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Blackmail And Bribes

The people are now learning that the [Deep State] is involved in blackmail/bribes. The patriots have the source. They have it all. They are now showing the people the truth.

Trump called Biden a Manchurian candidate. There is more than one and most likely this is leading to Obama in the end.

The [Deep State] will start a war to cover up all their crimes. The patriots are counting on it. More from the X22 Report.

The Fed Craps Out

The Federal Reserve system is drawing to a close. The Khazarian Mafia that runs the Fed is desperately trying to cover up the damage. They would like a giant World War to break out — something to give them cover as they scamper and hide, and try to resuscitate their money-making empire.

Here’s more from Clif High in a new edition of his Explorers’ Guide to SciFi World.

Sound Of Freedom Still On Top

Fake news outlets raging from CNN to Rolling Stone keep attacking Jim Caviezel’s child trafficking documentary Sound of Freedom as it remains the top-grossing film at the box office for the second straight week. The film has now generated a gate pushing $50 million.

The corrupt politicians who have allowed child trafficking to flourish will no longer be able to govern. We will see bad actors and evil, corrupt psychopaths eliminated from power.  Here’s more from And We Know.

The [Deep State] cover-up is falling apart. The people can now see favoritism and the two-tiered justice system. They see the blackmail, child trafficking and treason.

It is all being exposed and the people are now seeing the truth. Trump is the bait and they are going to deploy all assets. They will do everything to stop him. He is the man in the arena. He is drawing them all out so the patriots can strike. More from the X22 Report.

Bill Gates’ Secret Russian Honey

The Wall Street Journal broke big news Sunday, explaining how Jeffrey Epstein tried to blackmail the billionaire Bill Gates for carrying out an extramarital affair with a young Russian expatriate, Mila Antonova.

Gates had met Antonova in 2010 at a bridge tournament where she was pushing her ideas of a new non-profit company that would promote bridge for youngsters. He apparently began a sexual affair with her while he was still married to Melinda Gates. At the time, Antonova was in her early twenties while Bill Gates was in his mid 50s.

It’s not clear yet how long the affair lasted, or whether Gates donated money to her charity. But he apparently did introduce her to Epstein and encourage him to make such  donations.  While it doesn’t appear Epstein took the bait, he apparently did pay some of Antonova’s college tuition fees. Gates also might have introduced her to Warren Buffett, as Buffett attended the same 2010 bridge tournament where Gates met her.

We already knew Gates was never a saint. He maintained a long extramarital affair with a Microsoft employee, an affair that lasted more than a decade, while he served as CEO of that company. Here’s a video from IgniteNYC, where Antonova explains why she finds bridge a powerful mind game.

She notes how Mae West loved bridge, although she misspells West’s name as “May West.” It was West who quipped, “Bridge is like sex. If you don’t have a good partner, you better have a good hand.”

Communication Blackout Nears

The [Deep State] is in a deep panic. They have lost the narrative and they don’t have the ability to censor like they once did. They will now need to try to control the communications.

This will fail. Countermeasures are in place.

Durham is prepared to release more information. The J6 fake insurrection is falling apart and this will lead to the real insurrection on Nov 3.

Trump is continually pointing out how the [Deep State] has interfered in our elections. Nothing can stop this. Nothing. The patriots are in control. More from the X22 Report.

Sick Fashion Industry Exposed

Fashion designer Gianni Salvatore explains how powerful Illuminati factions control the fashion industry, pushing deviancy and perversion involving children. To succeed in the industry, you must commit compromising acts, up to and including sex with children.

IF you concur, you will be rewarded with riches, but you can never escape being blackmailed. You also will be pushed to create fashions that sexualize children, and to use photographers and creative artists that the Illuminati recommends. These are artists whose goal is to destroy religion and morality, and enshrine Satanism and pedophilia.

Salvatore’s refusal to go along with these directives led him to abandon what began as a celebrated career in fashion. Here, he speaks with Nicholas Veniamin, providing specifics on how the Illuminati use drugs and coercion to attempt to corral the industry and push their dreaded aims. Not only are powerful industrialists and businesses like Disney involved in this chicanery, but also corrupt politicians, some of them quite prominent in the vile Democratic Party.

Biden’s Doc Strategy Backfires

Biden has his worst week in a long time, according to Ted Cruz and others. Reports reveal Hunter Biden lived at the Delaware residence where the confidential documents were found.

Trump responds to the confidential documents saga along with his lawyer, Alina Habba! Rep. Scott Perry, a Pennsylvania Republican, defends the new government oversight committee and we check in with the Trump special counsel.

The White House stays silent as Biden travels to California. Secretary of State Antony Blinken takes no questions about the impacts on our allies and Deputy Press Secretary Olivia Dalton makes referrals aboard Air Force One. Will the Secret Service name names? Republicans weigh in on House Oversight and Christopher Wray speaks at the WEF. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire, on Watching The Watchers.

Do shocking new photos confirm Hunter Biden had access to classified documents his father Joe stored in the garage of the Biden home in Wilmington, Delaware? What kind of blackmail and/or bribery surrounded these documents? More from JustInformed Talk.

Something Big Coming

The [Deep State] is now fighting for their lives. The [Democrat]’s corruption and election interference is now being exposed.

The [Deep State] is feeling the pain as The Twitter Files are released. More information is on the way. Something big is about to drop and the [Deep State] will scramble to counter it.

The people see the election interference. The case is building each day and the people want to go back to one-day vote. The [Deep State] system is imploding and everything they are doing to try to stop this just exposes their crimes.  More from the X22 Report.

Epstein Sex Tapes Coming Out?

Sarah Ransome, one of the surviving victims of serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, now claims she has copies of sex tapes showing Epstein’s friends and associates raping underage girls. Born in South Africa to a British couple, Ransome plans to release the tapes, which she has kept in hiding in safe locations all across Europe.

Pardon our French, but it’s quite possible Ransome is just fishing around for a pay-off ransom. But it’s also possible she will follow suit with her release plans. In that case, the resulting scandals could be mind-blowing. Epstein originally shot the tapes for use in blackmailing his high-ranking, globalist associates.

Here, JustInformed Talk discusses the tapes and speculates what might happen if they are, in fact, made public.

Jack Dorsey Facing Prison

Josh Sigurdson reports that former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is facing a minimum of five years in prison for perjury.

Sourcing Natural News, Sigurdson says the latest Twitter Files revelation reveals that Dorsey lied when testifying before Congress, denying that Twitter never shadow banned or censored conservatives or independent voices outside of the establishment. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.