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Japan: Fat Shaming Perfected

Plus-sized women, especially big-boned Western women, should steer clear of Japan. It’s just not a good place for the fat to reside. The fat-shaming we all used to hear in elementary schools still rings loud in Japan. Here’s more from Black Pigeon Speaks.

American Mercenary Empire

Both the Russians and Ukrainian forces fighting in the Ukraine have outside paramilitary groups upon which they have relied.

The Russian group is called the Wagner Group, and it’s been listed as a transnational criminal organization by the United States. Meanwhile, it has a Western counterpart, the Mozart Group, that has been aligned with the Ukraine and training its forces.

What’s the story behind these two groups? Why are they both named after famous German composers — Wagner and Mozart? Here, Black Pigeon Speaks provides some handy background in a video called “America: Mercenary Empire Of Chaos.”

Ukraine Arrests Gonzalo Lira

The Ukraine military has arrested Gonzalo Lira, whose news reports they have accused of being pro-Russian.  What will be his fate? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

The Fall Of The West Explained

Decline and decadence: The fate of empires. Economic instability lies ahead, as AI (artificial intelligence) assumes a greater proportion of the work force, leaving fewer paying jobs available for humans. This will come as nations crumble from unsustainable debt and globalization rears its ugly head. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Disney Vs. 4Chan

The Walt Disney Corp., truly one of the most vile of all conglomerates, is trying to destroy a Japanese toymaker — Good Smile — because it owns a share in the 4Chan message board. Walt Disney and a pack of leftist journalists want 4Chan censored and obliterated.

Even though journalists supposedly stand for free speech, they actually have thin skins — and don’t want sites like 4Chan to survive. These are sites outside the usual bounds of corporate control, sites that carry independent, critical memes. So the hypocrite journalists attack! They don’t like competition and especially competition that can deliver stinging messages!

Same goes for Disney. On the one hand, they present themselves as creators of decent, animated fare for the whole family. But on the other hand, this is a company that ran its tour lines by Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island. In other words, Disney might try to shine you, but it’s a company under the control of rancid floorflushers and pedophile protectors! Don’t take your kids to their theme parks or watch their putrid movies! Here’s more from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Till The Last Ukrainian

Here is a new full-length documentary on the Ukraine War from Black Pigeon Speaks. The documentary opens in Berlin but covers a lot of ground, showing how the intransigence of the United States, and industrial demands across the West, have contributed to the Ukraine War. Here are the chapter headings in case you don’t have a full two hours to watch the show and want to zero in on a particular segment.

🔴 Part I: Berlin (00:00)
🔴 Part II: The End of History (Again) – (11:02)
🔴 Part III: Warsaw (18:17)
🔴 Part IV: Darth Vader vs The Avengers (26:42)
🔴 Part V: The Monroe Doctrine (44:52)
🔴 Part VI: Prague (49:26)
🔴 Part VII: Prelude to War (01:03:20)
🔴 Part VIII: Budapest (01:15:37)
🔴 Part IX: Endless War (01:26:20)
🔴 Part X: End Credits (01:43:30)

YouTube Poster

Japanese Christmas Night

Why KFC’s and one-night-stands proliferate around Tokyo as Japan celebrates Christmas. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.


Ballad Of The System Pig

“If the current trends hold up, Republicans are likely to take over at least the House and quite possibly the Senate, too, along with many state offices. This is how democracies die, both at home and abroad.”

So says Max Boot, a fast-talking, so-called “conservative” journalist who has been a writer and editor at the Christian Science Monitor, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. More recently, he has served as the Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow in National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Black Pigeon Speaks explains here why Boot is not only a phony, but what BPS labels as a “system pig abetting political psychopathy.” Democracies won’t die if the American public elects Republicans. But jackbooted Democrats will have a tougher time pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, and so will their lying allies like Max Boot.