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Positive For Critical Thinking

What can you do when you test positive for critical thinking? More from debess.

Amazing Connections

There are no coincidences! Some make us laugh! Some bring hope! Watch and learn the differences between God’s Team and Satan’s Team. Reject the Prophets of Doom! Learn the latest from Lin Wood.

Why has James Goldston stepped down as ABC’s top news executive? How come more troops are heading to Washington DC? More from And We Know.

One month into the New Year and we’re dealing with triple masks and anal swabs! Not looking like the best of years! Here, Jordan Sather brings us up to date. Why is the mainstream media gunning for Marjorie Taylor Greene, the new Republican Congresswoman from Georgia? What’s the latest vaccine scuttlebutt? Has Black Lives Matter really been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? Obviously, someone’s got a ribald sense of humor!

Frank from Quite Frankly returns to SGTReport to shine the light on Sith Lords and demons like Klaus Schwab whose empires will crumble like sand castle as long as we NEVER COMPLY with their anti-human agendas.

Don’t Be A Maskhole

Now that the “experts” are advising that folks wear double and even triple masks, it’s getting easier to challenge the experts as just a bunch of maskholes. More from Jamie Dlux.

Why are coof experts now recommending anal swabs to detect covid? More from The Salty Cracker.