Does It Matter Anymore?

Are there cultural conventions about dress that matter anymore? Stop by your local Walmart to view a veritable anti-fashion show of pajamas, fuzzy slippers and sports bras put on by ordinary shoppers.

The “Right Angle” trio of Bill Whittle Scott Ott and Stephen Green discuss what is appropriate attire in public and whether it ever mattered.

Compassionate Conservatism

Is Elon Musk about to revive the Republican Party? The founder of Tesla and SpaceX reportedly said that Republicans would do much better if they’d be more compassionate toward immigrants and stay away from “bedroom” issues. In this episode of The Virtual Signal, Bill Whittle and Alfonzo Rachel analyze Musk’s call for compassionate conservatism.

What Went Wrong?

America’s amazing future seems stuck in the past. Why does this nation refuse to embrace the promise of a better life that’s already in our grasp? Bill Whittle and Alfonzo Rachel search for answers in this episode of The Virtual Signal.

China’s Ghost-City Economy

Americans who see China’s miraculous growth and magnificent urban towers as a model for the United States, seem blissfully unaware that the vast number of Chinese structures built are never occupied, often never even finished.

Bill Whittle reports that the structures are funded by the life savings of ordinary Chinese citizens. How far can the communist government inflate the real estate bubble before it bursts? Here’s more.

Celebs Give Finger To USA

Right Angle’s Stephen Green asks, “Why is the progressive left so ugly inside and out? They really want to impose their will, and that will is really an ugly sight to see.” Join Green, Bill Whittle and Scott Ott, as they dissect the increasing “Hate America” narrative emanating from the lefties.

Taming The Gun Nuts

Can we keep weapons out of the hands of crazy people? If so, who decides who’s crazy? Scott Ott, Stephen Green and Bill Whittle take a deep-dive into the issue on “Right Angle.”

Pride Or Subversion?

The month of June marked the start of LGBTQ “Pride” month. Corporations pander to a niche customer base and its virtue-signaling allies. Even the U.S. Marine Corps tweets a picture of a helmet adorned with rainbow-colored bullets.

Should we be shooting the enemy with rainbow-colored bullets? Says Bill Whittle, “More and more, we’re seeing signs that the society is not going to put up with it any longer.” Here’s more analysis on the issue with Whittle and Alonzo Rachel  in this episode of The Virtual Signal.

Slip-Slidin’ Away

In a verbal barrage that chronicles the failure of the progressive left, Bill Whittle illustrates how they now lose on every issue, everywhere, all the time. Meanwhile, real America rises. “The entire left-wing agenda is just slip-slidin’ away and it’s happening faster everyday,” he says. Here’s his report on the Bill Whittle channel.

The Student Debt Dilemma

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York says if Congress or President Biden ends the pandemic emergency federal student loan forbearance program, former students won’t be able to make auto loan and credit card payments.

Is this just step one in a total student loan forgiveness plan? The “Right Angle” crew of Scott Ott, Stephen Green and Bill Whittle discuss the consequences.

No Laughing Matter

Despite the deadly seriousness of the war in Ukraine, Vice-President Kamala Harris awkwardly cackled at a recent news conference with the Polish president. Is her inappropriate reaction an uncontrollable tic, or is it something worse? The “Right Angle” crew of Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott analyze Harris’ unusual behavior on the Bill Whittle podcast.