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FBI Stonewalls On Corruption

Rep. James Comer’s phone call with FBI Director Christopher Wray didn’t go so well! Wray offered some minor concessions, but not enough to stop the pending Contempt of Congress legislation from moving forward. Congress comments on FBI corruption at the highest levels and Trump takes questions from Iowa about reform. Is Christopher Wray worried? Probably not, as JustTheNews reports he jumped on the FBI jet to head to Las Vegas.

Leaks continue to the Trump prosecution cases, with new reports Special Counsel Jack Smith has audio recordings of Trump holding classified documents related to Iran. Smith is also known to have contact with Christopher Krebs, formerly with CISA (the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency), signaling the investigation may be extending beyond January 6th and into the 2020 election itself. Is there internal discord in Trump’s team? Rumors swirl.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s team filed their opposition to Trump’s attempt to remove his criminal prosecution to federal court. State prosecutors respond to Trump’s two main arguments justifying removal in what will be an important procedural battle.

Kari Lake makes a special appearance to announce she has formally filed her appeal paperwork in her election lawsuit. Lake says she has new evidence and offers suggestions for shoring up elections around Arizona and the Country. The trial Judge issued a final order regarding sanctions and other penalties, refusing to impose severe sanctions against Lake or her lawyers. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.


Jury Awards Carroll Millions

On Tuesday’s “American Agenda,” Donald Trump has been found liable by a jury in the E. Jean Carroll civil trial in a Manhattan court pending a possible appeal. Alan Dershowitz, Ameer Benno, Thane Rosenbaum and Sid Rosenberg react. More from Newsmax TV.

(Our take: Trump will win on appeal. This rape charge has never been proven, and would not have resulted in damages except in a shithole like New York, under the sway of leftist lunatics.)

The jury renders a verdict in the Trump Trial, and Donald Trump is found NOT liable for the biggest claim brought by E. Jean Carroll. The jury finds Trump liable on other charges and enters $5 million in total damages.

Donald Trump has been gagged by New York State Judge Juan Merchan as the prosecution brought forward by Alvin Bragg continues. Meanwhile, hearings are scheduled in Federal Court in Trump’s removal case.

New evidence is coming to expose Hunter Biden and the Biden crime family, according the Ron Johnson and James Comer. Hunter might be trying to fast-track charges before the truth comes out, and Biden bans the New York Post from press events. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.


Bragg Surrenders On Appeal

In an agreement released late Friday night — at a time when fewer people are traditionally paying any attention — Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg agreed to dismiss his pending appeal in the ongoing fight with Jim Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee.

Here is Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers to break down what this all means. Gouveia explains what we can expect next as the U.S. House prepares to hear from former Trump investigator Mark Pomerantz.

Bragg Loses Subpoena Fight

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg loses handily after a Southern District of New York Judge rules against his request for a subpoena to stop U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan from speaking with Mark Pomerantz. Alvin Bragg immediately appeals to the Second Circuit.

Dominic Pezzola crushes direct and cross-examination in Proud Boys trial Day 59. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Bragg Under House Pressure

Jim Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee hold a hearing in Manhattan to address Alvin Bragg’s terrible performance. The House of Representatives responds to Alvin Bragg’s lawsuit trying to stop the House Subpoena.

Michael Cohen and his lawyer Lanny Davis respond to Trump’s $500m lawsuit against him.

The Proud Boys trial continues with testimony and the media is SILENCED. We review the latest from the court and the filings. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Jim Jordan Vs. Alvin Bragg

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee are going after District Attorney Alvin Bragg and his crime-ridden Manhattan.

Bragg, who drew the planet’s attention after indicting Donald J. Trump on political campaign charges, has failed miserably to contain the skyrocketing violent crime rate in his Manhattan district. The ACLJ Sekulow team takes a closer look at the confrontation.

[Deep State] In Legal Jeopardy

The [Deep State] is pushing everything they have left at Trump. They don’t care if it doesn’t follow the rule of law. They know that if they don’t go all-out, it is game over.

During this period of time, the people are seeing these people for who and what they are and the people are rejecting them. The [Deep State] is pushing hard and they have now put themselves in legal jeopardy. Everything they are doing will boomerang on them. More from the X22 Report.

Abuse Of Power Runs Rampant

After the chicanery of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, we can safely say the abuse of power is now running rampant. Just how far will the corrupt Democrats go to sandbag their political opposition? How can we tolerate a party that acts like a pack of mongrel dogs?

Here’s the latest video from And We Know. One of the key questions addressed? How do you introduce evidence legally?

Also up, the disastrous war in Ukraine — the site of so much money laundering by the Democrats and their corrupt RINO allies.

Trump-hating Judge Juan Merchan is busted after new evidence emerges that he made donations to Democratic causes and his daughter has a history of working with Democrats. Merchan only donated $35 in 2022, but $15 went to Joe Biden and $10 to a group called Stop Republicans. And this leftist jerk believes he can ethically preside over a trial involving indictments against former President Donald Trump?

Jim Jordan expands the probe into the Trump Prosecution with a letter requesting counsel for the Manhattan DA’s office to voluntarily appear before Congress. More from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

You’re Not Allowed To Do This!

Hey, hey, hey, Fat Alvin Bragg.

Congratulations! You just organized the biggest fundraising event ever for former President Donald Trump!

No wonder the arrogant Rachel Maddow is so livid! Here’s more from the Liberal Hivemind.

In the latest twist to this hysterical case, Donald Trump Jr. has revealed that he signed the checks to Stormy Daniels — not his father Donald Trump. Donald Trump Jr. did not reveal if he had slept with Stormy Daniels.

His father, the President, has adamantly denied that he has done so.

Could the entire Stormy Daniels affair involve a wayward son, feeling his oats, after the breakup of a marriage? Stay tuned! The story is already wild, and might soon get a lot more interesting.

Deep State Strikes Again!

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt explores how the Deep State is going all out to subvert and shut down former President Donald Trump’s 2024 re-election campaign. Don’t underestimate the chicanery that these cabalists can exert in their efforts to corral and control the nation. They will not stop until they are satisfied with their results. They do not flinch committing murder nor the deepest, darkest deceptions.

Here, Dark Journalist gives us a broad overview of these fiends, including the usual suspects we have all come to recognize for their dishonesty and evil contrivances — the intelligence agents from the CIA, FBI and other kindred federal establishments, as well as their compromised allies from the American mainstream media.

But Liszt believes it’s a mistake to focus exclusively on these branches of the Deep State. There’s also an insidious aerospace wing, including Boeing and Lockheed Martin,  encompassing the agencies that lord it over the UFO Files.

The media is humiliated as the Trump indictment implodes. They have been turned into a laughing stock by a lazy and dishonest district attorney — Alvin Bragg. Here’s more from Steve Turley.

Trump speaks after his arraignments and even Trump haters are concerned about the strength of the indictment. Congress reacts and we hear about strategy from Trump’s lawyers. What is next in the case?

Proud Boys trial continues with Judge Kelly denying a key defense request, sealed proceedings, and more from Robert Gouveia at Watching The Watchers.