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Epstein Island Satanic Tables!

They sell your blood! Reptilian disclosure! The sun is close!

Rothschild Christmas castle! Rothschild flea collection!

Epstein island Satanic tables! Expand your thinking! Chatty Cathy! Here’s more from McAllister TV.


Adrenochrome Shortage!?!

The elite are apparently suffering a severe adrenochrome shortage! Are they torturing dying patients for adreno-laced blood?

Is there a massive adrenochrome shortage since the White Hats have taken control? Are the Reptilian “elites” forced to find new ways to harvest it? Have the hospitals been told to cause as much pain as possible when extracting blood from dying patients? After all, they’re dying? Who would be left to tell?

Join Laura Greenwood and myself as we ask the cards and go over the evidence that something big is happening! More from McAllister TV.

Who Is Marina Abramovic?

Who is Marina Abramovic? Many of may have heard of her but who is she really? Although she claims to be a performance artist, a closer examination of her works such as Spirit Cooking and her connections with people such as David Rothschild point to a much darker truth. More from Jay Myers.

Lab-Grown Blood

Scientists in the United Kingdom now testing lab-grown blood injected into the arteries and veins of humans in clinical trials. More from Hugo Talks.

Hollywood’s Pact With Satan

In a mind-blowing video, Bluewater exposes the secret, Masonic, Luciferian contracts that bind Hollywood to Satan. The video digs deep into the documents and reveals the revolting secrets of cult activities that Hollywood subjects itself to in order to lead a charmed life. Here’s the report and, as always, do your own research and use discretion when viewing the material.


Soros, Soviets, Science And Blood

I pulled some threads on Soros in Russia (USSR). I found fascinating stories & mind-blowing connections! More from Amazing Polly.

Memory Of The Blood

According to Carl Jung, who created the field of analytical psychology, we all have an individual subconscious mind, but we each also have access to a greater collective unconscious, which includes our ancestors. Blood memory is one part of, or one way of accessing a part of, the collective unconscious.

The entirety of the collective unconscious includes all thoughts, feelings, and wisdom of all people who have ever lived. Blood memory encompasses the thoughts, feelings and wisdom of the ancestors of one’s own specific culture, totem, clan or race. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Blood After Covid Vaccine

This video shows images of people’s blood before and after they received the COVID mRNA “Vaccine” shot. These are 100% vetted and authentic. More from Sarah Westall.

The Blood Crypto Black Paper

In this latest McAllisterTV video, we are introduced further to the blood suckers who are preying upon children to imbibe their adrenochrome as well as their CSF or cerebrospinal fluid. It’s the elite of the world who indulge this obsession — not only political leaders and royalty but also high financiers and Hollywood celebrities. In other words, scum.