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Bud Gates

Bill Gates bails out Bud Light with a $100 million investment. In other words, the beer being boycotted for favoring pedophiles is given a lift by an alleged pedophile, known for hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein. The question that remains?

Can patriots double down with their Bud Light boycott and knock a few holes in Gates’ obscene wealth? Can we start to make this billionaire pay for all he has done to downgrade America for the middle class? Here’s more from The Salty Cracker.

2023 Theme: Go Woke, Go Broke

Sara Carter explains that Americans are tolerant people, but when Bud Light, Target and many other corporations aggressively promote an agenda that millions of us reject, it’s time for us to protect our kids and take our dollars elsewhere.

Enter Public Square. That’s the new app directing customers to businesses that don’t mock our values or take absurd social stances, such as diaper companies promoting abortion. Instead, they’re focused on providing you the best possible products and services. In today’s episode, Carter is joined by Public Square founder Michael Seifert to explain how the app works and why it was necessary.

Disney Bud Lights Themselves

In today’s video, we take a look at Disney’s new live action remake of Snow White. Spoiler alert! It’s Woke AF. Here’s more from Awaken with JP.

Mulvaney Plays Victim Card

Dylan Mulvaney is finally addressing the Bud Light controversy, which began when the beer brand hired the transgender activist for a sponsored video.

Glenn Beck reports that in a recent TikTok video, Mulvaney compared the backlash to bullying, pretty much skirting the main issues. Beck says he feels badly for what Mulvaney has gone through, but he adds, “It’s ‘amazing how those on the far Left believe they’re the only ones who receive any heat. They immediately think they are victims.’” Here’s more.


The Warner Brothers production, based on the Mattel dolls, features every Barbie except the stay-at-home Barbie and the Klaus Barbie! Here’s more from Paul Joseph Watson.

Woke Ideology Takes Whooping

Woke ideology is being rejected all over America, brands are pulling back and children are fighting for their right to stay unindoctrinated! Pride Month is getting attacked, but also Black Lives Matter and many other woke fixtures. Here’s More from RedPill78.

YouTube Ups Its Censorship

You can tell we have an election coming near. YouTube once again is going apeshit with its censorship efforts. As we reported earlier today, The United Spot says it will take down its YouTube channel because it can’t deal with the non-stop censorship.

Now, YouTube is even banishing and branding more mainstream conservatives, suspending Candace Owens and Michael Knowles from The Daily Wire. Much of the uproar surrounds their coverage of transgenders and the news surrounding boycotts of Target, Bud Light and other patently leftist companies.

Here, the commentators from Tom Pool’s channel Timcast discuss the latest censorship nonsense. How many more conservatives will be banished? What does YouTube get from the corrupt Joe Biden regime for employing such heavy-handed practices? Is YouTube motivated by rewards or reacting to threats? Let’s dig in.