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Are We In A Galactic War?

Are we in a Galactic War? Nino’s Corner TV, with host David “Nino” Rodriguez, welcomes proclaimed starseed Ismael Perez to discuss the possibilities.

Perez, who has researched the Galactic Federation for more than 20 years and author of Our Cosmic Origin,  says on our level of reality, it seems like we’re in a war with the Cabal, the Deep State. “Considering the fact that through quantum physics, there is evidence that there are other dimensions out there,” he says. “We’re really at war, technically, with the Reptilian races.” He brings more detail on the different alien factions and the spiritual aspects of the evolving multiverse.

Globalists Cornered, Not Beat

Dan Happel joins the program to discuss the state of the ongoing war against the globalist cabal. His research into the cabal and their globalist plans has spanned more than 3 decades. We discuss whether the cabal is really losing and what we must do to continue the fight.  More from Sarah Westall at Business Game Changers.

Michael Jackson’s Bad Clones!

New Christian 21! Michael Jackson was hidden and the Cabal only had old stem cells to use for clones! Their own kids are used as vessels for Reptilians and Demons! As soon as Reptilians were dumped, demons offered them vessel knowledge! Britney’s father is a vessel for a high demon! Justice is coming! More from McAllister TV.

Cabal Dumping Kamala!

Blessed To Teach host Rick Rene reports on Julie Green’s prophetic word that reveals the Cabal is about to abandon Vice-President Kamala Harris.

Not only is the Cabal letting go of Joe Biden, in light of his scandal-ridden administration, they are letting Harris fall, too. She is not their choice. Rene explains further, plus welcomes Kyle Elliott’s economic update and a truth bombshell from Mar-a-Lago.

Gene Decode: Spherical Earth

Gene Decode refutes the flat Earth theory, saying it first began as a psyop to further dumb the masses. He says some people are still in 2D and can’t see in 3D.

“If there’s a firmament and nothing can get through, where do meteors come from?” he asks. “How over an 18-year period do you see 54 percent of the moon? A flat surface has half a surface, a circle. It doesn’t have a 54-percent surface.” He further debunks the flat Earth theory and talks about stargates, portals, DUMBs and a hollow Earth.

What’s down there? For starters, Decode says, three massive non-terrestrial ships were discovered below the surface and it is home to Yetis and Bigfoot, just another species of sentient beings who try to stay away from mankind. He also discusses war in the DUMBs, ascension,the transporting of gold off planet and world events. Here’s more on the Capt. Kyle podcast.

Monumental Truths Unveiled

Sheila Holm returns to And We Know’s show to discuss why the globalists have obelisks spread across the world. We’re well aware of some of these obelisks, like the Washington Monument or the Georgia Guidestones, obliterated last year.

But there are at least 300 others, their secrets often etched in stone. Only now are we learning how to read these sculptures and decipher the criminal ways of the globalist cabal.

The Best Is Yet To Come!

VPart Two of Christian 21 with captions! Trump and the White Hats kicked their asses right out of the looking glass!

Reptilians are possessed by demons! Gateway 10 is now controlled by the U.S. Space Force! Greys hate the Reptilians!

The Flash! The Aftermath! Our souls! Our future! The best is yet to come! More from McAllister TV.

Never, Ever, Give Up

Nuremberg 2. Real response to Covid-19. Clinton cabal. Trump on Title 42. Evil groomers. Pray! More from And We Know.

Fall Of The Cabal, Part 3

Created especially for children who want to know what is really going on in the world. More from Cyntha Koeter with English subtitles by Steven Walker.

Buckle Up, Says AustraliaOne

Riccardo Bosi, head of the conservative AustraliaOne Party, advises followers to “buckle up,” as the world will soon be shocked by global revelations that will set the stage for a massive, worldwide cleanup.

Bosi, a former soldier in the Australian Army, says the entire planet has been under the thumb of an evil cabal but the worst of the fighting is already over, as “this is the final phase.” He doesn’t mention names of specific combatants or describe particular scenarios, but he says, “We are exactly where we need to be.” He advises, “Be ready for a few weeks of not much to do,” adding “We’ve got a month of discomfort until the end of the year.”

But in the first quarter of 2013, “revelations will be made and the truth will start to come out.” By the middle of the year, look for military tribunals around the planet, charging individuals for their participation in treasonous activities.