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Evidence: Biden Paid By China!

More evidence has surfaced from the House Oversight Committee, revealing that payments to the Biden Crime Family have a direct link to the  Chinese Communist Party.

Sourcing Gateway Pundit, Josh Sigurdson also reports that the Biden Administration’s bailout of Silicon Valley Bank helped saved CCP investment ventures in the aerospace and defense industries. Further investigation reveals that New York Congressman Jamie Raskin  helped Biden cover-up many of the shady dealings.

Is the Biden Administration purposely collapsing the government to pave the way for China’s New World Order? Here’s more from World Alternative media.


A Fed Bailout On Your Dime

Sara Carter reports that the prices for basic household items are going through the roof, increasing the stress for Middle Class America living on razor-thin margins.

So what does the Biden Adminstration do? While well aware of the struggle of everyday Americans with out-of-control inflation, the Biden Administration opts instead to swoop in and save corporate America, aka Silicon Valley Bank and others, from disaster! And while Joe Biden says the taxpayer will not bear the burden of restoring money to all the bank customers, the facts suggest otherwise. Here’s Carter and special guest Patrick Byrne.

Our Data Will Be New Currency

In this chilling video, courtesy of Sixth Sense,  a young woman says the new currency will be based on personal data, thanks to the internet. Why? Because our personal data is the new currency.

She says the internet is the beast system. “It has been set up to get you addicted and almost worship it,” she says. “They say our data is running out of spaces to store it, so now, their talking about our DNA to store our data. And everybody’s data will be owned by one corporation.” She added that the internet was invented at CERN and its logo is “666.” She explains further, and please use discernment when watching the video.

Cartels Hate Him!

Sara Carter takes us through the story of one of America’s closest neighbors finally getting serious about fighting gangs and crime, and its efforts are proving successful.

Carter says it’s happening in El Salvador under President Nayib Bukele. She explains how MS-13 terrorizes innocent people in that country and in countless neighborhoods in America, pondering why the Biden Administration not only refuses to get more aggressive against  the gang, but actively demonizes Bukele for trying to make life safer in his country and the U.S. Here’s her report.

Government’s Cartel Link

Bazzel Baz, former CIA Special Operations officer and founder of the Association for the Recovery of Children, tells Riss Flex that he believes the enormous flight of undocumented children crossing the southern border is the largest, organized child-trafficking movement in the history of the United States by a government entity or corrupt members of a bureaucracy.

He claims the border is purposely being opened up by the Biden Administration, who have dealings with the Mexican cartels. “We know for a fact, as does the FBI, as does the CIA, as does those who are downrange that there are people throughout America, as well as in Washington, who are on the Cartel’s payroll,” Baz says. More with Rex and Baz.

The Mysterious Mosul Orb

Sara Carter reports there is a serious concern for UFOs that don’t appear to be constructed by technology readily available on the planet.

Investigative reporter Jeremy Corbell suggests to Carter (:38:30 of video) that the revelations of the orb in Mosul, Iraq, make it even more urgent for governments around the world to reveal what they know about UFOs and their interaction with our planet. Corbell recently posted a leaked military video of the orb, which the DOD refuses to comment on.

Carter elaborates further, plus discusses Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s legislation to protect kids from being used as pawns in the Mexican cartels’ human trafficking schemes and the lessons the Biden Administration should be learning from the Chinese surveillance balloon crisis, and the larger threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party.


The Final Countdown

Four-year deltas from the Q posts suggest we are in the final countdown, adding the next 21 days may well be historic.

Christian Patriot News (CPN) says the Q posts, dated Feb. 26, 2019, is especially cryptic: “It’s going to be HISTORIC. Planned long ago. [-21] Within the next 21 days BIG BIG HAPPENINGS are going to take place.” Are we really in the final stages of the Great Awakening? Only time will tell, says CPN. Here’s more.

U.S. Flooded With Immigrants

Outspoken conservative podcaster Michael Savage goes on the offensive against the Biden Administration’s insane plan to flood the United States with hundreds of thousands of immigrants!

Savage tells Newsmax that these are people their own countries want to get rid of. “Most of them speak a rudimentary Spanish, but can’t read or write it. You don’t know that,” he says. He brings more details, plus explains Biden’s new immigration deal-in-the-making with Mexico and Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s move to shuttle political prisoners from Nicaragua into the U.S.

Spy Balloons, UFOs, Pipelines

The China spy-balloon drama is the gift that keeps on giving. Dan Bongino reports on a shocker  from the Daily Caller, revealing that past spy balloons were classified by the United States as UFOs!

Bongino says the reveal speaks to the endemic lying and corruption of the Biden Administration and how it is in the firm grip of the Chinese Communist Party. He explains further, plus discusses another bombshell development on who and how the Nordstream Pipeline was blown to pieces.

Pompeo: They’re Testing Us

Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo tells Official ACLJ that we need to find out what kind of information the Chinese Communist Party is attempting to gather by sending a spy balloon adrift over the United States.

“They’re testing us. They’re seeing what the response will be,” Pompeo says. “Next time, it will be something bigger.” Here’s more with Pompeo and host Jordan Sekulow.