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Hawaiian Independence Blocked

The direct energy weapon assault in Maui was an attack by the failing Corporation of the United States to thwart an independence drive by Hawaii. Lahaina, the area struck by the DEW weapon, was where Hawaii’s original rulers held court. Some Asian nations that lend heavy sums to the American corporation have been calling for an independent Hawaii — one that presumably could be ruled once again from Lahaina.

This blistering laser-set fires served as a signal from the United States Corporation that Hawaiian independence will not be allowed to occur, says indie journalist Benjamin Fulford. “The Asians are saying that Hawaii needs to become independent again,” he says. “The reason is because, unlike other states that joined the Union after a vote by the citizens, … Hawaii was taken over by pineapple companies.”

Fulford, a Canadian by birth, now resides in Japan, although he delivered this latest report while on vacation in Canada. He  says globalists seeking to escape punishment for longstanding crimes have viewed Hawaii as one of the places they might go.

Keep an eye on Hawaii, he recommends, as well as select remote locations where the globalists might flee — like Yellowknife, the only large community in Canada’s extreme Northwest Territory, and Tenerife, the most heavily visited of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

Are White People Aliens?

Are white people aliens? Or descendants from an Aryan race that inhabited the mythical kingdom of Atlantis? Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist, weighs the various theories, exploring the beliefs of the Nazis as well as more ancient Aryan cultures, like those found on the Canary Islands.

The Day It Rained Fish!

If you haven’t noticed, the weather around the planet has been acting weird of late. You have a record number of  tornadoes touching down in the United States, strange earthquakes in the Canary Islands and mudslides in Canada that conveniently ended pipeline protests.

Is it possible that worldwide governments have resorted to weather manipulation to serve their own agendas? Riss Flex seems to think so. To drive the point home, she cites a 2016 deluge that struck northern Australia out of nowhere, in an area that was experiencing severe drought. The Aussies were obviously happy for the much-needed moisture, but one family noticed something odd–in addition to the raindrops, it was raining live fish!

What the hell is going on? Perhaps another example of manipulation? Here’s Flex with more.


The Evil Must Be Exposed

How are the globalists manipulating the tectonic plates around the island of La Palma in the Canary Island? Is the purpose to destroy the east coast of the United States and bring misery and destruction to Americans? Do they mean to transform us from a republic into a tyranny, under the clown Joe Biden? Do not fear! But there are evils that must be exposed! We live in extraordinary times! More from And We Know.


Another Deep State False Flag?

Michael Jaco reports that unusual tectonic and volcanic activity on the island of La Palma are occurring in a pattern that is not natural. He says the tiny island, off the northwest coast of Africa, in the Canary Islands, is experiencing close to 150 tremors a day, featuring a grid pattern, which suggest they are being manipulated by the Deep State.

He says there are predictions that the southern end of La Palma might well break off into the ocean, killing millions of people and causing a massive tsunami, with much of the energy flowing directly toward the East Coast of the United States, including a wash-over of Florida. “The Deep State would love that,” Jaco says. “But many of us don’t see this going down, because the Deep State is getting ready to be taken down.” Jaco explains further in the following mirrored video by Chembuster.

Maxwell: The Downfall

Let’s meet Robert Maxwell, the father of Ghislaine Maxwell, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s primary procurers of young girls. At one time, he portrayed himself as the chief rival of Rupert Murdoch. Robert Maxwell not only bought the Daily Mirror, a pro-Labour tabloid in Great Britain, but he owned a publishing empire, including the Pergamon Press, publishing scientific reports and journals, MacMillan, the Berlitz language schools, even the New York Daily News.

But as time progressed, his empire crumbled and news circulated that he was a possible spy, not only for MI6, the British secret agency, but also Mossad, connected with Israel, and the Russian KGB. He died on Nov. 5, 1991, supposedly drowning, after falling off his yacht the Lady Ghislaine off the Canary Islands.

Here is a 1996 British documentary on him called Maxwell: The Downfall. It’s a riveting work, exploring his Czech origins, work during WWII and his fascination with young girls.

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The Sky of the Canaries

This is one of the more awe-inspiring time-lapse movies around, created by Daniel Lopez to capture the haunting quality of the skies over the Canary Islands. Lopez shot these images in Tenerife at some 2,000 feet above sea level, where the mountains and clouds begin to meet. It took him more than a year to photograph and assemble the work. He is planning to do several other follow-up shorts highlighting the beauty of the different islands. H/T Kuriositas

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