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Gates Caught In Honey Trap?

The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom has revealed that Mila Antonova hung around with Anna Chapman, the notorious KGB spy, while both of them were based in New York City.

This raises the question: Was Antonova also a Russian spy? Is this why she embarked on a steamy sexual affair with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates?  Was she dispatched from Russia with the aim of seducing Gates, and thus, making him vulnerable for exploitation?

“Certainly, a relationship between Gates, one of the most influential businessmen on the planet, and a woman who appears to have connections to a Kremlin intelligence agent is troubling,” the Daily Mail wrote.

We will bring you more as it’s uncovered. In the meantime, here is the New York Post video that explores what we now know about the evolving relationship between Gates and Antonova, as well as how Jeffrey Epstein apparently attempted to capitalize on the affair to blackmail Gates.


Daily Mail photo links Mila Antonova with Anna Chapman in NYC.

Covid Protocols Killed Patients

InfoWars’ Owen Shroyer reports that Covid-19 pandemic medical protocols from Dr. Anthony Fauci and from hospitals throughout the country were responsible for the majority of the coronavirus deaths.

He welcomes Dr. Jane Ruby to the podcast, who says the hospitals intentionally allowed patients to die. “They purposely set out a collection of actions that resulted in the deaths and then called it Covid! she says.” She brings the evidence, plus exposes Bill Gates’ next big plan and how mRNA is being weaponized.


Internet Going Down Soon?

Trafficking movie! Nuclear threat from Putin! Senators given emergency satellite phones!

The Border is falling! Woke companies facing a pinch!

Is the Internet going down soon? Rumors suggest that the plug could get pulled on or by Thursday. Operators in harm’s way!  More from And We Know.

100 satellite phones were offered to all members of the U.S. Senate, sparking rumors that something big could happen. Is a global internet shutdown or manmade disaster really the reason why they were given the phones? Or are people just hyped up for nothing?

Speaking of strange things, Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts found a list of some of the most ridiculous events that have happened in the Senate, which they’ll cover on this Edge of Wonder Live show. They’ll also discuss Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmailing of Bill Gates over Gates’ alleged affair with Russian bridge player Mila Antonova. Is something deeper going on?

Why Bill Gates’ Wife Left Him

Styxhexenhammer666 weighs in on Bill Gates’ alleged affair with Mila Antonova, the Russian bridge player with a connection to Jeffrey Epstein. Styx doesn’t doubt that Gates indulged in an extramarital affair with Antonova nor does he question assertions by the Wall Street Journal that Epstein tried to use the affair to blackmail Gates.

But Styx wonders aloud whether this story is a cover story. By that, he means: Gates is perhaps behind the news about the affair, preferring that dirty laundry as opposed to more salacious gossip spreading.

Gates’ reputation will be sullied, but it would be far worse if we learned he had shared Epstein’s tendencies as a kiddie diddler and was actually molesting underage children on Epstein’s getaway island in the Caribbean.

Bill Gates’ Secret Russian Honey

The Wall Street Journal broke big news Sunday, explaining how Jeffrey Epstein tried to blackmail the billionaire Bill Gates for carrying out an extramarital affair with a young Russian expatriate, Mila Antonova.

Gates had met Antonova in 2010 at a bridge tournament where she was pushing her ideas of a new non-profit company that would promote bridge for youngsters. He apparently began a sexual affair with her while he was still married to Melinda Gates. At the time, Antonova was in her early twenties while Bill Gates was in his mid 50s.

It’s not clear yet how long the affair lasted, or whether Gates donated money to her charity. But he apparently did introduce her to Epstein and encourage him to make such  donations.  While it doesn’t appear Epstein took the bait, he apparently did pay some of Antonova’s college tuition fees. Gates also might have introduced her to Warren Buffett, as Buffett attended the same 2010 bridge tournament where Gates met her.

We already knew Gates was never a saint. He maintained a long extramarital affair with a Microsoft employee, an affair that lasted more than a decade, while he served as CEO of that company. Here’s a video from IgniteNYC, where Antonova explains why she finds bridge a powerful mind game.

She notes how Mae West loved bridge, although she misspells West’s name as “May West.” It was West who quipped, “Bridge is like sex. If you don’t have a good partner, you better have a good hand.”

The Trump-RFK Jr. Alliance

Patriot Underground reports that an interesting story is emerging in the covert alliance between Donald J. Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

He says reports indicate the White Hats have provided RFK with military documents for the last two years regarding sensitive information about Big Pharma. They include information connecting gain-of-function research to Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and many of the three-letter agencies, who coordinated the entire Covid plandemic.

Patriot Underground says he steadfastly believes this is a covert operation to split the Democrat Party vote. “He’s been working with Trump all along,” he says. “This public distance between them is all optics. Now you look at the basic stances of Trump and RFK on substantive issues and you see that they are almost perfectly aligned.”

He explains further, plus offers his thoughts on Elon Musk’s new CEO, Operation Warp Speed intel, Project Bluebeam disclosure, Deep State desperation maneuvers and more.

Same Ol’ Song N Dance

No one should be shocked that Warren Buffett had a stock activist arrested for painting a dark portrait of Bill Gates at the annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting. Just like Gates, has a track record that goes way back, opposing population growth and supporting hucksters like Lawrence King. Here, you can learn more about King’s role in the Omaha, Nebraska Franklin child prostitution ring case back in the 1980s. Jamie Dlux offers the truth.

Epstein’s Billionaire Buddies

Why are we suddenly finding so much more about Jeffrey Epstein’s associates? Why has the Wall Street Journal begun to break key aspects of the story?

Whitney Webb, author of the new two-volume book One Nation Under Blackmail, believes the revelations are meant to distract from even more damaging news of Epstein’s close association with Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin as well as Disney CEO Michael Ovitz.

Here, Webb  is interviewed by Clayton Morris on Redacted. She discusses both of those two figures and explains more about Epstein’s involvement with Disney, via Bran Ferren. Ferren had worked with Ken Russell on the sci-fi movie Altered States, and later formed Associates & Ferren, which did visual effects for Little Shop of Horrors. She also touches upon Microsoft’s Bill Gates, as well as his associates Nathan Myhrvold, formerly Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer, and Linda Stone, both of whom maintained relationships with Epstein.

Criminals Are Being Exposed!

Criminals at the highest levels of the federal government, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken, are now being exposed! Will we see mainstream media tribunals? False flags, Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein, drag. Pray! More from And We Know.