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Who Controls The World?

The Universal Council’s Kimberley Ann Goguen reveals to the Project Camelot podcast and host Kerry Cassidy that the world has always been a hierarchical system, with the order at the top, and the covens and a faction of military and intelligence people below them.

So who actually is pulling the strings?  Goguen says the existing structure points to three individuals: the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, a man named Richard Weiss and an anonymous Italian with the code name Mr. Black. “These three seem to be barking out orders to the White House, to the Space Force, to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Those are the people I see most often,” she says.

Goguen, who claims she was schooled by the Anunnaki and has had interactions with Marduke, of Babylonian scripture, explains further, reveals more intel on the other-worldly realm, the Black Sun and Donald J. Trump’s meeting with an ascended master, who told him he would win the Presidency in 2016. Please use discernment when watching the video.

Time Doesn’t Exist!

Here’s a new update from Christian 21! There will be new 5D life forms on a 5D Earth to help us! Animals will be healed, too! Two flashes, one will fix our DNA! Christian offers his own breakdown on how the event will transpire!

He says everyone who has died in the last couple of years has gone to a new Earth! Little Earth will have assistance! There will be a lot of negativity on Little Earth! 5D Earth will have no noise and no negativity! More from McAllister TV.

El Chapo: Reptilian Overlord

Christian 21 returns to McAllister TV to explain how the Reptilians and their Demonic Overlords exploit portals and Greys to prey upon humans.  El Chapo is identified as one of these Demonic Overlords. We get a glimpse of how these forces have gained control of Hollywood, including stars like Sean Penn or Beyonce, or the celebrated director Stephen Spielberg. It’s said Spielberg has used actual aliens and demons in his films!

Top celebrities are often snatched vessels. But there’s a heavy price these celebrities pay for fame and wealth. They are made to prove their subservience to the Demonic Overlords through degrading acts, including sex with animals.

Here, Christian 21 explains how Child Protective Services operates to the benefit of the child traffickers. We’re going to see videos upcoming that show how the White Hats and their allies, including a positive set of Reptilians, are cleaning up the underground tunnels and lairs where the Reptilians and Greys rule. We’ll see Children and Hybrids running around like rats, or tortured in electrified cages.

We have much to learn. For instance, how Greys escort Demons through the portals. Also, how the Black Sun converts positive energy into negative energy. Christian 21 and McAllister TV host Linda Paris begin to broach these topics here, while also touching upon Super Soldiers, Dulce and Phil Schneider. Buckle up!


Demons Control The Reptilians

Christian 21! Demons control the Reptilians! Demonic planet! Reptilian Grid System! New Reference chart! Three Motherships will activate flash worldwide! Some will think it’s a near-death experience! Two huge scare events! Q: 40,000-foot Margarita Minute! Trudeau The Dope! More from McAllister TV.

The Orion Connection

Ryushin Malone expands on his 2018 discovery of the alien phenomena, where elites are trading humans for technology to ETs from the Orion star system.

Appearing on the M.P. Pellicer podcast, Malone discusses the Nazca Lines, which he believes are a star map for the Orion Group, also known as the Black Sun, allegedly a Satanic group who takes over star systems, and details his frightening interactions with the aliens. More with Malone and Pellicer. As always, do your own research and use discernment.

Earth: The Reptilian Construct!

The earth is neither spherical nor flat, but shaped more like a disc or an egg with a flat top and a rounded bottom. That’s among the startling points raised by British psychic Christian 21 in a new communication with McAllister TV.

This video was originally supposed to air Christmas Eve, but had to be withheld and heavily edited owing to major glitches and blackouts impacting the imagery as well as the aural qualities. Here, you can see the garbled transmission and how it’s practically impossible to decipher anything Christian 21 says, owing to his heavy accents as well as the many technical glitches.

But McAllister TV host Linda Paris has transcribed and interpreted his remarks, and she gives us a different portrait of our planet and solar system than we are used to seeing. There are artificial gateways through which aliens have traveled to seize control, not only of the Earth, but other planets within our solar system and galaxy. Gateway 10 is the keystone to these portals.

Those making the journey include many extraterrestrials, or varying species and planets of origin. The Greys are the foot soldiers for the Reptilians, who are much more sinister and carnivorous. They control our planet, ruling from lairs deep within Inner Earth. Orion is within the mix, and so is its Black Sun.

Earth, for all intents and purposes, is a prison planet. We’ve been told repeated lies about this world, and its ET rulers. When did they come here? Why did they come? What they did? Where they did it? This is lesson 1A. Much of it is lost, garbled or gritty. But it is a starting point from which we can begin to unravel the many lies and half-truths we’ve always been told.

Are Zelensky, Soros Cousins?

Ryushin Malone of TheOrionLines.com joins this edition of McAllister TV. He focuses on satanic Ukraine and asks if Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky and George Soros are cousins? He doesn’t address the growing rumor that Soros has died.

Also discussed: Reptilian food harvesting! Bio Labs destroyed! Reptilian history! Orion star system! Gray aliens! Marina Abramovic! Area 51! The Cult of the Black Sun! UFOs in California!

CERN Eighth Sphere

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and intuitive mystic Gigi Young discuss CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, based in Switzerland. Is its purpose activation of the Eighth Sphere, a sort of alternate world reality for our planet? Is this a place where the banished are sent?  The discussion also delves into UFOs and time dimensions.

Alien Secrets Beneath The Ice

The vast and icy glaciers of Antarctica serve to camouflage some of the Earth’s strangest alien secrets. Investigator Linda Moulton Howe has been researching UFOs and related topics for decades. She has talked with many of the black ops employees who have been stationed in Antarctica and draws upon their revelations in this video.

The Seal Of The Black Sun

The Black Sun not only is a key symbol of Nazism, but also is involved in many forms of Satanism. Here, the Disgruntled Leaf Network introduces us to this sun wheel with its 12 radial sectors. We see its appearance in Nazi halls and legends, but also come to understand how it is linked to older figures from Egyptian and Greek mythology, including Osiris, Ra, Hermes and Hercules.

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