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Pushing WEF Out Of Business

Introducing the Universal Economic Forum, designed to replace the slow-rolling World Economic Forum.  More from Awaken with JP.


Unknown Cause Of Death?

Welcome to our special in-depth report on the new Unknown Cause of Death phenomenon! More from AwakenwithJP in a new segment of We Lie To You News.

What Is A Recession?

What is a recession? In today’s world, no one seems to know. Join me as I travel the country, interviewing the top intellectuals and thought leaders on this fascinating question. More from AwakenwithJP in a parody of Matt Walsh’s What Is A Woman.)

Why Do You Trust Us?

This week’s news includes everything from Biden shaking hands with the air again, Pelosi’s insider trading, and how they are trying to turn the US into a third world country! More from AwakenwithJP and We Lie To You News!

We Are Not Committing Crimes

The latest in how Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum are destroying lives and countries to save the environment, the Sri Lanka crisis, Hunter Biden, and more! More from AwakenwithJP and We Lie To You News.