Netherlands Underground Bases

Gene Decode joins the Blessed2Teach Show to discuss the DUMBs, or Deep Underground Military Bases, found in the Netherlands. Are these DUMBs being destroyed? Where are they located? Who runs them? Watch and discover the truth. This is part one in a series. We will bring you the followups as well.


South Africa And The NWO

Here’s a packed Blessed 2 Teach show as Gene Decode outlines the New World Order’s unholy plans for South Africa. It’s nearly a 90-minute show, but offers a real lowdown on South Africa, extending back to the days of Cecil Rhodes. A British mining magnate, he served as Prime Minister of the Cape Colony from 1890 to 1896. He founded Rhodesia, which was named after him.


Murdered Air Force Veteran

The woman murdered by Washington DC cops inside the U.S. Capitol building has been identified as Ashli Babbit, a veteran who served 14 years, including four tours of duty, with the U.S. Air Force. Meanwhile, the Leftist social media platforms Twitter and Facebook have SUSPENDED President Donald Trump as the Electoral College Count resumes. It’s a dark day for America. More from Mr Obvious.

Blessed to Teach joined the patriots in Washington DC. Get a first-hand review of the day’s events, the bitter cold, the Antifa-led storming of the U.S. Capitol and the wide range of media lies in an attempt to cast aspersions on the MAGA crowd. This was no small gathering but close to one million Americans, turning out to support our President Donald Trump.

Abandoned Megaprojects

What are the world’s biggest underground megaprojects that have gone abandoned?  Gene Decode appears on Blessed To Teach and gives us a master list spanning the globe and involving former subway lines, laboratories, submarine ports and the like. We learn about the Hollywood Subway, Los Angeles’ first underground railway, abandoned in 1955, and the Cincinnati Subway, the most expensive subway project ever in the United States, unsuccessfully halted in 1924 after costing the equivalent of $305 million. Overseas, we learn of massive projects in China, Russia, Ukraine. There’s even a fascinating Nazi project called Project Riese, for giant, involving a giant dome carved out of the Owl Mountains in southwestern Polan. So buckle, and prepare for a bumpy, but fascinating ride.

Hammer, Scorecard Detected

Two secretive software programs used by the CIA to alter, distort or modify foreign elections were used, instead, to twist the 2020 US Presidential Election and provide “votes” for Joe Biden. The programs, called the Hammer and Scorecard, can alter codes in select voting machines to give extra votes to candidates the CIA deems desirable. This is the first time we have seen credible evidence of these tools being employed within the United States for election fraud and vote tampering. Charges concerning the programs were made on Lou Dobbs’ Fox Business News program by Sidney Powell, attorney for Gen. Michael Flynn.

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Gene Decode and Amanda Grace appear on Blessed to Teach to offer Christian perspectives on the Great Election Sting. These include Amanda’s revelations about some of the players involved in the fraud. There will be many politicians whose wickedness and corruption are exposed.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: There is a short-lived period at the beginning of the show where Amanda and Gene’s microphones are set too low, and it’s tough to hear them. Do not adjust your sound, as this lapse gets quickly corrected.)

Underground Bases Wrap-Up

Gene Decode appears on the Blessed To Teach show to give his final American update on the DUMBS, or Deep Underground Military Bases. This episode covers DUMBS by state, starting with New York and concluding with Wyoming. We have run Gene Decode’s earlier DUMBS updates over the past few weeks.

Underground Bases Update

Here, we bring you the third video in which Gene Decode provides updates on the Deep Underground Military Bases or DUMBs within the United States. This update, hosted by Blessed To Teach, covers bases in the states Hawaii through New Mexico. Next week, Blessed To Teach will bring Gene back to complete this series, focusing on the DUMBS in the remaining states, from New York through Wyoming.

Also, Gene will do a special broadcast on the DUMB at Dulce, New Mexico, which is one of the largest of these bases and also among the most sinister. Stretching out beneath Archuleta Mesa alongside the Jicarilla Apache Reservation, the Dulce base extends down seven stories. Not only do aliens reside deep within the base, but it also is a site for biological experimentation performed on live humans.

Illuminati globalists control the base, but allied troops have already staged assaults against it and will be stepping up their battle in the weeks ahead. This base boasts shuttle trains connecting with Taos and with Los Alamos, both locations where other such bases exist.

As Gene Decode explains here, the allies have destroyed a few of the New Mexico locations, directing their forces headquartered in the Guadalupe Mountains along the New Mexico-Texas border. But much remains to be done, including freeing one of the largest DUMBS, beneath Holloman Air Force Base. Codenamed Dandelion, this DUMB is just outside Alamogordo.



An Update On The DUMBS

Gene Decode returns to the Blessed To Teach show with a major update on his DUMBs research within the United States. What are DUMBs? These are deep underground military bases. More than 10,000 DUMBs have been carved out of tunnels and deep caverns across the world.

Here, Gene Decode focuses on the roughly 400 DUMBs scattered across the United States. Many of these were carved out using subterrenes, These are nuclear boring machines, somewhat resembling submarines, used to blast through tunnels and glaze over the remaining rock and sand walls.

Who created the DUMBs? Globalists and Illuminati who have co-opted — i.e., stolen — as much as 23 trillion dollars taken and removed from the US Treasury going back to the aftermath of World War II. As many as 2 or 3 new DUMBs have been created annually,

But now US Army troops, specially trained to fight underground, have been overrunning and seizing DUMBs all across the nation. If you look at a map of recent reported earthquakes, you will see the locations coincide precisely with the locations of these DUMBs. Many children held captive by the Illuminati have been rescued. So, now, we have DUMBs under the control of White Hats, as well as others that remain held by the Black Hats.

Gene Decode’s update goes state by state, listing the sites by states, beginning with Alaska. In these first two videos, each over an hour long, he enumerates the DUMBs locations, explains which have been taken over, which have not and which have battles now in progress. These first two installments only cover Alaska through Georgia. If you live in another state, lower in alphabetical order, please return as we will run the followups after they have appeared.


Poppy As The Beast

Decoding: “Baby, Your Time is Up” with Poppy as “The” Beast. Why are the recipients of the Pill-mark-of-the-beast wearing respirators? Did the official music video from August 2018 “predict” a pandemic and vaccine? More from The Open Scroll.

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Here is a new tract on DUMBs — Deep Underground Military Bases — from Gene Decode, as well as Blessed 2 Teach reviewing the latest Q posts. The Q posts occupy roughly the first 45 minutes, the DUMBs passages take up the balance.  Here, you’ll see the Masonic designs of Washington, D.C., the owl symbols in major Disney animated features, and the Gemini and Orion patterns for the DUMBs across the western United States. Next week, the new update will get much more heavily into the DUMBs networks internationally.

The Anthony Weiner laptop exposed, including Frazzledrip and John “Skippy” Podesta using a shower to scald a child and force the kid to call him “father.” Caution. This is not safe for children. More from Annette Cividanes.

Hundreds have been arrested, connected to a Dark Web porn site. The 337 site users arrested included individuals from 24 states and territories, as well as from an additional 11 countries, among them, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Brazil. More from Hev123Truthseeker.

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DUMBS: Gene Decode Updates

Just how big are the entrances to DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases)? So big that not only submarines, but carrier ships can gain access to these bases. How many individuals work at the DUMBs? The figure for the United States alone exceeds 200,000. The DUMBs account for more than 10 percent of the annual military budget. On top of that, funding is siphoned off from the Department of Energy, the Central Intelligence Agency and other government agencies.

In other words, there’s an awful lot we still have to learn about these secretive bases. And the DUMBs in the United States are certainly not alone. Similar installations can be found all across the globe, not only in Europe, but also Russia, China, Australia, not to mention smaller nations.

There are hints here that the global drug trade — valued collectively at around $625 billion — goes toward the support of these DUMBs. Is the CIA in charge, or does the CIA, in fact, fall under the command of M16 internationally?

Here, Gene Decode provides an update with Blessed To Teach. There are six installments, but only five parts. That’s because Part 4 is split into two halves. Progress is occurring but this is a war. The black hats are not giving up without a fight, and are reclaiming some of the bases previously overrun and seized by patriots. So stay tuned and alert.