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On Signs, Symbols And Sigils

Here is a flashback video from The Corbett Report, originally aired on July 9, 2010. James Corbett talks with Freeman Fly of FreemanTV.com, discussing the signs, symbols and sigils of the secret societies and occult practitioners who haunt the corridors of power.

Much of the program covers the realm of the Freemasons, but we see how hundreds of corporations have designed logos that draw upon the ancient Luciferian signs and symbols. Corporations covered include Chevron, Target, Walmart, Whataburger, Texaco, Apple, Fox and many others. The founders and scions of these companies — from Ray Kroc at McDonalds to Walt Disney at the Disney Company — belonged to the Freemasons, so they were fully aware of the hidden meanings embodied by these symbols.

Freeman Fly gives us his insights, beginning with Albert Pike, who laid out the tenets of the Scottish Rite and the 32 degrees of Freemasonry. Fly doesn’t sugarcoat what he has found, saying, “I’m a conspiracy theorist and proud of it.”


What’s Bizarre About DePape

There are many oddities surrounding David DePape, the illegal migrant from Canada charged with striking Paul Pelosi over the head with a hammer. Besides being a nudist who has been accused of pedophilia, DePape’s landlord is Malcolm Lubliner.

Lubliner’s a photographer who has worked for many rock and roll bands over the years, including The Grateful Dead. This should come as no surprise, seeing as how at least two of the members of The Grateful Dead, Bob Weir and Mickey Hart, have been regulars at the pedophilia-marred Bohemian Grove, north of San Francisco.

So, is this just another case of six degrees of separation, or is there a deeper connection between The Grateful Dead and the Pelosis?

Here, The Outer Light notes that Nancy Pelosi, along with Barack Obama and John Podesta, signed a Grateful Dead guitar auctioned off at a charity function. And Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia — Mr. GAR CIA — also signed the guitar.

We bring you a pair of The Outer Light videos here. The Outer Light is produced by a Christian researcher who says his mission is to “try to shed light on the darkness that surrounds us.” We’ve run the shorter video first to whet your appetite. The longer, second video is more loaded with information, but runs more than an hour, so will take some time to digest.

Women’s-Only Bohemian Grove

Why do a few hundred rich women meet every year in the Central American nation of Belize? Turns out these women are trying to create their own version of Bohemian Grove. Mark Dice explains.

The Tech Behind The Great Reset

Jason Bermas guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the history and the technology behind the globalist Great Reset,  post-World War II. Bermas describes the significance of the Bohemian Grove in context with the Military Industrial Complex, plus more, on BANNED.VIDEO.

It’s 100 Percent Real

Let’s visit the Bohemian Grove in California, where the elite gather in secrecy and practice rituals tied to the Illuminati. Alec Jones has “crashed” the grounds and unearthed some shocking revelations. More from Mark Dice.

Scary (But True)

Mark Dice gives us a quick review of the origins and spread of Satanism. He introduces the Illuminati, as well as Bohemian Grove, and explains how these various forces intersect and why so many moronic Hollywood entertainers in the film and music industries started pushing this baloney.

It’s Real

Mark Dice explores the bizarre rituals practiced by the rich elites who gather every July at Bohemian Grove in the redwood forests outside San Francisco. Alex Jones has long played up his secret footage showing these elites engaged in what appears to be a ritual burning of a human skeleton. Here, Dice goes into greater detail about that ritual as well as others done at Bohemian Grove. The fatcats are there the last two weeks of July — some for a weekend, while others stay for a longer spell.

The Shady Bush Family

The Bush family are known as one of the most influential families in American politics, a true dynasty built on money, power and secrets. But the Bush family is a lot weirder than you think.

In a riveting mini-biography of the Bushes, blogger Nate Burruano says that behind all the glowing interviews over the years, lies a dark and shady family with connections to the Deep State and sinister secret societies, such as Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove. George H.W. Bush’s father, Prescott, was the first of the Bushes to be tabbed to join Skull and Bones. He was notorious for becoming a multimillionaire by funding Hitler during World War II.

Meanwhile, President George H.W. Bush has long been connected with the JFK assassination and a pedophile ring of underage male prostitutes. His wife, Barbara, was said to be the illegitimate daughter of Aleister Crowley, a 20th-century occultist admired by the Satanic elite and called the wickedest man in the world. Suffice it say, President George W. Bush also was a sanctioned member of Skull and Bones. Here’s more with Burruano, with more shocking secrets.

Bill Gates At The Roxbury

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer do a spoof on Night At The Roxbury in an old Microsoft video the company used to present at trade conferences in the 1990s. Ballmer was then with Microsoft, but now owns the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. He seems like the more natural actor, whereas Bill Gates is on the geeky side. Can you imagine Microsoft making a similar video nowadays in the Coronavirus era? Nah. The shitter’s full!

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Why does Bill Gates contribute so much money to media companies and foundations? Is he so generous to buy off the favor of these companies, so his pedophile activities don’t get reported? That’s the thrust of a blind item from Crazy Days and Nights, reported by Jamie Dlux. The site covers an alleged incident in which Gates and Jeffrey Epstein left a party together in Santa Barbara, California, going to a house in the neighboring village of Montecito, where some “models” awaited them. Also tied here to Bohemian Grove: Warren Buffett, plus an Elon Musk tidbit.


A Shared Hatred Of Pedophiles

Steven Crowder talks about how he met his researcher, Reg, and bonded with him over their hatred for pedophiles. The team gets into a discussion on how to recharge from the daily grind. More from Louder With Crowder.

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Speaking of pedophiles, is there a bigger gathering of this scummy not-so-elite than the annual gathering at Bohemian Grove? Here, Jason Bermas offers us never-before-seen annals of this ungodly conclave. The question remains: Will they attempt to gather in 2020 or are we finally scaring the bejesus out of them?

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McAllister TV does a deep dive into the 9th Circle Satanic Cult! This is probably the world’s largest Satanic cult, counting as members many of the upper elite and even royalty across Europe and extending into North America, Australia and elsewhere. The term 9th Circle derives from Dante’s Inferno. It depicts Hell as being divided into nine concentric circles. The innermost and ninth circle is reserved for those who have committed the worst kinds of sins.


Those who land in the 9th Circle of Hell have betrayed their families, their nations and their lords. They are guilty of many sins and crimes, not the least of which is treachery.

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