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RFK Jr: Covid Was Race Specific

Alex Jones reports that recently-released documents confirm that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was right in his assessment that Covid-19 was a race-specific bioweapon that targeted specific ethnicities.

Jones says that when RFK Jr. explained a study that pointed to Obama Administration-funded biolabs in Ukraine producing bioweapons to target Slavs, the corporate media went berserk. Jones posits the study tells a different story. Here’s his report.

In a related story, Jones says Kennedy also drew the ire of the media, calling out climate change as a tool to control us through fear, adding that it doesn’t deal with real environment problems. He said it’s a giant Ponzi scheme by central banks to initiate total control and surveillance and end industrial societies. Here’s more.


Ukraine: Child Trafficking Hub

The lid is about to be blown off Ukraine and human trafficking. It’s a nasty tale of pedophiles and groomers, and children trapped and traded for sex trafficking and other more nefarious purposes. Here, Jason Bermas  from Red Voice Media discusses the looming scandal with Ryan Cristian, founder and editor of The Last American Vagabond.

Good V. Evil: The Final Battle

Son of Enos reflects on the telltale signs that we are entering the final battle between good versus evil. He says all the dominoes are falling into place and the whole diseased temple is about to come crashing down. The signs are there for those who have eyes to see, who want to know when it’s all going down?

He says people are waking up in record numbers and we’re all seeking justice. “It’s up to us. All these pieces are falling into place,” he says. “But at the end of the day, the plan involves us getting off our asses.” Here’s more.


Let The Unsealing Begin

Patriots around the world will succeed. But we must stay focused and peaceful. We cannot succumb to the Democrats’ push for violence and civil war.

As expected, the indictment of former President Donald Trump did not occur Tuesday As Laura Ingraham on Fox News reported, the Manhattan District Attorney, which has been threatening to indict Trump, wanted to hear from more witnesses before proceeding. So Trump has won a reprieve for at least another day.

In the meantime, we must continue to pray and heed God’s plans. More from And We Know.

Labs And Jabs

Dec(l)as coming? Labs and jabs. January 6th provocateur Ray Epps exposed. Ukraine propaganda exposed. Pray! More from And We Know.

[DS] Just Lost The People

The [Deep State] have lost the narrative. They lost the people and control of information.

They don’t care anymore because they know they need to move forward with their plan and Trump is counting on this. The more they do, the worse it’s going to get for them.

The [Deep State] is planning to cheat in the 2024 election. The [World Economic Forum] already told us to expect a cyber attack. Trump hints at WWIII. Trump and the patriots know the playbook and it will be used against them. More from the X22 Report.

The Truth Will Be Made Public

The [Deep State] has depleted their leverage over Trump. He is now freed. They have tried everything and it has failed. The people see that the fake news, corrupt politicians and the [Deep State] players tried to remove Trump by throwing everything at him. It didn’t work. Now they will try to take a step further. The public is learning the truth and the Deep State is panicking. More from the X22 Report.

Time To Apply The War Paint

The [Deep State] is in the process of removing Biden. The fake news has been instructed to report on the classified docs. The Department of Justice has blocks in place to prevent the House from following the corruption and reporting it to others. Will this stop the House? This is why they are removing Biden.

Trump is ready for the next phase of the information war. He has now changed his profile. He has applied the war paint. These are the days of days. You can hear him screaming FREEDOM!!!! More from the X22 Report.

The Ukraine Cover-up

Redacted hosts Clayton and Natili Morris peer into the ulterior motives of Democrat Party operatives and what they are hiding in Ukraine.

Clayton Morris says there’s actually quite a bit that’s being kept under wraps, so much so that they had a game plan in place when we all figured it out. The plan revolved around the creation of George Soros’ non-profit group called the Open Society Foundation to game out a multi-day event with the mainstream media to deal with any bad news that surfaced about Hunter Biden’s dealings with Joe Biden. You can’t make this stuff up!

Morris put the entire cover-up in context, including the revelation that the FBI was in possession of Hunter’s infamous laptop as early as 2019, months before the 2020 election! Here’s more.

Decode & Cassidy: ET Presence

Patriot Underground welcomes Gene Decode and Kerry Cassidy for a comprehensive discussion on the alien presence in Ukraine, its Deep State biolabs and experimentation on humans and, of course, its connection to the Khazarian Mafia.

They explore the shocking underground world of Ukraine, including the massive DUMBs housing these creatures, the nine hidden pyramids on the Crimean border and Devil’s Mountain, thought by Ukrainians to be the house of Satan, plus more. Video courtesy of Chembuster.