now!

The Democrats have sealed their fate. There’s no coming back now. More from Steve Turley.

Orange Man Bad! Will the lying jackals in the fake news ever shut up? Will they ever try to tell the truth instead of pushing their leftist viewpoints? More from Paul Joseph Watson.

YouTube Poster

Elites & The New Slave Class

Journalist Whitney Webb has worked to uncover some of the most dangerous stories of our lifetime, and she joins Glenn Beck to reveal just how eye-opening it’s been. Her new two-volume book, One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein, examines Epstein’s elaborate network of corruption and power, from Bill Clinton to Ghislaine Maxwell and many more.

Her research into transhumanism has given her a terrifying perspective on the World Economic Forum and tech elites, including Elon Musk. And she tells Glenn the dark truth about Biden’s push for electric vehicles that she noticed while living in Chile.

Dershowitz On Hot Seat!

Prominent defense attorney and former law professor Alan Dershowitz angrily responds to reports of his acquaintance with Jeffrey Epstein and his numerous trips to Little St. James Island in the Virgin Islands.

When questioned by Red Ice TV about a massage he received at the island, Dershowitz goes ballistic, claiming it was an older woman who performed the service, not a sex slave. He confirms he was on the island, but was accompanied by his wife and children. Here’s the interview and, as always, discern the material for yourself.

What Men?

The federal establishment believe they have sealed shut the Jeffrey Epstein case by locking away his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell for 20 years on charges of procuring under-aged sex slaves for Epstein. But, obviously, those sex slaves weren’t having sex with themselves. There was a large covey of men — famous politicians, academics, business executives and the like — who were hanging around Epstein and screwing the children he offered.

Here, Jamie Dlux begins the process of precisely identifying these creeps, including former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Tom Pritzker, the executive chairman of the Hyatt Hotels. And who can forget Prince Andrew or Alan Dershowitz, the one who ridiculously swore he never took off his underwear.

When will these assholes be charged? Here’s the list from Jamie, plus links to more than 100 videos he’s done covering the Epstein scandal.

Roe V. Wade Overturned?

The U.S. Supreme Court has voted to overturn Roe V Wade, ending guaranteed abortion rights, according to leaked documents released by Politico. The documents were said to have been drafted by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. More from Mr. Obvious.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Sources are now claiming a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor leaked the documents. The clerk has been identified as Amit Jain, a Yale graduate and Indian national, who formerly was CEO of Sequoia Capital. He has previously been linked to Josh Gerstein, who wrote the Politico Roe v Wade article.)

If these leaked documents are authentic, this will be the first time such a disclosure has ever been made regarding a case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court. Who made the leak? On Fox News, longtime legal advisor Alan Dershowitz speculated that a liberal law clerk most likely spilled the documents, hoping to generate a buzz against conservatives on the Supreme Court.

New Epstein Flight Logs

Breakdown of the final closing of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial as well as a close examination of some new evidence, including new flight logs. More from RedPill78.