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Fictional Historical Figures

Through the years we’ve been enthralled by a variety of historical characters who changed the world for the better. Unfortunately, several of these people never existed, such as wholesome homemaker Betty Crocker. Turns out, the sweetheart of America’s kitchens was invented by the Washburn Crosby Flour Mill and Company as part of a 1921 commercial strategy to answer questions from consumers. Check out nine other historical characters who never existed in this episode of Alltime 10s.

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Unraveling Space Myths

Our universe is full of mysteries, many of them not close to being solved. But scattered about what we do know of the Final Frontier are a handful of myths. Many of the wider-known misconceptions have been debunked, such as the myth that a human body would freeze if left unprotected in the vacuum of space. But space is beyond freezing, measuring -270.45 Celsius. Your body wouldn’t freeze, you’d actually overheat because there is nothing for your body heat to transfer to. Nine additional myths are explained in this special science issue of Alltime 10s.

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