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In The Shadow Of Giants

Heart stones, giants and petrified titans, fact of fiction? Join me and YouTube’s Stellium 7 for a journey into deep woo as we discuss the evidence of the very ancient hidden history of this thing we live on. More from the SGTReport.

Mount Hermon 33rd Parallel! The United Nations’ compound is located where the Fallen Angels “fell to Earth”! Why? Sacred geometry? Vesica Pisces? Inversion! Ancient Temple! Alien presence! More from McAllister TV.


SETI Detects Alien Signal

Did we just get a greeting from Proxima Centauri? Scientists at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) confirm they’ve received an unusual alien signal from the Proxima Centauri system, the star closest to our sun.

What makes the discovery so exciting is the location of the solar system, which is home to an exoplanet in its habitable zone, and that it originated from the world’s biggest technosignature investigation project known as Breakthrough Listen, which collaborates with NASA to search for advanced extraterrestrial life. The signals were originally detected in early 2019, but scientist have just recently identified it. Here’s more with YouTuber Anton Petrov.

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Could We Be Alone?

Perhaps, there are thousands upon thousands of galaxies and millions of stars each with their own forms of intelligence life. Or perhaps, we are all alone. More from Ramzpaul.


Secret Life Of Howard Hughes

How much do you know about the life of one of history’s most eccentric business magnates, investor, record-setting pilot, engineer, film director, and philanthropist? Did you know he had his own hangar at Area 51? Did you know that many of the underground nuclear tests that our government conducted had to be run by Hughes first? Did you know he communicated with aliens? Tonight, David Zublick explores the secret life of Howard Hughes with John Carman. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost.

Breaking News: Zublick also gives the following updates: He says President Donald Trump has ordered the executions of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on charges they committed gross election fraud. Harris is said to have gone into hiding.


Apollo 20: Cover-Up Or Hoax?

Beginning in 2007, videos began appearing on YouTube, revealing a secret mission to the moon in 1976. The mission was allegedly conducted jointly by the United States and the Soviet Union to recover ancient artifacts and possible new technology. Incredibly, the previous Apollo 15 mission and subsequent Russian flybys had reported strange sightings on the moon.

The person who posted the videos was William Rutledge, a former employee of the United States Air Force, who claimed he commanded an Apollo 20 mission that landed on the moon in August 1976 to investigate the sightings. What his crew discovered will blow your mind. They came across an ancient alien base and a female humanoid, who was in suspended animation. Further exploration revealed that a huge object spotted by the Apollo 15 mission was actually an ancient spaceship, measuring 2.5 miles long. Not far from it was another small spaceship and remnants of an ancient city.

Though Rutledge stood by his claims and videos, the mission certainly seemed far-fetched and provided plenty of fodder for conspiracy theorists. Suffice it to say that NASA denied the Apollo 20 moon landing as a hoax, stating it was one of three missions cancelled because of reduced funding from Congress. There is even a Wikipedia page dedicated to it.

Thing is, history tells us many similar and zany cases often turn out to be true. As always, you be the judge. Here’s more from BuzWeaver on The Lost History Channel TKTC.

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Hints Of Life On Venus

Scientists have detected a gas on Venus called phosphine, which could be a sign of alien life in the Green Planet’s clouds. It’s still too early to say for sure that Venus hosts lifeforms, but the discovery opens up a lot of questions about what’s happening on Earth’s neighbor.

The compound was discovered in a layer of clouds on Venus, where temperatures are fairly close to those on Earth’s surface. Phosphine is exciting because of where it comes from. It’s either manufactured by humans or it’s a natural biproduct of life. Here’s more with host Loren Grush in this episode of Verge Science.

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Sunspot Riddle Linked To Porn

It turns out that the abrupt and mysterious closure of the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, N.M., two years ago didn’t have anything to do with aliens or national security issues. Instead, it was an FBI child pornography investigation linked to a facility janitor that prompted the 11-day shutdown. The former janitor, Joshua Lee Cope, was indicted on three child pornography counts stemming from the probe.

Court documents reveal that the facility’s chief observer told the FBI that he found a laptop with child porn in it but said he didn’t report it immediately because of other issues at the observatory. The discovery led to a search warrant on Cope’s electronic devices at his Sunspot trailer. When Cope realized his laptop was missing, he told the chief observer that he feared for his life because there was a serial killer in the area. That led to initially shutting down the observatory without consulting the FBI.

The official shutdown stirred national attention and wild speculation, ranging from the discovery of alien life and UFOs to possible security issues regarding foreign players. Here’s one of the reports that followed on KRQE-TV in Albuquerque debunking the original speculation.

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Mysterious Accident in NYC?

What caused the night sky in New York City to turn a vivid blue? Con Edison has chalked it up to a transformer and transmission disturbance. Only thing — the same sort of disturbance has been seen elsewhere, not only across the United States but also in key overseas sites. Just Informed Talk addresses the mystery.

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The five main reasons that Deep State corporate mainstream media news are ordered to lie (under pain of ruination, discontinuation and extinction) about each and every aspect and example of UFO, ET and EBE verified contact and existence can be listed as follows:

1. The petrodollar economy and petrocracy would be destroyed via propulsion systems making such obsolete.

2. The Pavlovian obeisance and fetish of secrecy among MIC, tech and governments along with their tendency to always err on the side of secrecy mandate a vow of silence to the death.

3. MIC/tech/government coveting secrets of antigravitic propulsion systems that would revolutionize military lethality, locomotion, transportation and commercial travel;

4. Religion and original sin. As Father Gabriel Funes, the Vatican’s astronomer said in 2008, “[j]ust as there are multiple forms of life on earth, so there could exist intelligent beings in outer space created by God. And some aliens could even be free from original sin.”

5. The destruction of nationalism and petty geographic, secular and regional differences to be replaced with the sense of enjoying Earthling status.

More from Lionel Nation.


Close Encounters

Stargate Project documents on CIA.gov show a remote viewing session that is very similar to the psychic predictions the main character has in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, a film made by Steven Spielberg shortly after the Stargate Project began. That raises the question: Was Spielberg making a movie or foreshadowing some actual real-life incident, although one the government had yet to confirm?

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Looking in the Wrong Place

The observable universe is jammed with billions of galaxies, which in turn are packed with trillions of stars and who knows how many planets. So wouldn’t you think the chances of intelligent life, other than ourselves, exists in one of these faraway places? Or are we looking in the wrong place?

Minutephysics host Henry Reich says, “Researchers have predicted that the population of most intelligent alien species should be below 20 million individuals; the majority of planets with intelligent life should have less than 80 percent the radius of the Earth; and the individuals of most intelligent alien species should be at least as massive as polar bears.” Where do we find these species? Reich explains in this edition of minutephysics.

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