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Fake News Pushing Riots, Chaos

The [Deep State] is ready to take Biden out of the game. They are preparing a change of batter. Trump calls for the 25th Amendment once again. Lets see if the D’s react.

Obama and the Clintons are coming into focus. Clintons have set up their initiative in Ukraine. Timing is everything.

The [Deep State]/fake news begin the narrative for riots and chaos. War is approaching and building.

The patriots have the [Deep State] exactly where then need to be so the world can watch. More from the X22 Report.

Andy Ngo Loses Antifa Case

Andy Ngo has lost his civil lawsuit against Antifa protesters over a Portland, Oregon assault in 2021. The Antifa defense lawyer, Michelle Burrows, threatened the jury, telling them their “faces will be remembered.” Why isn’t this leftist hack facing punishment and a trial for disbarment?

Here’s more analysis of the case from Tim Pool, joined by a panel including Ian Crossland as well as Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch.

Antifa’s New Super Soldier

In today’s video, we take a look at a recent photo of Lia Thomas, showing her wearing a shirt that says “Antifa Super Soldier.” More from Awaken with JP.

Deep State Inciting Rebellion

The [Deep State] is doing everything in their power to piss off the American people. The patriots are using this to their advantage. The [Deep State] wants a civil war. They want the people on the streets. The patriots want Antifa, BLM, illegals and criminals in the streets so they can be rounded up. The [Deep State] believes they can incite a rebellion. The patriots are counting on this. More from the X22 Report.

Sedition! Trials! Martial Law!

Indictments! Trials! Secition! Martial law!

Massive channel updates! New unplugged podcast!

Gold fringe defined! Antifa! BLM! Anderson Cooper! Fake news sedition! Share Blue sedition!

Ascension VLOG! Twitter! Facebook! Stupid they are! More from McAllister TV.

Off-Planet Sale Of Scientists

Are brilliant scientists being kidnapped and sold off-planet?

Christian 21 returns with more details on the galactic war. He explains how portals are used in the trafficking of scientists and how some are kidnapped and then sold off-planet.

The domes can be turned on and off to access different portals. Ice is created to hide bases!

More Admiral Rogers memes! Flash memes! They never thought she would win! More from McAllister TV.

Will Obama Flee The Country?

The [Deep State] is now in trouble. The evidence is now pointing to all of their crimes. The people are seeing their crimes in real time. The people see the crimes that Biden has committed and now they are going to see Obama’s crimes. He is now targeted.

When the patriots are finished with the [Deep State], they will cease to exist. Obama will probably flee the country. The clock is ticking down. There are no deals and there is no place to run. More from the X22 Report.

[Deep State] Forcing Biden Out

The [Deep State] is now removing Biden. He has become a liability. They are most likely discussing terms.

Julian Assange and Seth Rich are now on deck. Just in time for Michelle Obama, which will then turn the focus on Barack Obama if this scenario plays out.

Will Wray make a move and be activated? Will he go after Antifa and the criminals when the time comes? We will have to see.

The [Deep State] will now push war because this is their only option. The clock is ticking down. More from the X22 Report.

Military Now Pulls The Strings

Most people don’t realize how the federal government is under a different set of laws.

Derek Johnson explains why that matters here. The military is under COG –Continuity of Government. Everything we are witnessing is part of the plan to bring down the [Deep State.] The last act will be cleaning up the low-level foot soldiers. A scare event will be necessary.

Johnson is a retired U.S. Army veteran. He is also a two-time Billboard hit artist and songwriter. He is best-known for his Billboard hits “Real Cool Kinda Hot” and “Right Beer Right.” He appears here on the X22 Report Spotlight.

Sum Of All Fears

The [Deep State] is now panicking and they are desperately trying to get control of the narrative. This is failing.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  is now red-pilling the Democrats. The majority of the country will be awake and thinking logically when it all goes down.

Scavino sends a message. The song is from Sum of All Fears, Nessum Dorma.

The people will be brought the precipice. At that point, Trump will push peace and the assets will be released to round up the foot soldiers. When dawn comes, Trump will win. He will win, he will win, and the people will win. More from the X22 Report.