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Pandemic: First House Hearing

The Biden White House is busted, again. CBS and others confirm the FBI searched Biden’s resident in Rehoboth. The President’s lawyer Bob Bauer confirms and spokesperson Ian Sams fields questions from the media. We check in with Karine Jean-Pierre at the White House and Kamala Harris speaks to astronauts. Did Biden silence NARA — the National Archives and Records Administration?

The Oversight Committee, led by Rep. James Comer, R-Kentucky, conducts its first committee hearing exploring the roots of the pandemic. Those questioned Wednesday included Michael Horowitz, Inspector General of the Department of Justice; Gene Dodaro, Comptroller General of the United States, and David Smith, an assistant director from the U.S. Secret Service.  More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire, on Watching the Watchers.

Aliens On The Moon

There are still many mysteries about man’s first moon landing that remain unsolved. What did the astronauts encounter there and what made NASA halt its Moon missions after Apollo 17?

Absolute Documentaries takes a deep dive into the story, including the possibility that the Moon was already inhabited when the Apollo astronauts arrived. Here’s the rest of the story.

Was Final Frontier Fake News?

Did we really embark on space as the Final Frontier, as President John F. Kennedy promised, or has NASA been shining us all these years. In the following video, courtesy of Arcane Pathways, ODD TV suggests space is fake and seemingly presents video evidence to prove it.

For instance, there are clips from International Space Station (ISS) videos, with what appear to be hologram glitches that would suggest space scenes are being faked from a Hollywood stage set. Then there are clips of astronauts who were on moon missions and those who have flown in recent flights contradicting each other on whether celestial objects, such as stars and planets, can be seen from their space vehicles. Some ISS astronauts even admit that the farthest we can fly is in Earth’s orbit.

ODD TV also features several clips from space officials admitting that NASA mysteriously lost its 1960s technology that took man to the moon and its moon-mission telemetry data is also missing. In a past television interview, Dr. Bill Nye, aka The Science Guy, said, “One thing I really want your generation to embrace is that the Earth is a closed system. We cannot leave the Earth.” Here’s the full report from ODD TV and, as always, use your own discernment.

Where’d Ya Go?

Jamie Dlux takes a look at a few of the missing Jeffrey Epstein associates, notably the French model handler Jean-Luc Brunel but also Epstein’s procuress Ghislaine Maxwell.

Eggsperimenting and stuff. MIT had blackballed Jeffrey Epstein and listed him as a “disqualified” donor, but the university continued to accept money and gifts from him on the sly,  consulting him on the use, simply by marking his contributions as anonymous and avoiding any disclosure, either within the university or publicly. Even Bill Gates got into the act, donating $2 million at Epstein’s behest. More from Jamie Dlux.

NASA astronaut and former US Senator from Ohio John Glenn was a passenger on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet in 1996. D. Marble makes the claim, citing unsealed flight records.

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Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and others from the US business elite met with infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein despite his monstrous reputation. What were they thinking? Criminal defense attorney Jan Ronis and conservative commentator Rory Riley-Topping join Scottie Nell Hughes to weigh in.More from RT America.

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It’s the End of the World!

Sketch group “Riot Act” has created the perfect comedic illustration of #MeToo insanity with their new Armageddon-style spoof. We’ll see how Liberals take it now that they are the objects of laughter. The premise: An asteroid is headed toward Earth and threatens to destroy the planet. A valiant astronaut agrees to thwart the asteroid, but he’s waylaid by women charging that he’s a manipulative sexist. More from the Next News Network.

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NASA’s New Frontier

NASA is embarking on a bold, new program to peer deeper into space, using a technique called gravitational lensing. Astronauts have already put the tool to work to detect the most distant galaxy ever, and hope to continue exploration. Join Hank Green for details on the program and for his review of the movie Gravity in this edition of “SciShow.”

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Free Falling in Outer Space

If you were to orbit the Earth, you’d experience the feeling of free fall, not unlike what your stomach feels before a big dive on a roller coaster. With a little help from Sir Isaac Newton, TedEducation contributor Matt J. Carlson explains the basic forces acting on an astronaut and why you probably shouldn’t try this one at home.

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Dark Star

Today’s Trillion $ Movie, Dark Star, was the debut feature for two filmmakers who later became Hollywood heavyweights — director John (Halloween) Carpenter and screenwriter Dan (Alien) O’Bannon. This bizarre, low-budget sci-fi comedy from 1974 has amassed a well-deserved cult reputation over the years. Never has a beach ball appeared so ominous on the big screen!

The film follows a group of what appear to be bored and stoned astronauts on a far-out mission. They cruise the fringes of the galaxy, bombing the smithereens out of unstable planets that are going rogue, careening out of orbit and thus posing a threat to Earth’s space colonies. Recent talk of NASA dispatching a crew to lasso threatening asteroids brought this picture to mind. If the NASA scientists are as lackadaisical as these surfing fools, we better batten down the hatches and prepare to be bombarded!

You can certainly trace the origins of Alien here, but also fun references to 2001: A Space Odyssey and other sci-fi classics.  Some critics have carped about the cheesy special effects, the wacky uniforms and dingbat music, but hey, what can you expect from two young filmmakers working on a $55,000 budget?  That’s O’Bannon, by the way, playing Sgt. Pinback and Carpenter delivering the vocals for Talby. At least they seem to have enjoyed themselves immensely making the movie, and it’s often a hoot to watch. The late Roger Ebert called it “wry, laid back and fond of its situations.” Enjoy and do return again next Friday for another Trillion $ Movie.