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We’re Still Fighting The Nazis

Here, Michael Jaco builds a strong case, suggesting it was the Nazis — and not the United States — who won World War II. Now, we are still fighting these same Nazis who have usurped American power to further their control over the world.

These Nazis have established the boundaries and set the rules of engagement for the American military to punish rogue nations or enforce the dictates of the New World Order, Jaco says. He notes, “Joe Biden is just a puppet like Hitler was.”

Now, much of the world is abandoning the dollar and siding with the BRICS nations to create a new structure for currencies. The tiers of Deep State leadership are being wiped out and erased, and we are nearing the stage where even their minions will be disarmed or dismantled.

He adds, “Now is the time to think like a lion and move like a lion if they target you.”

186 Banks To Collapse?

The Liberty Advisor’s Tim Picciott joins World Alternative Media to discuss a new study out of The Social Science Research Network, revealing that 186 banks are in the exact same vulnerable position that Silicon Valley Bank was.

He says the study is leading leading many to speculate we could see a full-fledged, global-banking meltdown in the near term. He joins host Josh Sigurdson to explain the details.


Fed Collapsing Shadow Banks?

Ellen Brown, chair of the Public Banking Institute, rejoins the program to discuss the very real vulnerabilities within the entire monetary system: The potential for bank runs, the warning signs of a system collapse within the shadow banking system, and the risks this has to everyday people.

We also discuss the FDIC, their November meeting and the inherent flaws with the banking insurance programs. Lastly, we discuss the big elephant in the room, derivatives, and how we can redesign our system for We the People with the reality that the BRICS nations are moving towards a new currency system for most of the world. More from Sarah Westall on this edition of Business Game Changers.

Biden Foreign Policy Reeling

The Biden Administration is reeling from a pair of foreign policy setbacks, courtesy of Brazil and Israel.

The Duran reports that Brazil and recently inaugurated President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva have opted to integrate more deeply with BRICS and become more chummy with Russia, which includes consummating a major trade deal. Meanwhile, the return of Benjamin Netanyahu has Israel poised to reject Biden’s Ukraine Project. Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris discuss the juicy details.

2023: End Of The Dollar!

Josh Sigurdson reports that we are in for a hell of a show in 2023, including the possible end of the dollar!

Among the main culprits, Sigurdson says, is the skyrocketing  national debt, which now hovers at $31 trillion, and is rapidly chipping away at the economic stability in the U.S.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says he expects the dollar to lose its reserve status in 2023 and for oil to skyrocket in price. This comes as countries, such as Saudi Arabia, move into the BRICS system and look to trade oil in Yuan. Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Gene Decode: Aliens In Ukraine

Gene Decode tells Nicholas Veniamin that what’s happening in Ukraine is an alien incursion and it’s been going on for a long time.

Decode says the bloody footage seen on the major networks are actually full-blooded soldiers and hybrids. But you don’t see that anymore, because they’ve run out of bodies. A big chunk of the Ukrainian military, he says, are forces that are non-terrestrial from underground bases in Ukraine, comprised of Alpha Dracos, Grays, octopus-like creatures and other species. Decode explains further, plus brings more details about robots in our military, BRICS, Gesara, the looming new technological system, Elon Musk and the new financial system.

Death Of The Dollar

Josh Sigurdson reports that the mainstream media is making it appear that inflation is not so bad, masking the impending death of the dollar!

Sigurdson says the move by Saudi Arabia into the new BRICS world order and digital currency system spells bad news for the dollar. Millions of jobs are being wiped out and countless people are desperately searching for secondary means of employment to make ends meet. Add this to the supply chain and energy crises and the snowball effect will lead to one of the largest power shifts in human history. More from World Alternative Media.

25 Days Of Diesel Fuel Left!

The energy crisis is upon us with the collapse of the supply chain, as the United States now faces a serious shortage of diesel fuel.

Josh Sigurdson reports that just 25 days of diesel fuel remains until the gauge hits empty, which is basically a death blow to the trucking industry and their effort to deliver food across the country. “The Great Reset is on our doorstep and creeping into our homes,” Sigurdson says. “They want you to be desperate so you accept their evil new world order technocracy agenda.” Here’s his report.

The Collapse Of The UK!

The sudden and shocking resignation of Prime Minister Liz Truss not only signals more chaos for the United Kingdom, but may also signal the demise of the British Empire!

Josh Sigurdson reports the turn of events has further enhanced the collapse of the British pound, which has fallen nearly 40 percent this year. “It is clear that the global currency system collapse is meant to bring in the new world reserve currency BRICS,” he says. More from World Alternative Media.

Parkes: Ultimatum For Biden

Simon Parkes says the sinister wheels of the Deep State are turning and we may well soon learn what the future holds for Joe Biden.

Parkes reports on intel that Biden was to get an ultimatum on Sunday to step down, or the military will hit the streets. Parkes says that doesn’t sound right, but posited that he could resign because of ill health, paving the way for VP Kamala Harris to assume the presidency. Should she decline, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is next in line.

Meanwhile, central bankers have just concluded an uber-secret summit and financial misery is about to be ramped up. And Germany wants into BRICS and will stage blackouts throughout the winter months. He explains further, plus takes questions from his viewers.