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Missing Jet Details Don’t Add Up

Missing flight F-35 has been found. The pilot safely ejected after a “mishap” mid-flight, but the $100 million plane’s disappearance was initially a mystery.

Was it hacked by another country? Did A.I. take over the jet? Were the contents somehow important? Outside of speculation about this particular plane, many other missing planes have encountered strange scenarios over the years. Ever heard about the pilot who somehow experienced a time slip, teleporting to another time period, then coming back with a few lost hours?

If your mind goes to “aliens” with any of these stories, you’ll be interested in the latest updates about the alien bodies presented to the Mexican Congress—and what a CT scan of their anatomies turned up. Join Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts on this Edge of Wonder.

“We have almost no official answers from the Pentagon after $140 million dollar F-35 went missing. Was the aircraft hacked? Was it a planned false flag event? Even after the purported crash site was identified we can’t seem to get answers to basic questions. Here’s more from Clayton Morris on Redacted.

Mug Shots & Moon Landings

A mug shot used as a campaign photo? India landing on the moon? Strange photos of quantumly entangled particles? It wouldn’t be Friday Night Live without some laughs.

President Trump’s photo has become the latest viral meme, but this time from both the left and the right. Stargazers praise India’s space-faring efforts while some also express their doubts about its future. Did they really land?

In tech news, scientists made a 3D model from two correlated photons, which has some interesting implications for quantum technology and data acquisition. In otherworldly news, a black ring of smoke in the sky that was filmed in the ‘60s appeared to turn into a UFO and then back into a cloud. What was it?

Join Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts from Edge of Wonder for a weekly Mandela Effect, a Metaphysical Minute, and of course, Rise.TV-exclusive segments: a live Q&A and the Top 10 Weirder News of the Week. Ever heard of microchips in cheese, buffering UFOs, or theft that goes beyond a regular porch pirate? Tune in tonight to hear it all.

Weirdest Weather Phenomena

In a rare event, Hurricane Hilary hit the west coast, leaving parts of the desert covered in water. Although it was weaker than what was originally thought, some areas of California got more rain in two days than what they would normally see in a whole year. On the same day, an earthquake hit LA and created the term “hurriquake.”

Now, another tropical storm, Harold, has hit Texas. With the Maui fires and a weird pattern of strange weather all over the world, is this really just a result of climate change?

Could weather manipulation like HAARP technology be a part of disasters? How is China working on its own weather modification program? What would be the motivation behind controlling the weather anyway?

In other weird news, Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts found what might be the most substantial Bigfoot video they have seen yet. Join this Edge of Wonder live show as they go deeper into the weird weather the world is experiencing, plus a Rise.TV-exclusive Q&A and a meditation/prayer.

Did Orbs Strike Down Flight?

One of the biggest mysteries we’ve seen this century is the missing MH370 flight from 2014. The Malaysian Airlines plane disappeared without a trace, sparking wild theories on what could have possibly happened to the 239 passengers in a huge hunk of metal hurtling through the sky. Recently, though, new satellite footage emerged with what looks like unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) or orbs circling a plane before that plane disappeared. Could this footage be real? Is this what happened to the MH370 plane?

Also big this week, more info is coming out about the Maui fires, with the head of the fire department saying he stands by his decision to not sound the alarms about the fires. Islanders are sharing their incredible stories as the situation grows only stranger.

In other news, a former White House lawyer Kathryn Ruemmler has ties to Jeffrey Epstein that even the mainstream media is talking about. What are these connections, and could there be something deeper? Join Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts from Edge of Wonder as they cover all of this and more.

One Coin To Rule Them All

Shockingly, in a big win for the cryptocurrency exchange market, the crypto coin XRP won its court battle against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Over the past year, the SEC has waged a sweeping crackdown on crypto that’s ensnared the world’s biggest digital asset companies.

If the SEC won this court case, would it have been one step closer for the government to roll out the Central Digital Bank Currency (CBDC), backed by the World Economic Forum? In other news, Hollywood actors from the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) have begun a strike, halting nearly all production that has already stalled due to the writers’ strike.

Join Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts from The Edge of Wonder on this Friday Night Live where they will explore these topics, as well as other strange and paranormal news. Did you know:

1) Scientists discovered a mysterious radioactive rock on the far side of the moon?

2) Archaeologists uncovered Noah’s Ark codex, a calfskin parchment from 13,100 BC.

3) The largest cruise ship ever set sail. And

4) The International Space Station picked up a UFO for over 20 minutes. There’s more on this edition of The Edge Of Wonder on Rise.TV.

Alien Tech Fragments Found?

Harvard professor Avi Loeb may have his hands on fragments of alien technology from a meteor that landed in the waters of Papua New Guinea in 2014. He previously conducted a study on the origins of the interstellar object Oumuamua, alluding to the fact that evidence indicates it could be a probe sent here on a “reconnaissance mission.” Now, Loeb has been accused of STEALING the fragments, but is this a distraction from his claims being true?

In this episode, Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts take a deep dive into history and share UFO or “airship” reports dating back to the 19th century. What were the strange lights spotted in the sky that looked like giant birds, spotted before airplanes took to the air?

In other news, giant, stone artifacts baffle scientists because they can’t understand the purpose of these large tools supposedly too big for ancient human beings. Scientists also now have material that’s stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum—could this, too, be from alien technology? Here’s more from The Edge of Wonder.

Shapeshifters On A Plane?

A woman freaked out on an airplane, shouting that the man sitting next to her was “not real.” Was she actually sitting beside a shapeshifter transforming before her very eyes? What we found will shock you.

Meta launched its new Twitter competition called Threads, but Elon Musk has threatened to sue over potentially stolen Twitter information. Jim Caviezel’s new movie Sound of Freedom outperformed the latest Indiana Jones installment on July 4, but the mainstream media seems reluctant to report on the reality of human trafficking.

In more otherworldly news, alien abduction cases raise eyebrows, and more potential UFO debris was found at Roswell that could be from the famous 1947 crash.

Join Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts on this Friday Night Live show as they cover all of this, and the weekly Mandela Effect. Plus don’t miss the Top 10 Weirder News of the week, including a Mexican mayor’s taboo nuptials, dead presidents being blasted off into an unlikely location, and the first flying car getting official approval. Here’s more on the Edge of Wonder.

MK-Ultra Goes Mainstream

Many people are aware that during the Cold War, the CIA ordered the creation of a secret program intended to find ways of mind control: MK-Ultra. This info is circulating in the news again because Robert F. Kennedy Jr. exposed new evidence this week linking disappeared indigenous children to MK-Ultra experiments conducted by CIA-sponsored researchers.

So what does this mean, and could unethical experimentation still be going on today without people’s consent? In other strange news, is it possible that dinosaurs lived among humans? New evidence suggests shocking conclusions.

Speaking of surprising information, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg may face off in the most unexpected place that hasn’t seen action for nearly 1500 years: Rome’s ancient Colosseum. Meanwhile, in France, massive protests are happening, and a crackdown on social media updates has already begun. Join Ben Chasteen and guest host Simon Esler as they dive deeper into these topics on The Edge Of Wonder.

Confirmed: Lab Grown Embryos

Scientists have confirmed that human embryos are now being created in a lab.

UFOs are one of the biggest topics in the media right now. Scientists say they’re about to break through to parallel universes. And a possible real alien was spotted in Las Vegas. Have aliens already taken over? A hilarious study came out explaining which states in the U.S. are more likely to survive an alien attack. Is your state safe?

Find out in this edition of Edge of Wonder with your hosts Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts as they explore these topics and wonder just where the country’s deep underground military bases, or “DUMBS,” are located. Don’t forget about the weekly Mandela Effect and the “Dig Deep” Live Q&A, or the Top 10 Weirder News of the Week where we’ll talk about the Beatles using Al, bees swarming Times Square, and why students are coming to school wearing diapers.

UFOs Captured By Military?

Intelligence whistleblower David Grusch gave a bombshell report that the U.S. government not only has in its possession downed UFO crafts, but has even recovered alien bodies. The media is in a frenzy either trying to disprove his testimony or asking the big question: Are we alone? We have questions, as well. Is humanity on the verge of massive disclosure of extraterrestrial existence? Is this media hype all “controlled opposition” the purpose of which is to take hold of the UFO narrative?

Join Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts on this Edge Of Wonder show as they look back into the past of other government and military whistleblowers who have talked about UFOs and alien crashes. This week alone, there was a report of an unusual UFO and giant alien sightings. Is all of this setting the stage for Project Blue Beam, or is this the real deal?