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Obama, Deep State Panicking

The [Deep State] is panicking. Obama is panicking. FISA was the start. Obama is now making the rounds trying to complete the 16-year plan. It is failing.

The [Deep State] has lost control of the narrative from the fake news and the people are not giving up their weapons. They will push but the people are awake. The people are angry. They see the criminal syndicate. They want accountability. They want justice.

The people are going to see that justice cannot come from the Department Of Justice or the FBI. It will need to be done from an outside organization. The clock is ticking down. More from the X22 Report.

Will There Be A News “Pause”?

The [Deep State] narrative has fallen apart. The objects in the air was a distraction from the truth and facts that were pouring out. More damaging information is about to drop, which means the [Deep State] will most likely push many events to distract the people.

Pence is pushing back against the Special Consult’s subpoena. He is trying to set a precedent. All of this will be used against them in the end. Trump and the patriots have all the leverage. No deals. More from the X22 Report.

Have aliens invaded Earth, or is the trending UFO news just part of a Deep State plot to further an agenda? Could this be a massive distraction from something so much bigger—like train derailments in 3 places in the US, which involved dangerous chemicals?

Around the same time, there was a massive tech blackout and also the Super Bowl. Join Ben Chasteen & Rob Counts for this Edge of Wonder Live as they talk about UFOs, trains, earthquakes, missiles, and of course, the Super Bowl halftime show. More on the Edge of Wonder.

Exposing Deep State Lies

Awake, an amazing new movie starring Francesca Eastwood, is exposing Deep State lies. Meanwhile, many other Democratic minions are being exposed for what they are — from the mainstream media to Ilhan Omar. More from SerialBrain2.

You know how you catch big rats? You use big bait. In Pursuit of Truth in this episode that delves into the latest Q posts.

McAllister TV wishes all a happy Thanksgiving while also discussing the President’s speech.  She loves Roseanne and skewers the Sick Puppy Pencil Neck Adam Schiff. Us, too! Go jump in a lake — of fire!

We close with RedPill78, who says the Democrats have been selling America — right down a river to the Globalists. They have sold us out to China, to Pakistan, to Qatar. You’re going to be waiting an eternity if you ever expect them to support Americans –especially not any hard-working or freedom-loving Americans: Conservatives, moderates or otherwise.

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