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Trump Files For Subpoenas

Trump’s defense files for subpoenas for a number of government officials, including the Acting Director of the National Archives and Former Chairman of the January 6th Select Committee Bennie Thompson.

Trump Prosecutor Big Fani Willis wins orders for Alex Jones and RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel to appear in court for the Sidney Powell trial. Will they testify?

A new timeline exposes the truth about the Biden Classified Documents cover-up. The House Oversight Committee demands answers from the White House about who discovered what and when. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Fauci Ran CIA Disinfo Operation

Alex Jones reports that Dr. Anthony Fauci coordinated the CIA Covid disinformation operation against America and the world.

Jones says Congressional subpoenas and documents have surfaced revealing that Fauci quarterbacked and commanded with the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment–via the CIA–the worldwide information response that Covid didn’t come out of a lab, that the vaccines worked, then later coordinating censorship through Big Tech and the intelligence agencies of the world. Here’s his bombshell report.

They’re Trying To Ruin Them

There’s A DARKER SIDE To The Brand And Boebert ‘Bombshells.’

This report explains what’s happening to Russell Brand and Lauren Boebert and what may or may not be coincidental. Here’s more from Luke Rudkowski on We Are Change.

Hugo Talks isn’t convinced. He sees elements of mind control in the portrayal of Russell Brand or Andrew Tate as anti-establishment players.  They would never have millions of followers if they were truly against the establishment, says Hugo Talks. So what we are seeing is an elaborate pantomime program to distract and misdirect the public.

Weird Ways Of The Elite

It was Edmund Fitzgerald who said “Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me…”

And how different they are! From bizarre rituals to weird art and underground places, these people make the Addams family look normal! Here’s more from Jay Myers.

Gen. Flynn: Cyber Attack Looms

Gen. Michael Flynn warns that we’re likely to see a cyber attack that is so vast it will disrupt the internet.

Appearing on Infowars, with host Alex Jones, Flynn says the globalist crime syndicate is backed up against the wall and are in full panic mode. He explains further and lays out their next move and how to stop them.

Covid Tyranny Returns!

Josh Sigurdson reports that Hollywood, some universities and offices have gone full tyranny again, reinstating Covid lockdown measures, mask mandates and testing.

Leading the charge in Hollyweird is Lionsgate with masked mandates, while similar actions are being taken by Morris Brown College, in Atlanta. Meanwhile, the mainstream media is reporting there are three Covid variants that people need to fear.

Says Sigurdson, “What we’re dealing with, truly, is the tyranny of the state. More lies, more propaganda, trying to get us down on our knees to bring down Western civilization.” Here’s his report.

Here’s How We Know It’s Real

Mark Dice chronicles the growing body of evidence that underscores the role played by the Bohemian Grove as an Illuminati retreat. How much evil do the participants commit? Are they engaged in cannibalism or sacrificing children? What have we learned from the reporting of Alex Jones and others who defied the bounds of secrecy surrounding this enclave in the redwoods, north of San Francisco.

RFK Jr: Covid Was Race Specific

Alex Jones reports that recently-released documents confirm that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was right in his assessment that Covid-19 was a race-specific bioweapon that targeted specific ethnicities.

Jones says that when RFK Jr. explained a study that pointed to Obama Administration-funded biolabs in Ukraine producing bioweapons to target Slavs, the corporate media went berserk. Jones posits the study tells a different story. Here’s his report.

In a related story, Jones says Kennedy also drew the ire of the media, calling out climate change as a tool to control us through fear, adding that it doesn’t deal with real environment problems. He said it’s a giant Ponzi scheme by central banks to initiate total control and surveillance and end industrial societies. Here’s more.


The Feds’ Plot Against America

The Washington Post published a whitewash report that revealed the feds wanted to go after Alex Jones and Roger Stone because Deep State prosecutors baselessly believed they were in “Trump’s orbit” relating to the events of Jan 6.

Jones says the 20-page reports unravels what basically was a plot against Donald J. Trump and America, a coup plan to put the former president and his cronies in jail. Here’s more.

Is Trump Done? Not A Chance!

A fired-up Roger Stone says that if the public thinks the rash of legal problems for Donald J. Trump is going to end his 2024 Presidential campaign, they are absolutely wrong. “Not a chance! Not even a scintilla of a chance.,” he says.

Stone says this is not about Donald Trump, it’s about us, because the bad guys want to continue the downward spiral of America. He joins Infowars and Alex Jones with more analysis.