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Demons Control The Reptilians

Christian 21! Demons control the Reptilians! Demonic planet! Reptilian Grid System! New Reference chart! Three Motherships will activate flash worldwide! Some will think it’s a near-death experience! Two huge scare events! Q: 40,000-foot Margarita Minute! Trudeau The Dope! More from McAllister TV.

Mazes R Evil! Demon Planet!

Christian 21 preview! Giant Voice military alert system! Negative orbs! Draconian Royalty! Mazes are evil! Seven messages! The Big Wheel Ride! Demon dumping grounds! More from McAllister TV.

Our Leaders Actually Humans?

Is JFK Q? Our leaders are no longer humans! Alex Collier! Christian 21 preview! Ice Walls! Reptiles were dumped here! The moon is a base! Greys are vampires! History of Reptilians! There is a war on for your DNA! We are royalty! Everything you know is a lie! More from McAllister TV.

Biden Lit Up Like The Devil!

Radical Democrats have turned into a fringe freak show! What is their agenda for twisted sickos! Disinformation! Shifty Adam Schiff! What’s with his watermelon head?

Potus Rally decode! Military psyops! We have no choice but to clean out our vile government! Trump says, “Weirdo Zuckerberg kissed my ass…” Is the new ending (with music) a marker? More from McAllister TV.

CERN’S Ripple Effects

With CERN back online smashing particles together, the mainstream media is busy shutting down “conspiracy theories” about portals opening up. But what provable, strange things have been happening with the weather? Why have the Georgia Guidestones been vandalized and subsequently demolished? What do scientists have to say about particle physics and alternate dimensions? And most importantly, why does it seem like Stranger Things was a documentary? More from The Edge of Wonder.

Nikola Tesla’s Last Interview

Fearless Nation reports that a mind-boggling article surfaced a while back of a lost–or intentionally hidden–interview with the master of electricity himself, Nikola Tesla. Rumors suggest the interview is fake, but it’s impossible to prove.

The interview emanated from the theater play, Tesla: Or Adaptation of an Angel, by Serbian playwright Stevan Pesic. But the real question remains: Did Nikola Tesla really conduct such an interview? Fearless Nation says even if the interview was fake, it still holds plenty of thought-provoking wisdom. Here’s the interview and please do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

Scammers Are Going To Scam

Cristen Weldon final chapter! Great truths are often quite simple. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck! Scammers are gonna scam!

Also in this video: The divine blueprint for our ascension! Black holes and star gates! Backwards mathematical inversions! How old is the universe? More from McAllister TV.


The Closest Black Hole to Earth

The European Space Observatory has just announced that it has discovered the closest black hole to Earth. The discovery is in the star system HR6819, about 1,000 light years (each light year is equal to about 6 trillion miles) from our planet. Host Anton Petrov provides the details in this episode of What Da Math.

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Ultra Rare Black Hole Found

Finally, science has confirmed the existence of a distant, intermediate massive black hole in a  galaxy approximately 740 million light years away. The first hint of this discovery actually came in 2006, when scientists detected some X-ray bursts powerful enough to indicate something was being destroyed. With the help of the massive Hubble Space Telescope, it was confirmed there was only one plausible explanation for this activity–it was likely an intermediate massive black hole destroying a star, creating a tremendous amount of energy in the process. Host Anton Petrov brings us more in this episode of What Da Math.

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Do White Holes Exist?

There’s been plenty of research and ample discussion of black holes in our universe–those regions in space where mass is packed so densely that it forms a singularity that not even light can escape. But what about their bizarro twins, their total opposite–white holes. Written off many times by science as a mathematical quirk, white holes remain hypothetical, though the math checks out and the reason to search for them are numerous. Host Julian Huguet takes a deeper look at the conundrum in this episode of Seeker.

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