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There Is No Step 5! End!

Expect fireworks, as justice is served. Potus is heavily guarded and 100 percent insulated! Humor is vital as we get ready to rumble!

Indictments, election interference, Maui, Georgia, mind control. Pray! More from And We Know.

Georgia DA Fani Willis files a scheduling order requesting the Trump RICO Trial to start in March of 2024, right before the Georgia Primaries. Who is the appointed Judge, 34-year old Scott McAfee? Alina Habba, Newt Gingrinch, Tim Scott and Tom Cotton react.

Mark Meadows and his defense team file for federal removal of Big Fani’s Georgia prosecution. We review the filing by the Meadow’s defense team, which invokes federal supremacy to justify the removal.

Newly unsealed transcripts from the Court of Appeals show that Twitter was forced to hand-over Trump’s DM’s, including deleted drafts, to Federal Prosecutors after a Judge granted a broad search warrant to federal prosecutors. We review the excerpts from the transcripts and grab reaction from Kelly Anne Conway and Senator Ted Kennedy.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers respond to Judge Maryellen Noreika’s request for their position on the Government’s motion to dismiss. The White House continues to refuse to comment on the appointment of the Special Counsel and James Comer, Kevin McCarthy and Byron Donalds respond. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Witch Trials Now On Speed Dial

Former President Donald Trump is indicted  in Georgia as the witch trials keep rolling along. The Democrats and their Republican uniparty allies have no intention to stop this charade. They demand all of us do what they tell us to do.

There’s no longer any freedom, as if there ever was any. The corrupt politicians in charge want us to willingly surrender our rights to a fair and free election. They’ve got goons in most states, most certainly Georgia as well as New York and California, doing whatever it takes to subvert the American Constitution. Here’s more from Styxhexenhammer666.

Trump lawyer Alina Habba calls the indictments by Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis  “just a show.” She noted how everything was set up as a publicity machine by Fani and says, “This, to me, disturbed me more than any of the others, to be honest.” Habba speaks with Newsmax TV.

The Final Nail In The Coffin

After a failed arrest attempt by Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice over the weekend, Devon Archer arrived in Washington DC defiant, prepared to testify behind closed doors and seal the fate of the Biden criminal legacy. More from RedPill78.

President Trump issues a warning on Truth social, saying a January 6th indictment could be coming “any day now.” This comes after the Georgia Supreme Court ruled against Trump’s efforts to quash the special grand jury and means the prosecution will likely move forward. We learn that Trump has spent $40 million on legal fees, and Adam Schiff reactions. Trump Lawyer Alina Habba reacts to the superseding indictment and provides an update on Trump.

The night before Devon Archer was set to testify, the Biden Department of Justice sent a letter into the Court reminding everyone that Archer would need to self-surrender soon. Is this just a coincidence? Congress was outraged until the DOJ issued a clarifying statement.

Long-time Biden family friend Devon Archer testifies behind closed doors to Congress. Biden had previously promised he and Hunter never discussed business together, but Devon Archer tells a different story. Rep. Dan Goldman breaks into a sweat while trying to explain and piece together what happened at the hearing.

Congress launches an inquiry in the Biden DOJ’s corrupt plea deal extended to Hunter Biden, sending a letter to Merrick Garland. Marjorie Taylor Greene reminds us of the close connections between Hunter, Devon Archer and the Biden Crime family. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Durham Fire, Schiff Censured

Is the U.S. Department of Justice weaponized against Republicans? Let’s hear from John Durham on the failing stature of our corrupt federal government. Also, one of the Democrats’ chief liars and thieves, Adam Schiff, has been censured by the U.S. House. Will he be extricated and kicked out of that body, or will he remain to concoct more baloney?

Also in this edition: Tragedy strikes at the Titanic, how Blackrock rules the world, and the storm is upon us and growing stronger by the day. We also get updates on the latest comms, as well as check in with Alina Habba, Kash Patel and former President Donald Trump. Pray! Here’s more from And We Know.

‘Speedy’ Trump Trial Sought

Trump Prosecutor Jack Smith speaks to the cameras about the new Trump indictment and says he is seeking a “speedy trial.” How quickly will this case proceed and can the trial be completed before the election?

The Clinton-Biden double standard exists and matters in a nation of laws. Democrats continue to use the phrase “no one is above the law” but conveniently forget about Hillary Clinton’s problems with her emails. Remember what Former FBI Director James Comey told America and Congress? Lindsey Graham does.

Trump attorney Alina Habba speaks with the media about Trump’s state of mind and whether he will be taking a plea deal in the prosecution. Politico speaks with Trump and asks whether news of the indictment will cause him to drop out of the race.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr blasts Trump after the release of the indictment, telling the media he is “toast.” Barr is joined by other Senators who are declining to stand behind the former President.

Rep. Jim Jordan defends Donald Trump and the partisan prosecution brought by the Department of Justice. In a letter to Merrick Garland, Jordan demands answers about an FBI agent name D’Antuono who was involved in the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago and sat down with Congress for a transcribed interview. More from Robert Gouveia at Watching The Watchers.

The Fed’s Corrupt Prosecutors

Former President Donald Trump releases a video with more reaction to his newly announced indictment, declaring himself to be totally innocent of any criminality. Trump Lawyer Alina Habba explains Trump’s state of mind in Florida and Kash Patel details the corruption inside Jack Smith’s prosecution.

Trump Lawyer James Trusty explains the details of the Trump indictment based on the summons they received. We review the referenced statutes and new allegations supporting the charges. CNN claims to have the transcripts of a Trump audio recording and a new theory about witness tampering charges.

Politicians and GOP candidates respond to the news that leading primary candidate Donald Trump has been indicted. We check in with the GOP frontrunners, the Senate and get reaction from the left.

Trump’s defense lawyers file a claim of misconduct, alleging Jack Smith’s prosecution improperly threatened a witness during questioning in front of numerous other DOJ officials. More from Robert Gouveia at Watching The Watchers.

Billionaire Behind Trump Suit

Former President Donald Trump leaves New York after another deposition with Attorney General Letitia “Tishy” James from New York.

The billionaire founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, has been outed as a financial backer of E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against Donald Trump and Alina Habba demands discovery.

More from Robert Gouveia at Watching The Watchers.

The Sharks Circle New York

The sharks circle New York City as Potus prepares to surrender. More from RedPill78.

Trump arrives in NYC for his arrest and arraignment before a New York Judge. We review Trump’s defense team, learn more about the Judge, and check-in on reaction and other updates.

Proud Boys trial continues with Day 49. We follow along Roger Parloff’s live tweet thread. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

District Attorney Slaps Trump

The Trump Indictment is expected to come on Wednesday and the U.S. House of Representatives responds. Rep. Jim Jordan explains a letter sent to District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Reps. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., and Byron Donalds, R-Florida, weigh-in and we check in with the Trump Team and his attorney Alina Habba.

Day 41 of the Proud Boys Trial continues with defense witness Eddie Block @EddieBlockFilms, a videographer for the Proud Boys. Eddie is allowed to bring his service dog, “Donnie”, with him to testify.

We review the latest from the trial courtesy of a live tweet thread from Roger Parloff. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Elon Musk believes Donald Trump will win 2024 by a landslide margin if the George Soros puppet, Manhattan District Alvin Bragg, issues a flimsy indictment against the former president.   Musk isn’t alone. Cartoonist Scott Adams and conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza, joined by the left-leaning comedian Chris Rock, all see a Trump landslide in the cards. But others have a different opinion. Here, Steve Turley compares the varied ranges of thought, and concludes an arrest will, indeed, help Trump win.

Distractions Everywhere! Focus!

aDistractions are popping up everywhere! Stay focused!

China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin meet. Talk of a Trump indictment rattles patriots, while sending the Leftists into a derision of grandeur! Kari Lake discusses election fraud. Let the world witness the truth! Pray! More from And We Know.

On today’s episode of Red Pill News Live, we examine the continuing investigation of the Biden Crime family and the impending arrest of DJT.

Also discussed: Allegations by journalist Ava Chen that Anthony Fauci conducted an illicit sexual affair with Wang Yangyi, the 41-year-old director-general of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Chen has called upon Congress to examine the email exchanges between Fauci and Wang, and called upon journalists to issue FOIA requests to secure the emails.

The full title of the episode is How To Murder A Nation: The Arrest of Donald J. Trump. More from RedPill 78.