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Pope Francis: A Disaster!

It was revealed this week that Cardinal George Pell was “Demos,” the mysterious author of a memorandum that was circulated in Rome last year, which blasted the pontificate of Pope Francis as a “disaster and a catastrophe.”

The Remnant Underground’s Michael Matt reports that the week before he died, Cardinal Pell also wrote an article in which he referred to Pope Francis’ precious synod on Synodality” as a “toxic nightmare.” Matt says it’s further proof that the pontificate of Francis is in disarray, if not full-blown civil war. Here’s his report on Banned YouTube Videos, courtesy of Infowars.

The Great White Brotherhood

Please join us for this exciting X-Series Episode 134 as Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep to find the roots of the Ultimate Mystery School ‘The Great White Brotherhood’ and their guiding Spiritual Influence on the world.

The Mystery School stands in opposition to an Occult influence that is seeking through Transhumanism and Scientific Materialism to harvest humanity into the dangerous virtual reality realm identified by Austrian Mystic Rudolf Steiner as “The Eighth Sphere.”

The Eighth Sphere Wars

Join us as Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt reveals the deep work of Austrian scholar and mystic Rudolf Steiner and his Anthroposophy, which warns of the arrival of a virtual reality realm called “The Eighth Sphere.” Are Secret Societies arranging political conditions on Earth and in Space for perpetual war to prepare for the arrival of a different order of life through a lower astral being Steiner calls “Ahriman”? This video is chapter 126 of Liszt’s X series.

The Role Of Civil Disobedience

The doctrine of blind obedience and unqualified submission to any civil or religious authority is the doctrine of despotism. Here, learn how civil disobedience safeguards our freedoms and prevents tyranny. More from the Academy of Ideas.

Remember, too, engaging in civil disobedience doesn’t necessarily mean you have to end up in jail. You can try baby steps, such as joining Canada’s Freedom Convoy by issuing honks to the Globalist fascists like Pierre Trudeau who need to be taught a lesson.

Here, Austria’s Hoch Tirol performs, led by Horst Konrader, the mastermind behind the bicycle horns. Post it on your favored social media outfit and dedicate it to Pierre or whichever despot you wish, say Emmanuel Macron or Joe Biden, Jacinda Ardern or Scott Morrison. The choice is all yours!

Covid War Ending Soon

The good news: The covid war will be ending soon. That’s the prediction of Gerald Celente, one of the top trends researchers on the planet, who says to look for the pushy Karens, the paranoid mask enforcers and their governmental allies to drop their crusade sometime this spring.

What’s behind the change? For starters, a growing number of European nations, including Great Britain, Denmark and now Austria, have abandoned the tired Covid-19 protocols. These nations are wising up. You cannot fight a medical war in a way that kills thousands of jobs and destroys vital businesses and industries.

The bad news? Celente expects leftists won’t be happy once they can’t badger the public using covid. He expects them to try to exert their authority some other way, most likely, by pushing a draconian climate change agenda.  Here, he offers advice to the Canadian truckers and extols the virtue of wine, while discussing current politics one-on-one with Greg Hunter on USAWatchdog.com.


Mandatory Vaccines In Quebec

It’s official! Francois Legault, Premier of Quebec, is mandating vaccinations for all residents. Legault also warned that unvaccinated people will face fines in the province every month. At what age the fines will begin is not yet known, though the penalties will be significant.

Josh Sigurdson reports the move by Legault is in lockstep with Greece and Austria, who mandated similar measures in their countries. In Austria, those 14-and-up who are unvaccinated are fined $4,000 a month and being denied jobs and welfare, as well. “This is the establishment starving out all of the non-compliant while murdering the rest of society,” Sigurdson says. Here’s his report on World Alternative Media.

Austria Imprisoning Unvaxxed

The tyrannical Austrian government has mandated vaccines for all by February or they will face an $8,000 fine. Stunningly, those who are unable to pay will be imprisoned for up to a year. “They are turning up the heat and frogs are beginning to cook,” says Dustin Nemos, of The Silent War.

In another unsuspected development, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to block New York’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. The mandate does not allow religious exemptions. Here’s more with Nemos, who also reports that Julian Assange suffered a stroke in British prison, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ proposal to relocate illegal immigrants to Delaware and Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts, and the arrest of Chris Cuomo’s CNN producer, who was accused of raping children as young as 9.

Door-to-Door Jabs Are Here!

Josh Sigurdson reports that global tyranny has arrived, as other countries have now joined Austria and Germany in calling for full-forced, door-to-door vaccinations.

From free donuts and money to holding people down and jabbing them, Sigurdson says this is the natural growth of tyranny on full display. Meanwhile, massive fines are being handed out in in Italy, Australia, Greece and other countries.

And in the United States, Utah has social-credit and vaccine passports on their new drivers’ licenses and Canada is requiring vaccinations for residents in order to take driving tests. “This is evil and we must stand up now,” he says. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Germany’s Fourth Reich

Addressing a German audience, Simon Parkes opens a Q&A session with a stunner, revealing the origin of the Fourth Reich following World War II.

He says the history books  tell us that Germany lost World War II in terms of bullets and bombs, but he contends it didn’t lose the war in terms of secret government, which was transported to America and other countries. Meanwhile, Parkes says, America was desperate for the secrets and holdings that the Third Reich had developed and didn’t stand in the way of a small group of Germans and others forming a Fourth Reich, which didn’t want to bring Hitler back, but wanted to preserve the culture, concept and values they created.

Parkes elaborates on the formation of the Fourth Reich and its influence in today’s world and America’s gain of German secrets, including non-terrestrial technology, among other topics, in this edition of Chembuster.

Austria’s Covid Segregation

In an attempt to stop the spread of Covid-19, Austria has opted for Nazi-like measures, placing 2 million of its unvaccinated residents on lockdown.  As of earlier this week, the unvaxxed are limited to only the essentials–grocery shopping medical treatment and travel to and from work or school.

The Austrian government also announced that police will roam the street and strongly enforce the mandate, asking for documentation to prove compliance. On My Radar’s Kate Iversen brings us more on this wacky development. Video is courtesy of RenaudBe.