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Why Brazil Matters

Brazilian patriot Paul Serran, a musician and investigative journalist, explains how globalists have seized power in Brazil, drawing upon the illicit activities of Joe Biden and his American cronies — the creeps like George Soros. The puppet masters are the same, and so is the game. So when America sneezes, as has happened, Brazil catches a cold. Here’s more in a far-ranging interview with Mel K.

Don’t Let The Storm Drain You

Boots on Katie Hobbs and Mike Dewine? More on East Palestine, Ohio. Saudi Arabian money now going to Ukraine. Brazil pushes for requiring jabs! Pray! More from And We Know.

Musk: A Modern Paul Revere

Lt. Gen. General Thomas (ret’d) talked to The Two Mikes Wednesday on several issues. Perhaps most important, he reported that the Republicans won five additional Senate seats in the midterms, those in Nevada, Arizona, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

The Democrats stole the seats by cyber transfers of hundreds of thousands of votes from the winning candidates to Democrat candidates who otherwise were defeated. In addition, U.S. government agencies and other entities transferred 5.8 million votes from President Bolsonaro to criminal Lula in Brazil, giving the convict Lula a win by 2 percentage points.

General McInerney also said that, at this point, he regards Elon Musk as a contemporary Paul Revere in that he is educating all Americans to the hard fact that the lawless federal government, through the FBI and CIA, are working with Big Tech to censor the voices of great numbers of American citizens and neuter the Bill of Rights.

The Narrative Shift Trap

The [Deep State] is now trapped in their narrative. Everything they tried to do to Trump is now coming back around at them. They projected their crimes onto Trump but it was all propaganda and now the truth and facts are going to show they were all in on these crimes. Every step of the way the [Deep State] is feeling pain and Trump is exposing their crimes. Biden is now trapped in the classified document narrative. Trump put out a video explaining how we need to destroy the [Deep State]. More from the X22 Report.

Biden [Deep State] Crime Family caught in a trap. What is with Biden’s underage obsessions? How about his callous handling of classified documents after he brandished former President Donald Trump over the documents the FBI seized a Mar-A-Lago. Are we now seeing a classified files boomerang?

Truth is pouring out like Niagara Falls. Biden has a ton of explaining to do, but all he does now is run from journalists. More from And We Know.

Today we take a look at some exciting stories, including the worsening scandals surrounding the Biden Crime Family, Impeachment of  Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, investigations into the Bidens’ Chinese relationships and House Republicans delivering big wins in Congress! More from RedPill78.

White Hats Given Go-Ahead

Military White Hats given the go-ahead. Worldwide exposure of the Deep State Cabal now under way. Brazil is heating up. Laws of War 11.3 taking shape. Plan to save the world happening. All scripted! Pray. More from And We Know.

Chaos Descends Upon Brazil

Brazil has fallen into chaos as the Socialist President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva attempts to consolidate his power while anti-Lula protesters storm government buildings, including the corrupt Supreme Federal Court.

The highest court in Brazil, the Supreme Federal Court exonerated Lula after his 2017 conviction on corruption charges, allowing him to run for president again. More from Steve Turley.

Biden Foreign Policy Reeling

The Biden Administration is reeling from a pair of foreign policy setbacks, courtesy of Brazil and Israel.

The Duran reports that Brazil and recently inaugurated President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva have opted to integrate more deeply with BRICS and become more chummy with Russia, which includes consummating a major trade deal. Meanwhile, the return of Benjamin Netanyahu has Israel poised to reject Biden’s Ukraine Project. Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris discuss the juicy details.

2023: Intuitive Predictions

Former CIA officer and Navy Seal Michael Jaco shares his intuitive predictions for 2023. He predicts:

  • Military forces around the world will become more involved in helping to clean up political chicanery and corruption.  This has already occurred in the United States, where Jaco says sanctions have already been brought against Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Will we see similar steps taken in Brazil, for instance?
  • He also sees increasing exposure through the judicial system regarding election fraud as well as the vaxx irregularities. More from Nicholas Veniamin.

Juan O. Savin: Drug Cartels

Juan O. Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that the drug cartels that have manipulated South America and Central America elections with laundered money for decades, might well be setting up shop in America!

Savin says that arguably on the low side, 600,000 people have been killed by the drug wars in Mexico, but it’s actually closer to 1 billion. “That’s right next door to us,” Savin says. “Do you think that’s going to stay on the other side of the border? You’ve got the drug lords moving out of Mexico and living in their houses here across the Southwest of America.” He explains further, gives his take on the Democrats’ Jan. 6 Committee dropping the Trump subpoena and says 2023 is the year of the whistleblower.

Unlearn Everything

It’s a New Year, and time we unlearn everything and rebuild a new belief system. Here, And We Know covers the many changes and upheavals we witnessed in 2022. Among the many topics covered: Kari Lake and her fight to overturn the fraudulent midterm election in Arizona, Joe Biden’s corpulent regime, the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 and what’s afoot in Brazil.