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Benny Hill Quickies

Iconic British comedian Benny Hill was a master at lively slapstick, burlesque and double entendre. He saunters into the lighter side of life with a variety of skits with fellow comics Henry McGee, Lorna Nathan, Eddie Buchanan and Jackie Wright in this episode of the Benny Hill Fan Consortium.

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Babes of Burlesque: 55


Last but certainly not least in our series of profiles introducing the hottest performers in the world of Neo-Burlesque, Great Britain’s Vicky Butterfly has undeniably selected an appropriate stage name. She evokes a dreamy, gossamer past — the bygone world of vaudeville, silent cinema and naughty Belle Epoque entertainment. She cites a host of artistic influences, ranging from the Pre-Raphaelites to the Surrealist insurgents of a century ago. It’s a rarified realm she inhabits, befitting the daughter of an Irish showgirl and an eccentric Viennese aristocrat.

Here, she performs at Joe Black’s House of Burlesque, The King’s Theatre, Southsea, February 2014.

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Remember John Travolta’s TV movie The Boy in the Plastic Bubble? Vicky Butterfly delivers what might be the first burlesque dance ever choreographed inside a plastic bubble. It’s actually quite erotic, and certainly original. It’s not quite the right season, as it’s almost July and this act is called “Snowglobe.” Still, the dancing is amazing.

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Ironic that we should wrap up the Babes of Burlesque inside a plastic bubble. Hope you’ve enjoyed this series, but all things — entertaining or otherwise — must come to an end.

Babes of Burlesque: 54


Circus performer, showgirl and burlesque artist, Strawberry Siren won the coveted Miss Burlesque Australia award in 2011.  Hailing from Melbourne, she calls her style of performance “Cirlesque.”  She’s acrobatic and also a shade dangerous. Wrote the Australian Stage, “Strawberry Siren stands out with her good looks and peculiar but hypnotic brand of Burlesque tease.”

Here’s a small, but quite delectable taste of what she serves.

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In “Jail Bait,” she stages a prison “bustout” that puts her in Houdini’s class, although she certainly looks a lot hotter than the famed escape artist.

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To visit her website, go to http://www.strawberrysiren.com/

Babes of Burlesque: 53


We’re nearing the home stretch in our countdown of the most talented and luscious babes of burlesque. Only four more dancers remain before we’ll be moving on and introducing a new series.

Today’s babe, Shanghai Pearl, bills herself as “The Tantalizing Temptress from Taipei” and also as “The Princess of Pulchritude.” Now a performer and instructor based out of Seattle, Shanghai Pearl is celebrated for her wild costumes and bawdy humor, as well as her sultry strip-teases. In a display of versatility, she designs all of her own costumes. Check out the mermaid suit in this compilation, although there’s nothing fishy about the rest of her opulent gear.

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We looked, but couldn’t find her full mermaid act online. But the performance she gave at the 2010 New Orleans Burlesque Festival is killer. She always seems to be enjoying herself enormously on stage.

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Babes of Burlesque: 52


This blonde bombshell from Montreal turns the spotlight on the glamour of burlesque. Her feathered and bejeweled costumes are exquisite to behold, but, of course, she looks even more radiant after she’s taken them off. She’s enamored with vintage burlesque and enjoys creating grandiose, spectacular shows. Little wonder she’s in hot demand around the world, from Shanghai to Paris, from Berlin to Chicago.

Here she is wowing and working up the crowd at the Windy City Burlesque Fest in 2010. For such a demure damsel, she sure slides and glides with ease, quickly transforming into a dynamo.

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She gets into the swing of things at the Toronto Burlesque Festival, hosted by the Revival Nightclub.

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Her website: http://www.scarlettjamesburlesque.com/about.html

Babes of Burlesque: 51


Deep in the heart of Texas, Austin’s Ruby Joule reigns as a porcelain queen of burlesque. Her finely etched tagline: “The gem you’d like to polish.” Joule is a co-founder and headliner for the Jigglewatts Burlesque troupe, known for her graceful and glamorous stage presence. A native of Austin, she’s a classically trained ballet dancer and also studied traditional Polynesian dance before perfecting her cabaret act.

She lives up to her billing as “a silky debutante with a talent for scandal” with this sultry 2011 performance at Bustout Burlesque in New Orleans.

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At the Dallas Burlesque’s Salute the Troops in 2012, Ruby offered her own take on how to add some jazz and pizzazz to the Miss America talent competition.

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To visit her website, click http://www.halliemartin.com/home.html

Babes of Burlesque: 50


Raised in Switzerland and now based in Berlin, Roxy Diamond embarked on a career in burlesque after coming to New York to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, which counts Grace Kelly and Katharine Hepburn among its alumni. Her performances are often filled with movie references. She has an original act “Bates Motel” that pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and another show, “Eyes Wide Shut,” inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s kinky thriller. Even so, Roxy is perhaps most celebrated for her Champagne Glass acts. Here she is performing her Heart Glass Burlesque Show with the Cirque de Soleil.

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We’d show you one of her movie acts, except none can be seen online, although a trailer exists for “Bates Motel” on YouTube. In the absence of same, here’s a fan dance by Roxy, set to Billie Holiday’s blues ballad “Love me or Leave Me,” and performed at the Plaza in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Visit Roxy’s website at http://www.roxydiamond.com/index.php

Babes of Burlesque: 49


Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, in the Great Frozen North of Canada, Roxi D’Lite has established a rep as one of the bad girls of burlesque. She describes herself as “The Drinkin’ Smokin’ Strippin’ Machine,” and burnished her bad-girl cred by starring in the film Burlesque Assassins. Be that as it may, Roxi is often most alluring when she sheds the raunchy persona. She can be dreamboat-sweet, too, as in her erotic act, “Junglesque,”  with an aerial climax, performed at The Orleans Casino for the Viva Las Vegas Festival.

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But Roxi would not be Roxi unless she was purr-fecting something naughty, as in this act called “Fetish Feline.” That latex outfit she’s wearing would put Catwoman to shame, regardless of whether you’re talking Eartha Kitt or Julie Newmar.

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You can follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Roxi_Dlite

Babes Of Burlesque: 48


Perle Noire rekindles the exotic mystery of classic burlesque while also adding her own exuberant modern twist. She’s one of the most acrobatic burlesque performers, known for her amazing splits, flips and high leg kicks. All are on display as Perle dons feathers and a banana skirt in her homage to Josephine Baker at the Viva Las Vegas Burlesque Showcase last April.

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It’s little wonder that Dita Von Teese rushed to recruit Perle for the cast of the touring revue Strip Strip Hooray! At the Starlight Burlesque in Toronto, Perle seized the opportunity to appear with a rocking big band, the George Lake Swing Band. To call this a bust-out performance is to mildly describe what transpired.

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Visit Perle’s website at http://perlenoireburlesque.biz/Home_Page.html

Babes of Burlesque: 47


Ya gotta have a gimmick! Peekaboo Pointe has taken that old burlesque adage to heart. Her gimmick? The tattooed temptress claims to be “the fastest tassel-twirler from East to West.” Don’t believe her? Watch and see.

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Peekaboo has toured extensively across North America, Europe and Australia, including a stint headlining the Dos Equis Midnight Revue. She says she’s on a mission “seducing the world, one stage at a time.” When’s she’s not on tour, she makes her home in New York City, winning a Golden Pastie Award for Sexiest Shimmy and Coolest Quake at the 2012 New York Burlesque Festival. At the 3rd annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival in 2011, she demonstrated her shimmy and quake as sensuous complements to the tassel-twirling.

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To visit her website, click http://www.peekaboopointe.com/